1. Nice review! I love your writing, especially with that italic nib! This is one of the J. Herbin inks I haven’t tried yet but it seems quite decent. Not a fan of the bottles though hehe. They’re pretty but not exactly practical right?!

    • Thanks so much! I’m still practising with the italic nib – lots of random writing on scraps of paper around the house. Yes, the bottles aren’t the most user friendly…we all know the tipping and balancing act when we get near the end of a J. Herbin bottle!

    • wonderpens

      It’s one of my all-time favourite inks, and one I often recommend for new fountain pen users! Glad to hear you are also enjoying it as a leftie 🙂

  2. What I would REALLY like, is something allows me to easily refill my pens (all have converters), without having to precariously wedge one end of an ink bottle on top of my notebook, whilst dipping the pen nib in the deep end!

    I would pay for a well-designed inkwell, or even an empty bottle (I’ve been looking at the odd-shaped, empty, Montblanc bottles on ebay-about the only thing from Montblanc I could afford), just so that I could fill my pens without having to lock the cats out of my office first! Nobody in my family mentions the incident with the white cat, the white shirt, beige carpet, and the 60ml of Platinum carbon black any more.

    I’ve seen the inkwells on your blog, I have two Cross Century II fountain pens, and a Platinum 3776 Century, with the music nib, and I don’t know if those inkwells would be suitable. If you guys do have such a thing though, or know of anything that would fit the bill, please point me in the right direction!

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