1. Melodie

    You have truly inspired me to delve back into letter-writing and to use up my 25 year old stash of stationery! Thanks to you, many people have been receiving letters this past month and I have had the joy of slowing down to really think about why these people are important to me and how their lives have intersected with mine. Thank you!!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad to hear it! There’s nothing better than stationery that’s being used, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I think what you said about slowing down to appreciate people who are important to you, and how they have walked with you for part or all of your life is such a huge part of why I write letters. Old and new friendships have grown over physical correspondence, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Susan White

    Wow, those are the nicest looking packages I’ve ever seen! I love stamps, and although I don’t buy them for myself to keep as a collection, I still save the nice ones that come to me from time to time on mail that I receive. As for Canada Post, I’m always totally frustrated with the cost of shipping parcels. There have been times when the postage was more than cost of the item I was shipping. That seems a bit insane to me and I always wonder why we don’t have those “whatever you can fit inside” boxes like in the U.S.

    • wonderpens

      I’m the same way – I don’t collect stamps for value, although I admit to having a hard time putting some of my favourite releases onto parcels and snail mail.

      And I know just what you mean: when we first opened the shop, the cost of shipping parcels was a bit shocking and the huge variation between shipping to Toronto and shipping even to rural Ontario, not to mention northern locations or rural addresses in farther provinces, made it extremely difficult for us to gauge a flat rate ship cost to be economical and fair to customers and still allow us to keep the business going. As we’ve gotten larger, we’ve gotten better rates from Canada Post, but we still subsidize shipping heavily. I’m with you on flat rate mailers like in the US!

  3. wonderpens

    Hopefully one day you’ll be in the neighbourhood for one of our events! We would love to see you 🙂

  4. Suzanne

    This was satisfying to read. It was nice to slow down and write the letter I had neglected for too long. Loved experiencing new inks and reliving the joy of the fountain pen and letter writing. You have a lovely shop and I look forward to learning more and finding my favourite letter writing must haves.

    Btw loooved the look of that box full of stamps! Your son is adorable and you have a lovely family. Much blessings… 💌

    • wonderpens

      Thank you so much for your kind words! There is sometimes nothing better than an evening of slowing down and writing a few words on paper. We’ll have to hope you have time for another visit soon!

  5. LisaRR

    BTW there are Canada Post “Xpresspost” pre-paid envelopes available which are not by weight and hold whatever fits inside – but they may be expensive than parcels. Also not padded, so may not suit your purposes.

    • wonderpens

      They are quite a bit more expensive! We typically ship by Expedited, which is slightly slower but still offers insurance and tracking, and the reductions in cost we can pass onto our customers. I can only dream!

    • wonderpens

      If you’re interested in writing letters to someone, we match you up with someone else’s address. Unfortunately this round is closed, but stay tuned for another round next year.

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