1. Richard

    I purchased my both a regular size and passport size Midori from Wonder Pens. Although I love them both, I use the regular size more often. Truly a wonderful product.

  2. Miguel Ángel

    Hi there,
    First, I want to congratulate you for this wonderfull project. I have a question that may you can solve. I have both Midori size since very little time and I want to use them for drawing and writing. The problem is: I use a Kaweco Sport fountain pen, but MD paper doesn’t absorb really good the ink. If I put my hand over the paper (not only recently written, but some time after) the ink smears on the paper. I don’t know if you have the same problem, but I really appreciate if you can recommended me some other writing tool or any other ink, better than KaWeCo.


    Mike xxx

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for reading, Mike! I can fully empathize with this! Your best bet is to get some blotting paper – we carry the J. Herbin brand of blotting paper in our shop, but if you’re not in Canada, I think many other fountain pen shops carry blotting paper – it’s super absorbent paper. You can fold or cut a sheet in half, and then leave it between the sheets when you close up your notebook. It will absorb any excess or wet ink without smudging. You can continue re-using the same half sheet many, many times over, moving it between new pages until the sheet is completely or mostly covered with ink dots.

      Other than that, you could try a specifically fast drying ink (like Noodler’s Bernanke Black), a finer nib size (like extra-fine), since that will put less ink on the page, or a non-fountain pen, such as a gel pen. I personally love fountain pens, so that is my preference! I also like fine and medium and sometimes broad nibs, so I have to use a sheet to blot myself.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Miguel Ángel

        Thank you. I really appreciate your answer. I already use an extra fine nib but anyway the ink smears on the paper when I put my hand over it. I’ll take the advice of putting some extra sheet between to absorb the ink. Maybe the ink you told me is better, but I’m not sure about to convert the kaweco into an eyedropper… Anyway, I’ll carry on looking for a solution. I’ll tell you guys if I find something.

        I’m writing from Germany, but I’m from Spain, so it’s difficult to buy something in your shop… It’s a pitty. Anyway, I’ll continue visiting your blog and instagram which are just wonderful.

        Thank you again. Take care,

        Mike xxx

        • wonderpens

          I hope it helps! Sometimes any old absorbent sheet will work, but if the sheet you use is a bit slick or non absorbent, it may end up smearing your writing as well, because it will just move around the ink on your page rather than absorbing it. The blotting paper is super absorbent!

          Haha – please of course it’s no problem wherever you live, whether or not you shop with us!! It is a pleasure just to have you read the blog and follow along with us on Instagram 🙂

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