• mickeyobe

        ” If you’re too slow, the gold will all settle to the bottom before you get a chance to get any in your pen.”
        You must, somehow, get an astronaut to take a pen and some of that beautiful ink into weightless outer space to see how the gold-in- ink behaves.

  1. dannytang

    I picked up a bottle yesterday! The gold sheen is almost non-existent with the EF nib on my Lamy 2000 which means i can probably use it at work without getting noticed!

  2. M

    does Stormy Grey and Bleu Ocean have the same gold colour in them. I just got the bleu ocean and there was no gold flex.

    • The Bleu Ocean should have the same type of gold flecks in it, have you tried shaking the bottle? If you let it sit for a bit, you should see some of the gold settling at the bottom of the pot.

        • The samples may not have an even distribution of the gold, even though we try our best! We do shake the bottle between each fill, but unfortunately it’s hard to regulate exactly evenly. Have you tried the ink in a pen yet?

  3. Did I just squealed in excitement when I saw this ink reviewed on your blog? Yes, I certainly did! Then that was followed by quick scramble to your online store… and as usual, I’m slacking off in the morning. =D

    Great review and if your review was not the one that sealed the deal for me to buy it, I don’t know what will!

    • It’s a great ink, one of the most exciting new inks released this year, I think 🙂 I hope you’ll really enjoy it! – and thanks for reading 🙂

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