1. Tina Martin

    I managed all of INCOWRIMO, though not sure I will attempt it again! Postcrossing.com gives me a chance to exercise my pens, connect with people all over the world and is a lot of fun. Postcards are somewhat quicker than letters, if time is an issue, and isn’t it always?

    • wonderpens

      Wow, I’m impressed! I’m familiar with Postcrossing, although never signed up myself. Postcards are indeed quite a lot faster than letters, and I have the pleasure of sending out postcards every once in a while to customers and friends. That’s a great tip for folks who are a bit crunched for time! 🙂

  2. Benoit

    As for me, I did succeed my InCoWriMo this year, although it has cost me a bit of sleep. Anyway, I meant to mention two tricks that got me through:

    1. For closed envelopes, whenever I don’t have any permanent ink in a pen, I simply cover the address with a small strip of box tape. TBH, it’s a trick I learned from the Canada Post clerks.

    2. Writing one letter a day does not mean writing one *long* letter a day. One page does it. I’d even add: one postcard does it. Don’t add difficulty to an already demanding challenge.

    Cheers, have a nice day!

    • wonderpens

      Both great tricks! Maybe next year I will plan for a month of postcards – perhaps the only possibility of success for me?? 🙂

  3. I too didn’t write as much as I wanted. Time just got away from me. I didn’t get any mail from the pen pal setup you did but, I did write to my pen pal that you sent me. It took 2 weeks to get from Atlanta to Toronto! Glad he got it and he’s sending me mail soon! Hooray!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t have as much time as you wanted for writing (story of my life!) but also that you haven’t heard from your pen pal yet. It may be taking a circuitous route in transit, and appear later, but if not, hopefully our second pen pal match (later this summer) will work out a bit better. Glad to hear at least one of your matches sounds like it’s working out!

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