1. Thyna

    these look adorable! mini things are so cute (:

    also, sorry to ask about this here – i hope it’s okay! i converted my kaweco sport into an eyedropper and i’ve been happy with it, but i’ve noticed there appears to be some ink leaking in the section in between the clear outer body and the black inner part? i’m guessing it got knocked around a bit too much in my bag, but now i’m wondering if there’s a way to clean this out. i can’t seem to remove the black inner part, but flushing it with water doesn’t seem to be removing very much.

    thanks so much!

    • I love mini things! 🙂
      No problem, please ask whenever you have a question! But unfortunately, the answer is there’s not much you can do. The black housing inside doesn’t come out of the grip, or at least not that I know of! I also have some ink trapped there between the grip and the black housing inside. 🙁

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