1. Wendy Norman

    I’m a fan of Higgins Eternal, but a caution for you: the bottle is not the most secure! I’ve had some minor leakage during transport once, but worse, I was calligraphing on my deck and put the lid on the bottle to make room for lunch and it went tumbling off the table. Upon hitting the deck, the lid pops off quite easily and you can imagine my horror on seeing the whole bottle of ‘eternal ink’ on my new concrete and patio stones. However, I am pleased to say that with much immediate elbow grease, soap, scrubbing, laundry detergent and even a few tears, most of the ink was dissipated, and over the ensuing weeks, has all but faded to nothing on the stones and nearby concrete. So it’s not all that eternal when you don’t want it to be!

    • Yes, I also noticed that the cap doesn’t seem the most secure! I’m impressed, though, that you managed to get it all out of the stones! We have had our share of broken and leaky bottles here in the shop, and cleaning it up has been, well, an event… 😉

  2. Alice

    I was trying out this ink with the same Brause set I got from you yesterday! But I am pretty much I did it wrong because the nib went out of ink way too quickly every single time that I had to dip almost every two to three letters :/

    • wonderpens

      Sometimes you can try rubbing some toothpaste and wiping it off really well to take off some of the oil on the nib (that prevents it from rusting before use), because the oil can prevent the nib from holding the ink as it should. Hope your nib ends up working well for you! 🙂

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