• It’s been crazy! But in some ways not surprising – I think people are really seeing that all this technology in 100% of our lives is leaving a bit of a gap 🙂

  1. I see you are in the show notes again for the newest PenAddict podcast. I haven’t listened to it, so I’m not sure what they said :D.

    When you first blogged about “Ink”, I emailed Josh Ginter at The Newsprint (http://thenewsprint.co), he posted about it, and I saw that reblogged several times. So, I’m not saying I started anything, but I’m glad I helped in some way.

    • Thanks for letting me know! And thanks especially for spreading the word about the great Ink Doc and our very small role in it 🙂 We really appreciate all the word-of-mouth help we can get!

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