• wonderpens

      Unfortunately that is not currently available to us. If it is available next year we will certainly consider bringing it in!

    • wonderpens

      According to the current US/CAD exchange rate, it would be $69.54 USD, but Paypal (and your credit card) may have a slightly different rate. If you need a shipping quote, please don’t hesitate to email info@wonderpens.ca with your address!

  1. Angela

    Super excited about getting my first Hobonichi! I’m eyeing the Weeks, any chance that you will be carrying the clear covers?

  2. Mahindan

    I was wondering – What does Japanese only mean? Is there no English in the book at all, including days of the week and months? So does that mean you would need to read Japanese to be able to fully use the book? Are the numbers/dates in, er, “English”? Sorry, this sounds like an ill-informed question!

    • wonderpens

      That is correct, there is no English in the book – the days of the week, month, etc. are all in Japanese. The numerals are the same in English and Japanese so the dates (1, 2, 3…) you will be able to tell. There are also quotations or writing in Japanese at the bottom of the pages.

  3. Nina

    I just ordered my first Hobonichi planner, with a geeky Mother 2 (Earthbound) cover, from the Hobinichi website. Getting a package from Japan was exciting! But with the shipping/duties, it cost me a small fortune. Assuming I like using this planner, I will definitely buy any future editions from you guys.

    The planner came with cute pamphlets pointing out the various thoughtful design features of the planner’s current iteration. For example, the reason each cover has two pen loops is so that when you slide a pen through both loops, it asks as a clasp to keep the planner closed. Neat!

    • wonderpens

      Ouch! It’s always a bummer when you’re looking forward to something and there’s a surprise additional cost. But I hope you’ll enjoy your Hobonichi for 2018! A whole year of writing and notes and being organized.

      The closure is a terrific idea (count on the makers of Japanese stationery for that), and it’s super convenient for carrying around, especially if you have loose tickets or papers in the covers.

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