1. Tae

    I ordered a Skyline Sport with 1.9mm nib not so long ago (kind of wish I ordered a demo). Currently using it to practice Uncial and Blackletter scripts. It is a fun nib to have.

    I wasn’t aware that Kaweco had 2.3mm nibs. The 1.9 mm is quite broad already, but calligraphy is extra fun when you have really broad nibs.

    • The 2.3 is quite broad! It takes some getting used to, but I have to agree, there’s something fun about these super wide nibs 🙂

      Actually, I really like the Skyline, especially the grey for me. For this, though, since I knew I wanted to try the calligraphy nib (which uses so much ink), I figured I should just use it as an eyedropper.

      I hope you are enjoying your practising with the Kaweco 🙂

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