• No, it should not be necessary. You might try emptying your pen out, flushing it completely, and filling it again and seeing if that helps – if the ink has been in the pen for a long time, water may have evaporated and the ink may be too thick to flow smoothly. Otherwise, it might be a problem with the seal on your cap?

      • Frederick M. Dolan

        Thank you for the speedy reply!

        I have tried that but it doesn’t last very long.

        The pen is about 25 years old and was made in Spain by Inoxcrom.

        The cartridges I am using are Waterman.

        I wil give your suggestion another shot.

        With kind regards, Fred Dolan

      • Fred Dolan

        So far so good.

        Should I store my pen vertically and, if so, which end should be at the top?

        The answer to this basic question is no doubt in your excellent blog, but it is more fun dealing with a real live human being 🙂

        Fred Dolan

        • Good to hear!

          I think most people store their pens nib up. I use my pens quite a bit, and usually have them horizontal, but it also depends a little on if you have a dry pen and may want to have the nib down so the ink can flow a little bit more to the nib when you start writing with it.

          Yes – dealing with people sometimes keeps us sane 🙂

          • Frederick M. Dolan

            In spite of my best efforts, I wasn’t able to stop by to say hello and get your advice. 

            Do you happen to have a “clone” in Montreal? 

            If not, I will try again in a couple of months. 

            All the best,

            Fred Dolan

          • Fred Dolan


            I will send my pen to you via a friend who lives in Toronto. Otherwise, I would have to wait until the summer to get your help.

            My hope is that you can identify why it is that I need to put the pen under water each day to get the ink to flow.

            This is the same problem that I ran by you sometime before Christmas.

            Rather than addressing it to “Wonder Pens”, could I know your name to make the delivery more personal?

            Many thanks for being there, Msgr. Fred Dolan

          • Frederick M. Dolan

            Greetings from Montreal.

            I sent my pen to a friend in Toronto, who will soon drop by your store.

            It would be most appreciated if you could take a quick look at it and then let me know what you would do with it if it were yours.

            If you prefer to speak by phone just let me know and I will give you a call.

            Thanks again, Msgr. Fred Dolan

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