1. Bailey Mah

    I have a extra fine Lamy 2000, for me it was a love/hate relationship at first. Love the look and feel but it didn’t write well at all! Something to be aware of if you plan to get an extra fine nib, it is a really small sweet spot so you need to hold the pen in a certain position. But once you find that sweet spot, it’s a good writer. Initially the pen would skip and was “scratchy”. After several refills later and on the verge of sending the pen back, I flushed the pen with very soapy water solution, a good flush with clean water, changed the ink to a different brand … It was like a different pen! Happy to say the pen write well now and is back in the rotation!

    • Thanks for reading! I’ve heard it is a pretty small sweet spot, especially for the EF. I’m glad to hear you were able to get the pen writing for you! Sometimes perseverance pays off 🙂

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