1. littlearson

    Almost the end of an era… but the beginnings of a new one! So excited for the new space. You will have the best commute to work in all of Toronto.

    • We’re pretty excited! And yes, I definitely agree that a nice “commute” makes the work day a little bit easier to begin 🙂 I’ll hope to see you in the new space??

      • Lilith

        You could go home for lunch too!
        It’s a bit of a commute for me to visit the shop coming from Kingston, but I expect I’ll be in Toronto at some point in the summer! Hopefully sooner rather than later as I have inks to buy!

        • Yes, a bit of a hike from Kingston, but I hope if you’re in town you’ll stop by! I went to school in Kingston, and I loved it – what a beautiful place 🙂

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