• Haha! The handwriting in the video is when I’m focusing really hard, otherwise it is a bit of a mess πŸ™‚ Maybe one day you’ll get a chance to come and visit us over the way! πŸ™‚

        • Based on what Jon brings home from my grocery lists, I’m thinking my handwriting might need some work πŸ˜‰ haha

          And, I’ll be counting on seeing you, in that case! πŸ™‚

    • So did we!! Jon laughed when Brad said we are “his kind of store” …and then said “boxes in the windows, ink and things crammed everywhere…” hahaha! We were a bit of a cosy space at 906, but even here, we’re starting to spread out a bit πŸ™‚

  1. Chase

    This is very useful. I wish this would have been written a couple of years ago when I first got in to fountain pens. Adjusting my Ahab was a learning experience all in itself.

  2. Lu

    Hello, thank you for your very informative article. What do you recommend for a Konrad that is sometimes too dry – no ink when I start writinga word – and sometimes too wet – suddenly ink is gushing out. I cleaned the pen and did some heat setting, still the pen didnΒ΄t write well. (DidnΒ΄t buy it from you tho.)

    • wonderpens

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with your pen! You could try a different ink, sometimes the flow of an ink may be more like “water” so it will bead up and not really flow, but then when it does, it gushes out. You could try a few samples, and see what ink flows the best for your pen? Some pens can be really picky, and a lot of the flex pens are picky especially because of the variation of flow required. Good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Melinda

    This is really helpful, the best info on the Ahab I have found. My main issue is that if my hands get too near the nib and feed, I get ink on them. I have small hands. Maybe the Ahab is just to big a pen?

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      It could be, the Ahab is quite large! I do find it a bit large for my hands as well, I typically use the smaller Nib Creaper pen for flex writing.

  4. Fleur

    Thanks. From a random google you have spared me anguish! My Brand new Creaper wont flow after filling and writing one word! I’m going to try washing and heating etc as you described. I refuse to give up on it!

  5. Dan

    I have just found your article. Thank you for a very informative post. I have an ahab myself, unfortunately the feed on mine is too loose to set. Filling it with ink will move the feed and you start all over again. Out of interest, in Australia the retail price on an Ahab is about double a Lamy Safari. In the USA, I understand the Ahab costs less than a Safari.

    • wonderpens

      Thank you for reading!

      While our shop is based in Canada, the pricing here is, as you say, that the Ahab is less than the Safari. It may have to do with the Ahab being made by an American company, whereas the Safari is made by Lamy, a European company.

      You may consider seeing if a local retailer is able to order you in a spare feed for the Ahab, as perhaps it will fit better. We ourselves carry them, but unfortunately international shipping for such a small item may not be worth it. Good luck with your Ahab!

  6. Kim

    Wonderful post. I have an Ahab that I was thinking of selling. I see now that I’m a fickle human and must be more patient with the pen, and myself. I will continue to fiddle with it to see if I can make it drier.

  7. Jennifer

    This was quite helpful information! Just got my first Ahab (first flex nib period) yesterday. Didn’t even know what “adjustment” meant… you saved my day. Now my fingers are all going to be teal for a few days, but that’s okay. I’m finally writing the way I wanted the pen to write. Thank you again!

    • wonderpens

      So glad to hear it! The Ahabs are a bit finicky, but it’s hard to find a nib that can write like that for the price. Hope you enjoy your pen! πŸ™‚

  8. Just bought a Konrad this afternoon. I’m liking the way it writes so far, although the first time I filled it, 3/4 of the ink leaked out in large blobs while I was testing the nib. Not sure why that happened — I’m using Diamine Ancient Copper, if that matters — but I haven’t tried fiddling with the nib or the feed yet. Re the heat setting process you describe above: is it something you can repeat every few weeks or months as you see fit, or is it a one-time-only thing?

    • wonderpens

      What an adventure it seems like you’re on! Ancient Copper is a bit on the wet side, but not overly so. Heat setting might help you out–it is something typically you can do once and if you’re getting consistent flow, you can leave it for several months, if not longer, so I would generally say it is a one-time thing. Re-heat-setting might help if you change inks and find it’s no longer flowing very well, but the process of heat setting is to fit the feed and nib together, to prevent gaps that affect air/liquid exchange problems. Hope that helps!

  9. Corey

    Just purchased my first Ahab. With adjusting the feed I have it pushed all the way in and it is still writing too wet for me. Is pulling the nib out slightly an option? Even pushed all the way in the feed has over 9 fins showing…

    • wonderpens

      Hello! If you’ve tried pushing the nib/feed all the way in and it’s still writing too wet, I might advise heat-setting it, or trying a different (and drier) ink. Some inks that are on the wet side will write wet in an Ahab no matter what adjustments you do. As well sometimes people who find an ink that just works in their particular Ahab will just stick with that ink. Hope that helps, and good luck with your Ahab!

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