Happy International Fountain Pen Day!

Happy International Fountain Pen Day!

The first Friday in November is Fountain Pen Day, where we celebrate all the wonderful things that give our handwriting character and help us to slow down when we write.

We sort of celebrate that everyday around here, but it’s always nice when it’s official.

Ideas to celebrate:

  • Clean out some pens that need it, and ink up some up fresh
  • Head to a cafe with a fountain pen and journal or letters, and spend some time writing
  • Give away a pen or two to people you know who do a lot of writing
  • Give a kid in your life a Preppy or a Petit1 (who knows the road they could get started on!)
  • Treat yourself to a favourite meal*

I thought I would celebrate by sharing a little about my first fountain pen, which some of you know might already know about. It’s actually quite germane, as it is what got the ball rolling to this whole adventure of Wonder Pens.

Back when I was a teacher and Jon worked in banking, he was sent on a business trip to New York. At that time, we had been married a year or two and things were still fresh and dramatic and I was on my own with Super pretending like I couldn’t survive for four days on my own (good grief). And so on his time off, he bought several souvenirs back from New York for me: a dress, some books, and some stationery.

He got me some gel pens, some gel refills, some notebooks, and (gasp!) a fountain pen. I was immediately hooked, without a second’s pause; something in me just knew this was something I was going to love. A click, a switch, a light turns on. I sometimes recognize this in customers because I myself was one of these people – people who love stationery and writing and writing tools, but haven’t yet discovered the magic of a good fountain pen. But once they do… it’s a deep rabbit hole.

I knew it as soon as he brought it out, that my life was going to be changed. It sounds a bit crazy, but I just knew. I was not a dip my toe into the water kind of a stationery nut, I was an all-in-hallelujah-conversion kind of nut. After testing my pen out, my first thought was (first stationery hoarder warning) how am I going to get refills for this? Do I need to preserve its ink supply? What happens when I run out? How much ink is enough? Jon had brought back one pack of cartridges (ha! ha! ha! cartridges! one pack!) and obviously that wasn’t going to cut it.

Shortly after, I discovered bottled ink over the internet, and I was a complete goner. Sailor inks were some of my first and I remain faithful to them to this day, but along the way, I picked up J. Herbin, Noodler’s, Rohrer and Klingner and a few more fountain pens, my first Lamy Safari (charcoal), my first Sailor (Pro Gear Slim). And on it went. I used fountain pens to get me through the drudgery of long nights of marking, my students used them as a special treat. I got a fancy pen case from Nock Co.’s predecessor, Alter Manufacturing, was made fun of my fellow teachers when I pulled my fancy fountain pens, I negotiated with Jon about orders from companies in the US and aboard, I tracked shipping notifications religiously from shipping companies that don’t seem to understand what tracking means. It was all lovely.

A few years down the line and Jon wanted to start a business, he of the entrepreneurial spirit. I loved my teaching job, but I’m always game for a new adventure, so off we went. We threw around a few ideas, including opening a fountain pen shop. I balked, thinking what basically everyone who hears about our business and who isn’t already into fountain pens thinks: who’s still buying pens? Jon, having had to foot the international bill for many of my pen purchases gave me his now classic look, a look I know very well having run a business with him for the last five years.

In a great twist of irony, one of the many in my life, Jon, the budget-keeper of my myriad pen purchases, ended up convincing me to open up a pen shop, allowing me to purchase, essentially, as many pens as we had money for.** I’ll take ten of these, and ten of these, and maybe a few of these as well, why not.

And it was a crazy leap, but we made it, blindly and with all the optimism of two kids who have never run a business before. I say this all the time to everyone who asks about starting a business: if I had known about all the work, risks, costs, struggles, time, hustle, constant uncertainty, and effort it takes to run a small business, I would probably would’ve looked at Jon and laughed when he suggested it.

That being said, I couldn’t imagine any other life, and I also couldn’t imagine life without all these people – customers, vendors, artists and creatives, friends in the industry, and of course our team, that I’ve met through this community of fountain pen users.

And I guess this is what is sort of great about Fountain Pen Day, and all of the things people, bloggers, community builders, are doing – letting all us fountain pen nuts know that we’re not crazy. Or maybe we’re a little crazy, but we’re not alone. There are a whole bunch of us crazies out there, and we can all celebrate together. Or maybe, because a lot of us are introverted souls or are far apart from each other, celebrate individually but united in spirit.

And so! We’re doing a giveaway here on the blog, which we haven’t done in ages (sorry!).

We’re giving away an Aurora Duo Cart here on the blog. To enter, leave a comment. You can tell us about your first fountain pen, your favourite fountain pen, a fountain pen disaster, or just say hello.

One entry per person. Contest closes Sunday, November 4th, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. Open internationally. Winner will be announced shortly after. Please bear with me in patience and love.

Edit: If your comment doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry! All comments need to be approved as the blog seems to attract a lot of spam. We will surely do a thorough check of the comments periodically through the weekend and before the end of the contest.

*Not fountain pen related, but I mean what is celebration without good food?

**To sell to other people.


  1. Jessica

    What a fun story! I’ve always loved writing instruments and stationery, but only got into fountain pens early this year. And yes, quite the rabbit hole!

    • Jim Estok


      Oh my joy it started whence
      The day my computer’s search
      Unveiled Wonder Pens
      And soon the shipment brought my purchase
      Writing paper and fountain pens

      Could fortune again fill my shopping cart
      And win an Aurora Duo Cart?

  2. David Street

    Thanks for this generous way to celebrate Fountain Pen Day. I wasn’t able to make it to Scriptus, but it was super fun to follow along on social media.

    My first pen was a yellow Lamy Safari, which has been subsequently given away to a new enthusiast.

  3. Sumaiya

    I got into Fountain pens because of a colleague and was hooked. I haven’t been using them lately but I guess I’ll be picking them again soon.

  4. Kamil Krutkopad

    My very first fountain pen was the Lamy Safari Petrol with a Medium nib. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I got it!

  5. Annie L

    Your stories always keeps me reading and thank you for sharing this one with us!

    For me, my first fountain pen was a coral Lamy Safari that my boyfriend bought me on a whim. I only asked him recently why he chose to get me a fountain pen and he said he thought I would like having the option of writing in many different colours (and he was right).

  6. Parkin L

    I love reading your blogs and hope you guys would expand and open a store here in Vancouver one day!

    It’s nothing fancy but I really enjoy my Lamy 2000, the makrolon feels great in the hand and the gold nib is smooth as long as you hold it in its sweet spot.

  7. Jon Sprung

    Wonderful! I’m glad you opened your shop! It’s an idea I just didn’t have the courage to try but thought of many times!

    On this fountain pen day, I cleaned out all my pens, and discovered that a friend of my teenage son stole two pens out of my desk. A burgundy TWSBI that I had just purchased from Wonderpens, (luckily didn’t take the Kaweco sport I’m using as an eye dropper) and a Waterman that I’ve had for a decade that I always loved. It has been a shock, but also a reminder to me to be more careful, and to still be kind and understanding to those who live much more difficult lives than I do. Hope your day was far more lucky than mine!


  8. David Street

    What a generous and fun way to celebrate Fountain Pen Day, thank you.

    My first fountain pen was a yellow Lamy Safari, which has subsequently been gifted to a new enthusiast.

  9. BCDDiggler


    My first 'adult' fountain pen was a Noodler's Konrad, five or six years ago…. very far down the rabbit hole!!!

  10. Duncan Urquhart

    Absolutely loved learning about your experience, and so glad that the store was able to give me my first pen, the Pilot Metropolitan.

  11. Lynn McCallum

    If I was clever, I would know how to attach a pic of my first fountain pen, which was my mom’s high school pen, a Schaefer snorkel pen. I sent it away for a new bladder, years ago and it still works, and I have the green marble holder, very grand looking. However, it only started my fascination with m o r e pens. A healthy vice, at least.
    Cheers, and joy.

  12. Hello,
    My first experiences using fountain pens was in England on family trips and I believe I bought my first one in Woolworths, it was the cartridge kind and I fell in love. I loved how effortlessly the pen glided off the page and the ink was so rich….

    Love fountain pens. 🙂

  13. Stephen Valcourt

    Cool giveaway! My first fountain pen was a black Lamy Safari. My current favourite is my Lamy 2000.

  14. Trevor Jones

    Good morning Wonder Pens,

    I am really excited about the give-away, so please consider this my entry. I am not the best story teller, so I will just give a little plug for your store. I am not someone who likes shopping online, because I like seeing what I am buying first, and I do not like waiting.

    However, as I do not get to Toronto often (like only once since starting with fountain pens) I cannot shop in person. I have been very pleased with the online service and with the speed of the delivery. I am just waiting for the next store to open in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

  15. Nicole

    Did you say—what was your first fountain pen? Mine was in grade 4, when the teacher made me get a Shaeffer, because my handwriting was so atrocious.

  16. Colin

    Thanks for putting on the giveaway. So glad I found your shop after I got into FP (got one as a university graduation gift). I have since got 4 more people into FP

  17. Brenda

    I love my Parker sonnet, but I learned the hard way that it is not a good pen for travelling when I opened it at a friend’s place to write a thank you note for hosting me and ink poured out all over her light-coloured upholstery. Not the best way to say ‘thank you’ (but if you ever need to know, ‘buncha farmers stain remover’ worked wonders on a fresh ink stain.)

  18. Mike

    My first fountain pen was a Twsbi Eco from you guys. It remains in my rotation and I’ve never looked back.

  19. JC

    I was introduced to fountain pens by my friend Tim, who has been a great resource of information. He helped me pick out a bunch of samples to get along with my Pilot Metropolitan, and I’ve been hooked since!

  20. Leah

    My first fountain pen was a gold pilot metropolitan with an extra fine nib. I actually bought it from wonder pens last year. My favourite right now however, is my Lamy Al-Star.

  21. Betsy Purvis

    My favourite fountain pen is my Conklin Word Gauge. Not only do I love the classic look of it, but I am also supremely charmed by the concept of the full ink reservoir that equates to “5000 words!”

  22. Michael Pearce

    My first fountain pen(like many) was a black pilot metro. I still use it dispite moving up to auroras and other high end pens haha!

  23. Chloe

    I’ve always been interested in fountain pens but something about convenient archival-quality ink pens (think microns, etc) trump every time. I do hope to incorporate fountain pens into my everyday life tho.

  24. Denise

    I picked up my first fountain pen in University. I wrote all my notes by hand and was instantly hooked with the smoothness of a fountain pen. The original pen came to a dramatic end of life, falling victim to my organic chemistry frustrations. I’ve since amassed a tidy collection of pens, and keep the ruined original as a reminder to put my pen down before I loose my temper 😉

  25. Mary

    My first fountain pen was the Lamy Vista, but it wasn’t until the TWSBI Eco that I really fell in love with the hobby!

  26. ElaineB

    I have been using fountain pens since I was a kid, more years ago than I want to admit. My father still used his trusty Parker 51 when I was little (though I wasn’t allowed to use it), and it was just natural for me to pick up my own Sheaffer school pen when I had some birthday money to spend. My father passed away a few months ago—an unexpected death from leukemia. I have his Parker 51 now, in need of repair. I’m saving up to get it worked on. I still tear up thinking about how much life this pen has witnessed and how my father’s hand held it and used it for so many years.

  27. Rebecca

    Hi. I’ve never been to your store in person but have made many purchases online. Love your blog and store!

  28. Robert Meeks

    Hello! I’m pretty new to the fountain pen world; my first was a Lamy Alstar, a gift from my brother, and my second just purchased this year is a TWSBI Eco Mini that I can’t praise enough. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  29. Tracy

    I bought a fountain pen as a souvenir on a trip to Vancouver this year, and I’ve since fallen down that rabbit hole!

  30. Rosie

    I just started learning about fountain pens this year -in April and now own about 10! I find that I need different nib sizes for my mood – I like to write bigger in my journal, smaller at work – and love to match pen colours to ink. Using a fountain pen, is far more personal and emotional and visceral than I imagined. Love it, and can’t imagine I’ll ever be without one now. Thanks!!

  31. Julie

    My very first fountain pen was one that I picked up on a whim from Muji. Little did I know the path it would start me down.

  32. Cris Kourelias

    I recently returned to using fountain pens, as they were the norm in elementary and high school in the 50’s. I enjoy writing with them. So far, I like the TWSBI brand…have a couple…and they write smooth and without skipping, even if not picked up for a long time.

  33. Mark Junk

    My favorite fountain pen is my Pelikan M200 Smokey Quartz. I love the way it writes perfectly in every situation.

  34. Frances Tenn

    Great blog post.. I got my first fountain pen in 2013 for my travelers note book and the “hobbie” is still going strong 😆

  35. Susan

    So interesting to hear what started it all. Next time, I’d like to hear how you came up with such a great name. Happy Fountain Pen Day to all!

  36. David Gargaro

    Thank you for being such a great promoter of all things fountain pen related. I’ve only discovered them as something I love 3-4 years ago, and I try to make it to your store when I can. I was fortunate to make it out to Scriptus and to your booth on Sunday, although I did not have the time that day to browse as patiently as I would like to find the right “next” pen. I enjoy reading your blog and newsletter, and being inspired by how much you care about pens and stationery and everything else.

  37. Megan Monson


    my first fountain pen i received was a Lamy Joy for my thirteenth birthday, 10 years ago!
    Its still in my wood pen case. 🙂

  38. Stephanie

    Every year for the last two, I’ve dropped by the store to pick up a new pen—kinda of my way of celebrating Fountain Pen day. My very first pen was a Montblanc that I inherited from my uncle. He showed me how to fill a converter and to this day I’m reminded of smile and eagerness of sharing his hobby which eventually became mine.

  39. Ivan C

    My First fountain pen was a Lamy, TWISBI was second, then came the Conklin and finally a Monteverde. Love them all! Specially the Conklin witch i use for taking notes in class

  40. Dayna Lee

    I love that I found Wonderpens and I love your story. I grew up with a father who was a stationery nut and did beautiful calligraphy that fascinated me. I worked at Staples for 14 years and dabbled with fountain pens but the ones they sold were pretty lame, to be honest. I don’t remember now how I got back into them but once I discovered Wonderpens and better pens and bottled ink I never looked back. I often bemoan the fact that I don’t live closer, but I’m sure my husband is happy we don’t! I’ve mostly stuck to pens in the Lamy or TWSBI range due to finance but one day, some day I will own a Sailor Pro Gear Slim. I’m glad there are others out there that understand the addictive nature of all things inky. 😊

  41. A.D.

    I am so happy in this crazy rabbit hole. It’s deep, but with so many turns and side alleys, I don’t feel the need to come up for air–well, maybe to walk to the post office to pick up a delivery of pens and ink, but that’s about it.

  42. Doug phillips

    Great story. I started with Fountain pens when my grade 7 teacher started using them. I lost interest in University but now I am back enjoying fountain pens.

  43. Ivan C

    Hello! always loved my first experience with my first Lamy… then make the Conklin and the TWISBI. love them all!

  44. Tenisha Dezreen

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Al-star, which seems a little unimpressive now, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

  45. Adam

    My first fountain pen purchase was also related to my first fountain pen disaster. I purchased a TSWBI from your website and it is still one of my favourites.
    I took it to a trivia night and all my friends commented on it. One friend asked to see it and twisted the ink release a little. There were a few comments about why I would spend the money when BIC pens were cheap and readily available. I told them it was a great purchase and better than a BIC. I got my pen back and then it leaked all over the sheet when I went to write my next answer.
    These days, I get compliments on my handwriting sometimes to the point of disbelief.

  46. Richard

    My favourite pen is my TWSBI Eco EF. Even though I have fancier pens, better looking pens, and pens that write smoother, I still love my Eco the most. It’s the pen that lives in my pants pocket, it’s the pen that I did all my writing with in grad school, it’s the pen I will carry every day until I die or it dies.

  47. Chris Buechler

    My first fountain pen was a Sheaffer Calligraphy 3 set. I still have them over a decade later! Of course I have other finer pens, but they still have a place in my desk. 🙂

  48. Corrie

    Can I say that I cannot seem to fill my fountain pens without getting ink on myself? Still need to work on that skill.

  49. P. Durrani

    I had fountain pens as a teenager (I went through the British system) – but there were the cartridge kind and I was good at inking my index and forefinger as I wrote. As an adult, I ordered my first full-fledged fountain pen from you guys this summer and I love it. The heavy feel makes my fingers itch to use it and it is my soul expose pen – the one I use to writer personal reflections…

    I suspect I’ll eventually need a grocery pen, Christmas card pen, and random notes pen…but for now my solitary Pilot Metropolitan is keeping the cockles of my heart warm 🙂

  50. Alexander Mackenzie

    I consider myself a beginner, but I can totally relate to the quick obsession with ink! I fell in love with the aesthetic of fountain pens and fine stationery… never looking back. Currently studying abroad in Scotland and using my trusty pilot metropolitan, perfect as an on the go travel pen on the train. Using the beautiful G. Lalo Verge de France paper to write letters home to family and friends in Canada

    Happy International fountain pen day from Scotland!

  51. Stephanie P

    My first fountain pen was a Kaweco Sport, about 2 years ago. I love that little pen and still use it all the time. I never thought I’d grow so attached to a pen when I first started out! Thanks to your shop for being such a great resource over the years. Cheers!

  52. Jill

    My first fountain pen was a gift when I was a teenager and was given to me because I loved handwriting. I used it all the time and even had a few paid calligraphy jobs. Children, jobs etc and now I’m back to writing in my journal. I have a couple of fountain pens but would love a beautiful one to add to my collection.

  53. Steve

    I got a Lamy from Germany as a present from my sister when she visited there. Found out it’s not really mean for me and my writing style. Ended up getting a Parker after a recommendation from staff at Wonderpens. Hope this one fits the bill too!

  54. Marko Markolovic

    My first fountain pen was the Lamy Vista. I wrote with it everyday and really enjoyed using it but I realized there were more. So now a year later I can’t count the number of pens I’ve bought and used. The Aurora Duo-cart was the one that got away. Thanks for the poor.

  55. Devin Mens

    Saying hi for the giveaway. My first fountain pen was a Parker sonnet with a steel nib off of amazon.

  56. Shubhranshu

    First Fountain Pen was a plastic Platignum which were the recommended starter FP in school .. graduation from pencil to FP … Saw some other kids with Parker 45s and 51s. those were a universe better .. bought one 51 in the next term .. such a long time ago .. still gives a thrill!

  57. Rodylyn

    Let’s give this entry a shot! My first jump into fountain pens was actually by way of getting back into letter writing, InCoWriMo and pen pals; I subscribed to a stationery box, and my first FP was the elusive lavender Lamy Safari. So I’ve been down the rabbit hole for nearly 3 years, and have no intention of climbing out. Scriptus is Christmas to me 🙂

  58. Nicole Hoye

    My first fountain pen was a rather nice Faber Castell a friend recommended on a sort of deal site. After that I made a visit to Wonder Pens with a pal and got a TSWBI Eco and a Pilot Metropolitan and it’s all gone downhill (uphill?) for my collection from there. The best part is having friends who, when they see you’re into fountain pens, raining down vials of ink samples on you! The best.

  59. Betty Manning

    I have used straight pens and ink to aide in improving student’s formation of letter (printing and writing). I have gifted them with fountain pens as they improved. I, myself, love pen and ink and I give that credit to my grade five teacher, Mrs. Huston, of Winnipeg.

  60. Adrianne

    Aside from a starter calligraphy set in grade school, my very first big girl fountain pen came from you! I got a TWSBI ECO which sealed the deal for me and fountain pens. The flowy, inky lovelyness as you swipe the nib across the page just did it for me.

  61. Ruth

    I got a Kamy Safari but find the nib scratchy and it skips.
    I got a TWSBI Eco and I am enjoying this pen. My first pen was a Preppy.
    I wished that there was a store similar to yours in my area, someday.

  62. Ana

    Happy International Fountain Pen Day to you, too! I got my first fountain pen as a gift from one of my best friends, and the rest is history…

  63. Bree-Ann Estensen

    My first fountain pen was a turquoise TWSBI Eco from Wonderpens. I love it. To compliment my pretty pen I paired it with J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor. I haven’t gotten any more pens yet, but I look forward to building and adding to my collection.

  64. Sandy

    My first pen was a Pilot Metro and I really enjoyed it but when I came across a Lamy Safari display in a shop and absentmindedly picked one up when I was waiting at the register, that’s when I had the feeling that it was THE ONE and there was no going back!

  65. Michael Lampard

    I got my first fountain pen when I was a teenager. It was a Parker Sonnet which I won in a writing competition. When the supplied cartridge ran dry I put it away somewhere, and I have never been able to find it since. One day I will go through my parents house and find it.

  66. Michelle Y

    “I’ll take ten of these….” Ha! Getting to buy for the shop must be one of the most wonderful parts of the small business ownership! The first time I got tuned into fountain pens was admiring the one my highschool art teacher, Mrs Huebener always had with her . She would wave it around when when was trying to make a point or very artfully write comments/critiques of our work. She was a calligrapher so we learned a lot more about Roman Caps and italics than most other Gr. 9 students. Mrs H. was pretty fierce, and the first day of any of her classes, she would give us the speech, that “If anyone thinks this is going to be some ‘Mickey Mouse’ class, you should leave now.” She meant business and we were all better for it!

  67. Robert Ramsay

    Really enjoyed the meet-up last week and the snacks. 🙂
    My first pen as an adult (I used them in middle school, then sat in front of a computer for 15 years) was a Lamy AL-Star, which I still use. But my favourite, currently, is my little Franklin Christoph 45 ghost with a broad stub nib. My favourite work pen is the Waterman Carène I recently splurged on, such a solid and reliable pen.

  68. Salome

    My first fountain pen experience was in architecture school when a friend of mine pulled a beautiful white kaweco from her leather bag and it was love at first sight! Not a big fan of the brand because i never got my hands on a true EF kaweco but ghe fountain pen love never ended!

  69. DaisyNgo

    Yay introverts! My first fountain pen was a Lamí Safari in a neon limited edition color. I was so worried about marring it’s bright beauty that I got ink all over my hands when trying to figure out how everything worked. 🙂

  70. Justin

    My favourite pen is one that I got from Wonderpens – the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Cosmos pen with a broad nib. It’s such a pleasure to write with and I try my best to write with it every day!

  71. Susan Woodhouse

    Hello wonderful people and happy fountain pen day! My first fountain pen was a waterman and I was eight years old…. that was fifty years ago! Still love fountain pens! Happy day!

  72. Jen

    I remember playing with my father’s fountain pen as a child. A heavy 1960s era pen he was given when he left his job to start a business on his own.

    Don’t think I ever saw it inked up but I always would pull it out and feel the weight of it, clicking the lid open and closed, open and closed.

  73. Julian Furfie

    My first fountain pen was a Schaeffer. At school, we were not allowed to use ballpoints. We had to write with a fountain pen (this was in the UK) and my Schaeffer lasted through six years of constant writing. After we came to Canada , he pen, which had a black metal body, was left inside a hot car on a summer’s day and that was the end of it. It never worked properly again.

  74. Trieu Le

    First and favourite fountain pen would definitely be my Lamy Safari! It writes well enough and is cheap enough that I don’t have to worry about losing it around campus or at work.

  75. JK

    My first (and still favorite) fountain pen is Hero’s that I got on eBay for roughly $2 each (they come in a pack of 3) As someone with small handwriting, I am geared towards Asian brand fountain pens with extras fine nibs. I got to try a Pilot Custom EF nib at the Sydney Pen Show this year and fell in love with it. Maybe one day I’ll save enough to afford a Pilot Custom. Currently also using TWSBI Minis which I also love.

  76. Michelle

    One of my mother’s first gifts to my father, before they married in 1960, was a Parker 51 fountain pen with a bellows-style suction filler. The pen lives with me now, and aside from a bellows replacement, still writes beautifully 🙂

  77. Brian P.

    Hi Wonder Pens, Happy Fountain Pen Day!

    I’ve been using fountain pens on and off for about 30 years now, but currently really down that rabbit hole. Love it!

  78. Mary

    Thanks for sharing your story. Notnaure if this counts as a fountain pen, but in 1980 I received a calligraphy pen for Christmas – I think it may still be in my mothers basement. Thank you for your generosity in offering this giveaway.

  79. It was great seeing your table at Scriptus! My first two fountain pens (not counting a non-working pen I tried in the 1980’s) were a Jinhao and a Metropolitan, both purchased at your previous Carlaw location in Toronto 🙂

  80. Pascale Vitalis

    My first fountain pen was a Christmas gift from my father when I was about 10. What a special gift that was. What wonderful memories!

  81. When I was a student I used to write with inexpensive disposable fountain pens that came in a variety — for that time, at least — of colours. I really liked the turquoise. Now that my student loan is long paid off (!) I have a small collection of pens, and more ink than I will probably be able to use. I still like turquoise. And red. And dark gold, and olive green. And, and …

  82. James Rudzinski

    To celebrate the day I cleaned out an old Lamy 2000 with a cursive nib (used to be a B) ground by Pendleton Brown and filled it with Pelican Edelstein Topaz. I fell luxurious today! Happy Fountain Pen Day y’all.

  83. Marie Budny

    I remember when I first wrote with a fountain pen. Back in Grade 5 (1966) we had to write first in pencil and once our teacher was happy with our cursive writing skills, we could “graduate” to a fountain pen. Everyone was eager to start writing with a fountain pen. My first fountain pen was a Sheaffer and at that time we used ink cartridges. I remember that our desks did have the hole to put an ink bottle in. My favourite ink colour was peacock blue. My pen pal, Christine in England, and I would write letters to each other using a fountain pen. Christine and I have been pen pals since the fall of 1965. Over the years we have progressed from hand written letters to communicating via email, text messaging and Instagram.

  84. anli

    oh man i think my own first fountain pen was a preppy! i needed something for university note taking that wouldn’t cramp my hand and i went down a huuuuge rabbit hole learning everything i could about old school writing instruments. now my favourite pen is my pilot decimo 🙂 but ive let a lot of pals use my preppy pens and shared around some of the joy i get from writing!

  85. Brenda

    What an amazing and beautiful story! Congratulations on living your dream, and on all your hard work! My dad grew up in Holland, and used fountain pens as a child. He told us they used to tie the pen to thepqqq index finger so the index finger would be kept straight when writing. To this day, he still writes like that. Crazy eh? I got my first fountain pen as a child too, from Dutch relatives I think. It had a little rubber pump or bubble thing on the barrel that sucked ink in when you squeezed it. I sure wish I hadn’t lost it over the years. Fast forward to 2016, when my sister told me about her renewed love for dip pens and fountain pens. She urged me to try it. So I got a Kaweko Sport (clear) at your shop, thanks to some wonderful customer support for a newbie! Since then, I’ve also bought a green Lamy Safari, and a Pilot Kakuno, which I always use for writing.. all at Wonder Pens! I’m so glad you followed your dream! 🙂

  86. Sandra Wong

    High quality writing tools and great stationary are so wonderful in this age of instant gratification. The ability to slow down and reflect on our daily lives is the key ingredient to happiness. It doesn’t hurt to be using a beautiful fountain pen, when available!

  87. Holly Johnson

    My very first fountain pen was purchased online from Wonder Pens in 2015. I chose the charcoal Lamy Safari as my first fountain pen…and have purchased several more since then. One day I hope to shop in person at your wonderful stores.

  88. I’m a fountain pen newbie and my first pen was a Pilot Metropolitan. Got it last year. And now I have 5 pens?! They’re so smooth. And there’s so many ink choices. I’ve always loved writing but it’s definitely kicked up a notch. And the pen addicts on IG are my happy place.

  89. Stephen

    Happy International Fountain Pen Day!

    I have (had?) one fountain pen which I loved using, a simple Lamy, but while cleaning the pen a couple weeks ago, the nib, with two hops, fell straight down my kitchen sink. 🙁 Hoping to replace it soon!

  90. Sharon Foster

    I’d love to learn to write with a fountain pen. They are beautiful! But there seems to be a learning curve involved lol.

  91. Bill Smith

    What a nice way to celebrate International Fountain Pen Day! My first pen was a Sheaffer No Nonsense cartridge pen I was mandated to get in the late 1970s to learn cursive writing in elementary school in Montreal. I think I was eight years old at the time.

    My first serious fountain pen, as in some serious money was involved was an Aurora Talentum 18 years ago and I still have that pen and write with it on occasion when I rotate through my collection. I had my girlfriend at the time to blame for getting me hooked on fountain pens in the late 1990s.

  92. Blake Rothwell

    So I am happy to say that I been using my fountain pen to write more letters in the last few years with a bunch of family and friends because it feels good to write by hand and have something to share with people I care about.

  93. Valerie Denike

    I printed my way through university with notes that only I and, possibly, a doctor could read. My printing, however, was clearer than my writing. Many years later I purchased my first Lamy with a stub nib and worked on a bit of calligraphy then on my script. A year later and a close friend did not recognize my cursive writing. (Favourite ink colour is a vibrant medium blue).

  94. Kristin

    I love fountain pens! Before I found Wonder Pens, I always had to shop for them when I went on trips, or as you said, order from the US or abroad. Now as my birthday present every year my husband and kids take me to Wonder Pens for the morning. You can never have enough pens or stationary (and don’t get me started on notebooks). Lamy is still my fave.

  95. Scott P

    My first fountain pen disaster was when I brought a Metropolitan on a flight for a business trip. Popped off the cap in my meeting and got leaked Baystate Blue all over my fingers. Not the first impression I was going for.

    Ah well – now I empty my pens before flying and bring some small sample vials in a ziplock. Probably overkill but… it works.

  96. Desiree

    I have been very good in not buying everything I want. I keep it as streamlined as possible – I have a Pilot Metropolitan (M) for every day writing, and I have my Kaweco Sport (1.8) for the headings. I also have a Noodler’s Konrad for the flex nib, but it doesn’t get out as much. I’ve been hemming and hawing on a Faber-Castell Ambition Fountain Pen.

  97. Theresa


    I love my Pilot Crimson Sunrise I purchased from Wonderpens earlier this year! I believe I snagged the last one!

    Looking forward to placing another order in the future!

  98. Lesley

    My favourite fountain pen is my Pilot Custom Clear 823, featuring an ink cartridge with a golden orange koi printed in the middle. I love filling it with different shades of blue ink, so that it looks like the koi is swimming! What an absolute joy it is to use.

  99. Jane Smith

    My first fountain pen was almost three years ago: the Lamy Safari in shiny black. I never looked back. <3

  100. Andrew McQuillan

    I learned about Wonder Pens from my daughter and since then have visited several times… inevitably with some inky treasures. Their store is an oasis for lovers of writing instruments and stationery. I’ve purchased my most beautiful pens and inks from them and thankfully have been able to introduce others to this delightful obsession…all as a result of that first visit. It’s more than a store..it’s an oasis!

  101. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My first fountain pen was the TWSBI Diamond Mini, bought from you guys just 2 weeks after my partner got a full size Diamond. Coupled with the J. Herbin Poussière de Lune, I remember taking study notes with much more pleasure than before. What a whole new level of pen to paper feel!

  102. Ruth Martin

    Happy Fountain Pen Day to all! Ah, that perennial question — how much ink is enough? — or in my case it might be, how much ink is too much? Is there such a thing as too much ink?? I used the good old Sheaffer school pens all through high school, and graduated to a Lady Sheaffer as an undergrad, which saw me through grad school and into the real world. Those were the days when the wildest colour of ink available was Sheaffer Peacock Blue, ha! People ask me what my favourite pen is now, but I kind of love all the pens I have. I ❤ 🖋s!

  103. Marek

    Pen disaster? I prefer to shop “face to face” I want to see and feel the writing instrument. One day I found on the net heavy used but still beautiful Sheaffer ‘ s demonstrator. Academic example of love at first sightsing. So, I bought it. Waiting for a package was a torture. After a week or so I have received the Pen in an ordinary envelope and … This beauty was completely crushed :(. Have a nice FPD 🙂

  104. Caryn Cameron

    There’s always so much more to learn! Yesterday my Safari stopped writing. I couldn’t see anything through the window. So I figured it was out of ink and I opened it up and …. watched Caran d’Ache Organic Brown swirl down the drain. It wasn’t empty: I’d (1) been writing crooked, and (2) had left the piston down and it blocked the window. Now I know.

    Nothing feels as wonderful on paper as a good nib with beautiful ink.

  105. Joaquin Windmuller

    Hi, I’m a fan of Myke and wished I was around Toronto to see him on his visit to your store. Sounded like a great time.

    I don’t have any pens but I’ve bought my SO some here. The last one was a Kaweco Perkeo (recommended by Myke BTW) and she’s liked it but has had some leaking issues unfortunately.


  106. Grace Lee

    My first fountain pen (that I remember) is the disposable Pilot ones from Staples. They don’t sell them anymore and I don’t remember the model name but I used them in high school…..and I loved them. I didn’t know anything about converters at the time so I had to deal with small ink cartridges but I loved them just the same.
    Unfortunately I didn’t continue on in university but many years later my best friend gave me a Noodler’s Ink set and my interest was renewed. The rest is history.

    Take care,

  107. I bought my first fountain after I graduated from college. It was a ST Dupont Bleu Nuit Fidelio. I used that one pen for almost 20 year. One bottle of ink too (Montblanc Royal blue). It stopped writing so I heard about this thing called the San Francisco Pen show where there are people who can fix your pen. And Mike Masuyama cleaned out my pen really well, adjusted the nib and made that pen sing. Too bad for me, because that was 4 years ago, and my collected has grown to over 30 fountain pens, and nearly 125 bottles of ink. Down the rabbit whole I go….

  108. Mabel

    I received my first fountain pen earlier this year in January. It was a gift from a friend who bought it after I mentioned that I was interested in fountain pens after seeing my boss carry one around the office. She bought one for herself at the same time and since then we’ve bonded over our new hobby.

  109. Frances

    Thank you! This is really kind, and I will take the excellent suggestion of making today a day to refil some of my pens.

  110. Ann

    This is a wonderful contest — thank you for the opportunity! =)

    My fav fountain pen these days is my Shooting Star of Jonuma sailor! It needs a wet ink to perform at is best, but is a lovely pen all around. =)

  111. Andrew

    So sad I couldn’t make the meet and greets last weekend! Hoping to make it back to Toronto sometime around NYE, and looking forward to the F-C Translucent Bronze 45s if/when they come back in stock!

  112. Dan G.

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway! My favorite fountain pen discovery is Frankenpens! I enjoy collecting Parker Big Reds from the 1970s. They’re ballpoints or felt tips, but there are certain nib assemblies (Sheaffer school pens, Pilot Metropolitans, and some Jinhaos) that can just screw in, and convert the Big Reds to fountain pens. So they’re almost like the classic Parker Duofolds from the 1920s.

  113. Sherrill

    Liz – what a lovely post! I started getting serious about fountain pens about 4 or 5 years ago. I have always loved using pens but my love of fountain pens really started in grade 6 when a girl named Lisa came to my school after moving to Toronto from Huntsville. Lisa had a blue Sheaffer school fountain pen. I was completely fascinated by this pen and Lisa’s beautiful handwriting. Lisa and I became close friends and she eventually gave me my own Sheaffer school fountain pen as a gift. I was in heaven! I remember how the pen felt in my hands and how the blue ink flowed wet out of the nib onto the paper. Back then I knew nothing of beautiful Japanese paper, different nib sizes, the wild array of ink colours, using bottled inks and different makes of fountain pens. The Wonder Pens store on Carlaw (and Sarah – thanks Sarah!!) had a lot to do with me discovering the wonderful world of fountain pens beyond that simple Sheaffer school fountain pen of my youth and I willingly went along for the journey of discovery. These days using fountain pens gives me such great joy each and every day whether it’s using an an inexpensive Platimnum preppy or my coveted Sailor 1911 gold nib. Thanks, Liz, to you and Jon and all the staff (especially Sarah) at Wonder Pens who have patiently helped me on this wonderful journey down the rabbit hole. Happy Fountain Pen Day!!!

  114. Brett

    My first fountain pen was a Speedball with a 1.1mm Stub nib, bought with no prior research from a Curry’s. I thought it would help me deal with being abruptly discarded by someone very important, as it had been an activity she had also once partaken of and let go for some reason. It was not long before I decided that if I were to continue doing this, I was going to want to get a nicer pen, and research led me to the city’s specialty store. Since my first Metropolitan, I have been brand-hopping, experiencing as much as I can, allocating just a bit more of my budget to this passion each time. I’ve even convinced four friends to follow me along the journey.

    Thank you to Wonder Pens for helping fuel something which has gotten me through an enduring rough patch of my life! Happy International Fountain Pen Day!

  115. Kateryn

    My first fountain pen was a gift from my father who was also a fountain pen lover. That was about 30 years ago now. It was a Waterman but I don’t know the model. I still use it regularly, and it’s inked up with Kyo No Oto Kokeiro at the moment.

  116. Corinne Rogers

    I’m hooked on TWSBI pens and J Herbin inks. I’d walked away from fountain pens for years, but they’re like an old friend. You just need them in your life.

  117. Alexandra

    My first fountain pen was a beautiful, cobalt blue Lamy Safari. I have always been entranced by stationery, and then a friend of mine recommended that I try WonderPens. I wandered shyly around the shop, and a kind assistant talked me out of spending a fortune on something fancy for my very first pen, and just getting a nice sturdy starter. Now I come to letter writing club every month, and I write to many friends who I have sucked into the stationery world with me!

  118. Joyyce

    My first self-bought fountain pen was a Pelikan amber demonstrator. I fell in love with the translucent barrel and still love the piston filling mechanism. Next was a white tortoise Pelikan which is sort of translucent too and recently, I bought a mint Kaweco sport with a tiny, weeny piston converter.

  119. Cori Nicholls

    My first fountain pen was a good old Sheaffer No Nonsense from a calligraphy set I bought when I was 19. I may even still have it somewhere. I knew nothing about pens and would swap cartridges and write til the colour changed. I had it almost 20 years when I finally learned I should clean it haha. So while this was my first fountain pen, I usually end up saying my first REAL FP was a red Lamy safari I got 4 or 5 years ago when I really stepped into the rabbit hole. That one didn’t have to spend 20 years without being cleanedand has been used far more consistently.

  120. Joanne Segate

    My first fountain pen, of course, was in a Calligraphy set. Oh my gosh, did I have fun, with different nib sizes and all those colours. Like you, I was caught and have never looked back. Another interesting thing I experience was buying fountain pens at garage sale, or flea markets. Because they ended up being “from a bygone era” I would get amazing pens for next to nothing. So when I travel I always look for a stationery store, along with a fabric store and a needlework shop. Ah, too many hobbies, Joanne

  121. Tim

    My first fountain pen, years ago, was a Pilot Metropolitan, black, with a black grip. It was my solo pen for some time, but now I always keep it in my nock case, always inked with Noodler’s Black. It’s the only pen I don’t rotate on a regular basis.

  122. Dhruv Jauhar

    Thank you for opening your shop, I bought my first pen a lammy from you. Now own a metropolis and diamond 580 and live the blog

  123. Selena

    I think my first fountain pen was a Pilot Metropolitan. It was either that or a Lamy Safari. It’s been a long couple of years since then!

  124. christine arnaud

    How wonderful! –and very generous!
    My first fountain pen was –IS– a Parker 51 which I received, age 12 for a very special occasion. I must reveal that 1) I used it a lot during my long University years and 2) it is still working perfectly and it remains my favorite. So a looong (60 + years) love story and I was thrilled to discover all the amazing inks you have for us, the happy clients. My beloved pen loves them.

  125. Deb

    My favourite fountain pen is a little $20 jobby I got online. It’s thin with a fine point and has this lovely ruby-red gloss finish. I’ve currently got it loaded up with some slick purple Kaweco ink that my husband ordered from you a little while ago. I’m still trying to figure out what my next pen will be…but I still just love this one so much an upgrade isn’t really a super high priority. I would love to upgrade to refillables and bottled ink…I just have to figure out what that involves 😀

  126. Jenn

    Happy Fountain Pen Day to you and yours too!

    It’s funny, I always loved stationery but never considered a fountain pen until two years ago when my boyfriend recommended that I try one to ease the pain of writing with tendinitis. I just gave him a long, blank stare at first and finally asked what sort of antique shops we would have to go to in order to find such a thing. He laughed at me and said that there were modern fountain pens. I was dumbstruck. I even asked him, “People still make these things?”

    Well here I am two years later fresh from Scriptus with one of your Franklin Christoph M20s and a bottle of Kobe 48.

    Here’s to many more FPDs in the years to come!

  127. Ava

    My favorite fountain pen is my mint ef Kaweco sport! I also have started to love hooded nibs and want to try more. I like pens with smaller nibs because they fit my grip better!

  128. Ron

    My first pen was a Lamy Safari in black, sorry charcoal. I walked into WonderPens to learn a bit more about FPs and the rest is history.

  129. A friend stoked my interest in fountain pens two years ago and I haven’t gone back to ballpoint pens since. I have two TWSBIs and enjoy changing up the ink colours. Maybe it’s time for a third pen!

  130. Fatimah

    I just got into fountain pens and received my first one two weeks ago to test the waters. I got a cheap one from eBay, a Wing Sung 6359. I like and can’t wait to test new pens.

  131. Ken Chan

    One of my favorite pens, (there’s no way to pick one favorite;)) is the FC model 20 in your exclusive bronze color. The pen itself is great but it was the overall experience of visiting my friend in Toronto and her driving me to your shop. Enjoying the wonderful atmosphere you all have created and the excellent service of your staff. Thank you for creating my favorite writing shop in the world.

  132. Odlaw Waldo

    I had in school at times, Sheaffer colored transparent barrel and silver cap. In the late 1970’s was smitten by a female and proceeded to make a quilted stationary holder, sort of notebook style, and I bought a Sheaffer fountain pen to include in the gift presentation. Looking back now the pen was probably the weak link. Not the best choice of writing instrument. I am not sure why I choose that gift to express my affection.

  133. Nina

    Thank you for giving me this chance to remember this experience. I’d been pining for a fountain pen for awhile but couldn’t permit myself the expense of the pen …PLUS shipping. My husband took me to Paris for a birthday but alas I was very ill for the duration. Next morning after he sang Happy Birthday, he dropped a parcel on my lap.

    I actually gasped. It was a LAMY 2000 SET. Followed by a notebook, handmade by a famous book binder on Rue de Bac. On the green fabric cover were embossed PARIS and the year. Pens, paper and Paris. I can finally shout this aloud on your blog….I love pens and paper! And how wonderful to discover my peeps out there….

  134. Eva Lu

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy accent, a graduation gift from my pen loving dad. Now we share the same hobby, and it’s a treasured link between us now that I live across the country.

  135. Joy Patterson

    My very first fountain pen was an old Waterman from my grandfather. It was gorgeous and wrote with line variation that I wish was still produced today.

  136. Winyen

    My first pen was a Pilot Kakuno, easy to use and who can resist that lil smiley face? Plus, budget friendly as I was overwhelmed with all the options in Japan.

  137. Morgen Wowchuk

    I bought my first fountain pen in Germany, I was 13 and had no idea what they were, I was just attracted to it. It was a black Kaweco sport. I bought a bunch of cartridges and then forgot about it for a while, after using it in high school for a bit. I found it a few years ago and it has been a downward spiral from there!

  138. Rodrigo

    The fountain pen that started me down the rabbit hole, after coming back to stationary in my twenties, was a Lamy Safari. The charcoal one with a nice broad nib. The sensation of gliding while writing was fantastic!

  139. Elizabeth

    My first fountain pen was something pretty archaic in elementary school. I love it though and tried all kinds of inks. Would love to re-live that experience with a new pen! Thanks guys!!

  140. Lauraline

    My favorite fountain pen is my TWSBI Diamond 580 with fine nib. I use it everyday for my note taking at work. It is currently inked with Diamine 150th Special Edition Burgundy Royale. It makes it look like it’s filled with blood, which I find kind of funny! Love it. It’s perfect for every day use as it has a pretty big reservoir, and I love the twist cap that ensures cap is staying on. It lasts so much longer than my Lamy Safari’s between refills.

  141. Linda Kwan

    Hello … my first fountain pen was bought 3 months ago … a Lamy Al Star. I’ve since purchased 4 more (2 from you!), and I’ve inherited 4. Inks, pen roll, etc etc. So much fun. Looking forward to seeing your newest shop!

  142. Elly Danica

    My friends know i have a fountain pen ‘thing’. Once on a visit to Toronto a friend complained about my desire to visit a pen store. Why, i asked. Because i can’t stand watching you drool over the displays. Well i have to admit it was a fair comment. Can’t imagine how he’ll handle a visit to Wonder Pens!

  143. Perdita

    Happy Fountain Pen Day! Believe it or not, I got hooked into this wonderful hobby after stumbling upon your blog shortly after moving to Toronto! And I’m so glad there are so many brick-and-mortar stores (and Scriptus!) here in the city that make the hobby more accessible. 🙂

    Just curious, what was the fountain pen that Jon gave you?

  144. Rob Jemmett

    I had no idea Nov 2nd was International Fountain Pen day. My wife’s birthday is also Nov 2nd, and now I have a great way to remember her birthday.

  145. Diane Mattiazzi

    What a great story of how you began the business. My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari I purchased in Frankfurt in 1982 and it still works like a dream. My most elaborate purchase was the Platinum 3776 Kumpoo. I’m still getting used to the soft medium nib but with practice I will get there.
    Thank you for carrying such a great supply of products!!

  146. Derek F. Hatfield

    I’m pretty new to the whole fountain pen culture. I picked up a nice one on a Kickstarter as I liked the material that went into more than the pen. I landed up visiting your store several times and use that pen and my novice Pilot. I love the inks and the most basic concept of this art. Still learning though!

  147. Genessa

    I’ve always been fascinated by calligraphy and pen and ink drawings, so I’d occasionally picked up some of the fountain pens that craft supply stores sell. But they’re not very good quality and I never enjoyed using them. A couple years back, however, I ran across a fountain pen forum on the internet, thought “maybe I’ll give this a go again,” and got myself a Lamy Safari. I know it’s nothing fancy, but I love that I can keep on using it instead of tossing it, and it’s so lovely to write with, and the nib is fine enough for my tiny writing. 🙂

  148. Josh Schroeder

    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

    I first got into fountain pens when I spent my allowance on a calligraphy set in the fifth grade. Now with kids of my own that age, I’ve gotten my oldest started with a Kakuno and Metropolitan of her own, trying to encourage the joy of fountain pens in the next generation.

  149. Marjolaine Fournier

    I love this story. I’m sure many of us were reading and going yup, right there with you… Though you’re living the dream of being surrounded with inks and pens and palomino pencils every day.
    Back when I was a girl, I thought most fountain pens were Mont-Blanc – like it was a style of pen. Ball, felt, montblanc..
    I bought my first Lamy in your shop and bought many since then for friends graduating or “PhD”ing or just for dear friends.
    Nowadays, I purchase a new pen for a new project and cherish each one. Your shop has allowed me to explore without going broke, which can be an issue…
    I’m happy, so happy that your shop is doing well. It’s my obligatory stop when I’m in Toronto.
    Thank you! MJ

  150. Kirsten

    My first fountain pen was in Grade six (many years ago now) when our teacher required everyone in the class to purchase a fountain pen and extra cartridges (blue ink only). We had to use the fountain pen for every subject except math. In particular, we used the pen for learning handwriting and we filled notebook after notebook with letter practice. I fell in love with writing and pens at that time and have never lost that love. I don’t recall what kind of pen it was, but I remember the ink splotches all over my hands. Today, I am collecting a range of pens from a montblanc that was my uncles, my kaweco Liliput fireblue (from Wonderpens) to my latest purchase for a new job (like I really need an excuse), a platinum 3776 lavande. Every time I write with these pens, it brings me back to Grade six 🙂

  151. Carmela J

    My first fountain pen was a LAMY Safari which was a hand me down from my husband. Funny enough…he purchased it from Wonderpens 🙂

  152. Cindy

    My first pen was a matte black EF Lamy safari. I love the feedback on the black nibs (not scratchy, but pencil-like) but alas, I left it on a grassy field one day. Returned 2 hours later to look for it but it was gone.

  153. Carolyn

    The pen pal I met through the letter writers alliance sent me a vintage Parker Fountain pen, I was thrilled! It is my favorite colour, teal. I have filled it with the same colour of ink!

  154. Brandon Chan

    My first pen was a Pilot 78G that I purchased from you guys years ago at your Dundas location. Thank you for contributing to the fountain pen community for all these years!

  155. Erik

    This Aurora would be the closest Scarborough will get to the Aurora Borealis for a while, if I were to give it a new home.
    My current favourite pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point, capless pens are a student’s best friend.

  156. Inge Robson

    My favourite fountain pen was my Mother’s that I would play with (shudder the thought) as a child. I was so in awe and respectful of the pen, she allowed me to use it.
    The Aurora Duo Cart above reminds me of her pen.

    I love your shop and appreciate you taking the time to open it.
    Thank you!

  157. Lorne Strachan

    Got my first fountain pen in grade school. (I’m retired now.) I kept it a secret but always loved pens and paper. While other kids were buying hockey cards and gum I saved up my allowance to buy $1 – $2 cartridge pens from companies like Venus, Wearever, Scripto, Sheaffer and International. It wasn’t until university that I realized pen collecting was actually a thing other people did too. Thanks to the internet, social media and great stores like Wonder Pens no one need feel alone with this crazy obsession.

  158. Kerry Bruer

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Al Star in blue green. I purchased it on a trip to Rome at Novelli after trying friend’s fountain pen. Fell in love and bought another several days later.

  159. Carol

    I became smitten with fountain pens in grade 5, when we were encouraged to use them. My first fountain was a Schaefer fountain pen that could be purchased at almost all the department stores at the time. My father gave me a Parker 45 which used bottled ink. I was totally enamoured with that pen. We had huge inkwells in our classroom from which could fill our desk size inkwells and I have never looked back. In grade 6, one of my teaches would only allow us to use dip pens which added a whole other dimension. And so my love of fountain pens
    and inks began and has continued to present day. Needlesss to say, I have had a number of fountain pens, but my favourite are my Visconti Master of Arts and my Sailor 1911S (of which I have a few). Although I have not been to your mortar and bricks store (Ihave ordered from you online) I am hoping that the next time I am in Toronto, I will be able to visit your store.

  160. Violet

    My first was a pen my mother used to use when she was in school and an ancient bottle of something Waterman for ink! I will happily go the rest of my life without using one of those press fillers again.

  161. My first fountain pen was the dark lilac Lamy Safari that I ordered from your site a few years ago! I had always loved stationery but was too intimidated by fountain pens. Luckily my fellow stationery fields showed me what kind of brands were out there and which ones were reliable for beginners, otherwise I would have never known where to start! This past summer I was in Japan so I was in stationery heaven. 🙂

  162. Gilles ST-JEAN

    Couldn’t make it to the Scriptus event, but wait till next year, as Brooklyn Dodgers fans used to say… I have started exploring the rabbit hole in the early 80’s with a stainless steel Sheaffer Targa I bought for work (the pen is still alive and kicking). Then it was a gold plated Targa, and then, and then and then… Many fountain pens later, may they be vintage or brand new, I am still having a great time writing with them and maintaining them. And I intend to pass my passion and my hoard to my grand-children. As a matter of fact, when my 4 year old grand-daughter expressed interest in some brightly coloured low priced pens that I had bought with her in mind), you can’t imagine how happy this grand-father was!
    So please, LIz and John, keep fueling our dreams and our passion for beautiful writing stuff!

  163. Ellen Donnelly

    Somewhere. I still have my Mom’s fountain pen, a faux green stone Waterman. She used it every day to keep a journal ( in pretty ghastly turquoise ink! ) . I think I get my love of pens and all things paper from her.

  164. Heidi Raatz

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us and for the special giveaway.

    My first fountain pen was given to me a few years ago by my dad. He had been going through some stuff that had belonged to my grandfather, his father, and came across the pen. Knowing I like to tinker with such things he gave it to me. It’s a Sheaffer 5-30 flat top, likely from the 1920s or early 1930s. After some research online, I was able to connect with the AMAZING community of fountain pen enthusiasts, not only finding sources for the repair supplies I needed but also blogs, tutorials, fan sites … I was hooked.

    I’m up to a collection of 24 pens now but the Sheaffer will always be dearest to my heart. Happy International Fountain Pen Day!

  165. Scott Brownridge

    I rediscovered fountain pens a few months before your store opened and I discovered your site. Thanks for being a great Canadian source to fuel my trip down the rabbit hole, and for being the source of my large school of Fortune Fish…

  166. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway 😉 I am always looking forward to read your blog post and always enjoy what you share on Instagram. So my first fountain pen is Kaweco, a real basic starter pen. And my favorite one was inspired by Liz actually, it’s the Pelikan M605, I love it so much and it’s my on the go pen ever since! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing so much in this community. Will always support you guys.

  167. Kerri

    This is odd because I didn’t even know it was National Fountain Pen day, but this morning I had been in a store and found Pilot V pens. I was excited because I work in a daycare and so really wanted a fountain pen I could use at work, but didn’t have to worry about them leaking. I also bought two— so I could give one to my 14 year old son to try (and he loves it too!). Then I see this, so of course I have to enter. Thanks for the chance!

  168. Marije

    After using my Kaweco Sport for a few years I started to look around for another fountain pen, one I could fill myself (which seemed incredibly scary and difficult). So I bought a TWSBI eco and since that moment I’m in love and becoming a serious addict when it comes to fountain pens and ink. There is something about writing with a fountain pen which makes me so happy, but it feels also as a meditation moment. Just me, paper and a fountain pen. It feels like the perfect moment during my busy days.

  169. Tamila Zaslavsky

    Hi Pen Friends,

    My 1st was a TWSBI mini demonstrator that I bought from your original store. I still use it weekly 🙂

  170. Pik Lin

    I have always believed that a fountain pen is one of the best gifts you can give to a person who appreciates reading and the art of writing. But I have never received one as a gift so I decided to reward myself a couple of years back by purchasing my first TWSBI Eco Pen. I have my friend, a fountain pen enthusiast, to thank for the suggestion. It is an affordable work horse that never fails to deliver and easy to use for those who would like to try out fountain pens.

  171. Danny

    My favourite fountain pens are the Lamy 2000 and Pilot Custom Heritage 92. I love the simple and timeless design of the Lamy 2000 has never failed me*. The Pilot CH92 is unpretentious and has a very smooth nib. I just cleaned both last night, so it’s time to decide what inks to fill them with!

    *except for the time the barrel cracked and leaked ink into my pocket…

  172. Julie

    My first fountain pen was an old sheaffer no nonsense calligraphy set that my mother -in -law gave me that she had lying around. I wrote with that pen everyday in my journal, and fell in love with it despite my constantly getting ink all over my fingers!

  173. Shannon

    I love Wonder Pens – the customer service is fantastic, the products are great, and I keep falling in love with all the different Noodler inks!

  174. Lisa

    Fountain pens were part of my grade 7/8 world with a teacher that took great pride in teaching his student calligraphy. Never to be rediscovered until the last 4 years. With each Special vacation and milestone in our lives – a new FP adds to the collection. We have visited many pens stores from Norway, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Canada and the UK … down to the visit to the Lamy flagship store in Germany! The family complains of the collection but also engages in finding new pens and stores! So much fun!!

  175. Jennifer Cole

    Happy fountain pen day!! My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari. It is still my most frequently used pen, even though I have a couple of others now. I love how smooth it writes and it has never given me any trouble with clogging up. It is a great starter pen!

  176. Lidia Konopka

    My first fountain pen was Parker. Twenty years later, I’m a happy owner of yellow Lamy Safari and a few bottles of Noodlers ink.
    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  177. Dyuti

    Parker Vector, fine nib, sleek Stainless steel body with Chrome trimmings. Gifted with care, cared for with love and the only pen I used all through highschool! <3

  178. Cathy

    I love receiving the updates from Wonder Pens in my email and then following the links to your site. What a wonderful way to pass some time. I guess I’m a bit of a stationary hoarder myself but what I covet is a great pen. I have only entry-level pens right now but someday I will pay a visit to the shop and treat myself.

  179. Matt

    Great article. I don’t have much to say about my fountain pens as I still haven’t bought one for myself, but I sure do like to see everyone else’s pens, ink choices, and notebooks.

  180. Rosemary

    What a story of your journey to Wonderpens and your love for fountain pens. I “discovered” fountain pens when I started writing real letters again when I read somewhere to try one to experience writing in a new way. Where to find a fountain pen?? Some years back I found Brian Goulet and got a Kaweco as my first pen. It wasn’t the best first choice since I ended up not liking the size and that you could only put small international cartridges. So, I tried a Lamy Al Star next. And, then that was it, followed you down the same rabbit hole! Now I own over 20, many thanks to Wonderpens. My husband doesn’t get it.

  181. Bruce

    I got my first fountain pen recently to see if it would help with my writing hand cramps, and I believe it has. I haven’t experienced them since.
    The pen I got was the pilot metropolitan 🙂

  182. Jen

    My first fountain pen was a Preppy. I saw it at at this store when I was picking up a pencil. It was about $5 and didn’t seem fussy, so it was easy to get into it. Little did I know that I’d go down this rabbit hole!

  183. Benoit Hamelin

    Hello! My own first pen I found at the bottom of a box of memento while I was cleaning a basement cupboard. I cleaned it, got some carts that fit it and DOOM! The sensual experience of its usage ensnared me. Despite being a lefty, and having to relearn how to hand-write. And I was seduced at the idea of a writing instrument that does not become a piece of plastic junk as soon as you’ve expended the ink.

  184. Melissa Douthwright

    My first fountain pen was also a charcoal safari. I’ve been a stationery geek all my life but like you I was instantly hooked with the fountain pen. 4 years later I’m still in deep. Happy fountain pen day!

  185. Jayson

    My first fountain pen was a plain black Pilot Metropolitan I got because I thought not pressing down on a ball when I write might reduce hand hand soreness when journaling for hours on end. I was right, but the side effect of that cure was that I caught the bug.

    I can’t say which is my favourite fountain pen, but I’ve just recently had my first fountain pen disaster, more an embarrassment really. I don’t use cartridges at all, so I always siphon off the ink into vials. So, I’m about to refill my Pilot Custom 912 with Lamy Blue. I always use a bit tissue to wipe away ink from the insides of the vial to minimize mess. But in doing so the tissue caught the vial and flung it twisting toward my face. I had Lamy Blue all over my face and arms, looking like I just stepped out of Braveheart. Amazingly, it washed away completely. “Washable Blue” indeed!

    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  186. Josh L

    Fountain pens just make everything writing related more fun. I’ve always loved my job but the pens I use have made it that much better. Love the post.

  187. Alison C

    I spent years buying those Schaffer calligraphy kits that come with colour-coded pens, or different sizes of nibs that you can swap out. They were always disappointing, and I never knew why. My first real fountain pen was an Ahab, way back when they were new and novel. It got ink everywhere and I never did get good flex. Never looked back.

  188. Lori

    My first fountain pen was a white Lamy. It took me down the rabbit hole fast! I adore fountain pens now and own a variety of pens and inks. Just when I think I am finished purchasing, I find another that I ‘must’ have. Thank you for the chance to enter this amazing giveaway.

  189. nergihan yesilyurt

    First of all, thanks for opportunity. My favourite fountain pen Visconti Hall of Music Jazz and Sailor Pro-gear Slim Lavender.

  190. Paige

    I lo e fountain pen since I small age…. until now! I still exploring different various fountain pen. Happy fountain pen day!

  191. Nelson M.

    My first fountain pen was actually from your store, it was a Green Pilot 78g with a fine nib. My partner wanted a pen for themselves and convinced me that I would like one too. Really, it would have been so much kinder to our bank account had she not gotten me hooked, but it’s too late now 🙂

  192. Paul Pearson

    Great idea! My wife gave me my first fountain pen as a gift for a major birthday. It was a Faber-Castel Ambition. I wrote my first collection of poetry long hand with it. Signed a contract with a publisher this summer and my first book is coming out in April 2020. Celebrated by getting a Pelikan m205 smoky quartz 🙂 That Ambition was the best gift ever!

  193. Cecily

    My first fountain pen was a Pilot Varsity V, but at the time I was deeply unimpressed by the medium nib and plasticky exterior. Oh, the folly of inexperience! I moved to a Pilot Metropolitan, to a Kaweco Sport (my first Wonderpens purchase), and then to many many Lamy Safaris. These days I mostly use my Safaris, Lamy 2000s, and my brand new Lime Green Sailor 1911L, all of which have medium or broad nibs. Go figure!

    Wonderpens is my favourite store!

  194. Gail

    Hi there, love your store and nothing beats a wonderful pen, it’s like having a great friend to always count on. There when you need it, listens to your words 🙂

  195. Anne

    I started using a Sheaffer fountain pen in Grade 3 when we started using pens instead of pencils. In those days, ball points at school were an oddity. I rediscovered them recently. I am sorry I am not in Toronto to spend Fountain Pen Day with you. My daughter moved back to the Maritimes so I will have less opportunity to visit but will still continue to order online. Good luck!

  196. Thomas Chung

    My grandfather started me down the fountain pen rabbit hole. It was a Parker 45 burgandy, M nib.
    There’s been no looking back since, hopelessly lost in this hobby!

  197. Roland Singer

    My first fountain pen was my father’s Sterling Silver Parker 75. Lovely pen, found in his desk some years after his death. Everyone should try to get one of these pens for the collection… Or as your first, as it will certainly get you hooked on the hobby.

  198. Brady

    I’ve been shopping at Wonder Pens since the store first opened near Trinity Bellwoods! Now I live 5000km away, but happily use the online shop. My current favourite every day carry is a black Pilot Metropolitan which is most frequently inked up with Sailor Jentle ink in yamadori.

  199. Charlie

    Wonderpens was the first fountain pen store I walked into, and from that first time years ago, I’ve been obsessed ever since! I purchased a Lamy Safari on my first trip there, and after many many buys after that, I’m now a proud owner of the Visconti Homo Sapiens, my new favourite pen (for now)!

  200. Mao Ding

    Happy fountain pen day! I used fountain pens a lot back in elementary school in China – I had a Hero fountain pen, I believe. Many years later, my mom gave me a Lamy Studio and like you, I fell into this “rabbit hole” hard. I was also glad I found your brick and mortar store when I lived in Toronto!

  201. Jamil

    Fountains are a very pleasant addiction. I grew up in a household that insisted on using fountain pens for all sorts of wiring. Both my parents were exellent writers. Their handwriting was beautiful to look at. My father who is in his nineties still insists on using a fountain pen to write or sign with!! Naturally growing up in a house where there was an abundance of fountain pen ink and fountain pens, I naturally took it forgranted that every one uses fountain pens. In 6th grade we were supposed to use fountain pens. The life of using a pencil to write my school work had come to an end. Everyone in 6th grade was so excited that we were going to be like the adults. We can use fountain pens. I among others in the same grade filled stationary shops looking for that single pen that made me so distinguished. I came across a parker 45 which looked so different than many other pens, I felt it was the one. I searched high and low and finally settled on a Parker 45 that had a red barrel as I recall. Every one else I knew had a Parker45 that was entirely metal in construction. I loved that pen. Carried it everywhere. Wrote with it for hours. Since my parents refused to allow us to use ballpoints at the time, I found it a wonderful opportunity to get three more fountain pens to fill each with a different colour. Since I was ecstatic with myparker 45, I elected to get pens from different companies . I got a Sheaffer, a Waterman and another Parker ( different model, which I cannot remember) . This way I could write and underline in the colors available at the time. Blue ( School homework and class notes), Black (important stuff in class notes and when filling up school forms), Red and Green ( mostly for underlining or adding important comments).
    The first two or three weeks of grade 6 was exciting and at the same time scary. Spilling ink all over the desk while filling the pen with ink was a disaster. Forgetting to screw the cap on the bottle of ink properly and then putting it in your school bag became a nightmare. Ink spilling all over the schoolbooks and me having ronreqrite all my notes on new notebooks made me pay attention to detail and always check my inkbottle caps. When ink cartridges became available. That was pure joy. No more ink bottles. Just a pack of cartridges does each pen. At exam time it was the best. When one cartridge finished, a simple swap was more efficient and faster than the old days of filling the pen from an ink bottle. At the time saving two or three minutes was wonderful as it meant I could write more to finish my exam papers. We wrote a lot and I mean a lot.
    Those were the days. From there I collected some nice ones such as Dunhil, Yves Saint Laurain, Montblanc.
    In the Nineties I discovered Noodlers ink. Now I love Japanese inks and pens.

  202. Chris

    I love fountain pens, but my penmanship is disgraceful. My first pen was a cheap student grade pen in the 90s. I can’t remember the brand, but it was turquoise, with turquoise cartridges. After that I stopped using fountain pens for about 20 years, but picked it up again recently. My notebook at work is now a rainbow of notes and doodles.

  203. Em

    I loved reading about your journey from first fountain pen to fountain pen store 😉

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari Vista that I randomly purchased a few years ago from the gift shop at the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin. I had always been a stationery junkie but had not made the leap into the fountain pen world and that “light switch turning on” moment totally resonates with me. These days I find myself mostly typing (I am a PhD student nearing the end of my degree) but sometimes I will pull out my Lamy to write out some notes and thoughts when I need some extra motivation 🙂

  204. Chris D

    Hi guys!

    I went to the meetup and the pen show this past weekend, and I have to say it was an absolute blast! First time going to a pen show, and while it was a little overwhelming (I never expected so many people!) I had a great time and picked up a couple neat goodies.

    I’ve also got to thank you so much for your part in getting Brad & Myke & Ana here and hosting such a great event!

    You guys are awesome.

    – Chris

  205. I have a collection of fountain pens. Some are glass dip pens, some are wooden dip pens, and a number are bladder or insert fountain pens. The problem these days is finding pen blotters and pen ink wells and the holders for blotters and ink wells with covers that are spring loaded as opposed to screw top bottles such as come from Pelican, Mont Blanc, and many others. My favorite dip pen is a glass pen purchased in Venice, Italy many years ago, which is a very smooth writing pen. The other dip pens I are not nearly as smooth or as fine tipped as this one pen. Anyway, I love the feel when writing with that pen but find locating another glass dip pen with that fine and smooth a point very difficult.

  206. Missy

    I received a Sheaffer Calligraphy fountain pen set as a Christmas gift in the early 1980s. I was super excited to get it and all of the fun coloured ink cartridges that came with it. I’ve also loved trying out the fountain pens in your store on letter writing nights. Now I just have to figure out which one to get next 😀

  207. My very first fountain pen was given to me for my birthday about 3 years ago – a pink Lamy Safari, and I was hooked after that. My favourite is my Visconti Starry Night

  208. James Macallister

    What started as an attempt to force myself to improve my dreadful handwriting (New Years Resolution 2018), led me first to fountain pens then to journaling. Quite a journey. I hadn’t used a fountain pen since grade-school! Shortly after getting my first new pen, a Jinhao 188 from Wonder Pens, my 92-year-old mother saw me using it and immediately wanted one for herself. And then my wife….

  209. Sandy Lambert

    My first introduction to fountain pens was through my grade six home room teacher at Queen Mary Public School, in Hamilton, Ontario.
    He always wrote with a Sheaffer fountain pen loaded with a Peacock blue ink. I fell in love… with the pen and ink colour. I use my fountain pens daily, and yes, I have a Peacock blue ink that appears in my journal writing often.
    I love your shop, love your stories about pens, inks, paper, journals and of course family.
    A new pen would be lovely.
    Thank you, Sandy

  210. Madeline McInnis

    My favourite fountain pen is my black Faber Castell ambition that my wonderful boyfriend got my for Christmas last year. I don’t use any pen as often as that one and the medium nib is the nicest I own, including the gold nibs!

  211. Leslie

    My favourite pens are my Edison pens, I now have several. However I recently bought a Sailor Pro Gear and although the medium nib is fine, I fell in love (and of course, want to try out some other Sailor nibs. Wonderpens has converted me to Sailor inks!

  212. Lee Bennett

    Wish there was a shop like this in my town! Love following along and would be so excited to journal with this pen! ❤️

  213. Tobias Paul

    I remember I had been interested in picking up a nice pen for a while, and was unable to find something satisfactory. I was walking down Dundas with my girlfriend at the time to picnic in Bellwoods, and we saw your shop.

    The rest of the story goes as any other stationary addict, but all over Canada I’ve relied on your business, and I couldn’t be happier.

  214. Lauren

    I’m just getting into fountain pens and my first was the Platinum preppy pen in black; it’s a great beginner pen, though I wish I’d gotten the extra fine nib as well. For the price as a starter, you really can’t go wrong, especially since it comes in at least six different colours.

  215. Chantal d'Entremont

    I had bought a few Pilot Metropolitans for my boyfriend and I at Christmas several years ago, and never looked back. Our “collection” has grown, and now use fountain pens almost exclusively. There’s something special about having MY pen, just the way I like it, and that I’ll have it for years to come!

  216. Andrea

    It’s only been a couple years since I got my first fountain pen and I have never looked back. Now, I have decent sized collection of pens, a love purple inks and notebooks…. Let’s not forget about all the notebooks.

  217. Benita Lee

    I truly enjoyed your blog post Liz about your joy for fountain pens. I first learned about fountain pens through my father who owns several. I was hooked after receiving one as a graduation gift in high school, and still use it to this day. I hope to pass along my love of fountain pens and beautiful penmanship to my family in the future. I’m so happy that both of you took the opportunity to open up Wonder pens!

  218. Aldo

    Thank you for sharing the origin story of the shop! As a new customer to the shop, I am so glad to have found it.
    My First fountain pen was from a big box store that I was given as a gift. It was a 3 pen set that came with a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen. Similar to your experience, once I used the fountain pen, I fell deep into the rabbit hole. My favourite now is the TWSBI Precision with a Fine nib, which I purchased at Wonder Pens during the Pen Addict meet up!
    Thank you for the wonderful stories you share on the blog, it’s always a real treat to read.

  219. Linda

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! My first fountain pen was a Noodler’s Ahab pen. My husband got it for me. From that point in I have been obsessed with all calligraphy and fountain pens! …. now please pick me to win!! Lol
    Ps. I love how your blog gives us a little insight into your store and how it all started 🙂

  220. John Stein

    My first fountain pen was a Parker that I found. When I was a kid in the 70’s. Not knowing any better, I filled the squeeze converter with India ink and then tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol when it gummed up. I wish I knew then what I do now!

  221. CY

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.
    20 years ago, I bought my first fountain pen – a Parker Frontier Stainless steel CT ‘M’. At the time, it was all I could afford.
    A few years after that, I got a Waterman Apostrophe GT ‘M’- I sat on it after a week. It was a very bad, seriously painful, pen experience.
    Anyway, I currently have way too many pens, including a Waterman Apostrophe (I had to get her back), and my EDC totally depends on the mood and occassion.
    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  222. Radek Lewandowski

    My first fountain pen was a dark lilac Lamy Safari with an M nib, still one of my favourite pens.
    I’m so glad to have such a great fountain pen store in my country!

  223. John

    First fountain pen? A Pilot 78g, from Wonderpens of course. Since been joined by two more Pilots, a Prera and a Custom 74, a couple of TWSBIs, a couple of Kawecos, and multiple Platinum Preppys. And a shelf full of ink, of course!

  224. Christine Chung

    I almost cried when I dropped my Pilot Vanishing Point and it of course landed nib down 😓

  225. Melody

    Hello! My favorite fountain pen is the pilot prera right now, I really want a Nakaya…going to have to save money for that purchase! I carry my pens in the TSL pen case I got from you guys recently and I love it!

  226. Colin Roberts

    Amazing story to ready, unbelievable passion in those words!
    I got my first pens ( two at one time!) in exchange from some things I ordered from you actually. Sent a postcard in the box and I was blown away by the personal touch!
    I donèt remember what he wanted in exchange but I still have and use all the time the black Pilot Metropolitan and the turtoise shell Noodlers Ahab. It’s the smell of Noodlers pens…The weirdest thing, but I cant live without it! 🙂

  227. jenn

    growing up, i was mesmerized by my dad’s parker fountain pen. it was so classy. when i was older, i started to gather up my own fountain pen collection—lamy safaris/al-stars. now that my dad is retired and downsizing, he gave me his old parker. i was ecstatic! pen maintenance wasn’t my dad’s thing, so there was a lot of built-up ink in it. i thought a good soak would help it. well, i was wrong as the whole pen fell apart.

  228. EJ

    Having always been a lover of all things stationary (journals, pens, post-its, all of it), I still remember the first time that I saw someone use a fountain pen (other than on TV – thank you BBC). I was part of an interview committee and one of the people being interviewed pulled out a pen (it was orange so I was already dazzled), untwisted the cap, and it was a fountain pen. There is just something magical about a fountain pen and now I knew that I needed one. After a little research, I made the 2 hour trip to Toronto to get my first fountain pen at WonderPens, Lamy, and I’ve never looked back. I now have way more ink than I will every use in my life time…but I’m going to give it my best shot. 🙂 Thanks Wonder Pens for feeding my love of stationary!

  229. Lisa

    Hi! Thanks for the giveaway. When studying Shakespeare in school, I painstakingly wrote out my essay title page in calligraphy with my Sheaffer pen. My teacher wrote beside my beautiful artwork, “Unnecessary.” The content of my essay warranted a good grade, but I was crushed. He did not stop my enthusiasm for all things fountain pen. I am an avid collector and user!

  230. Farhan Khan

    Great to read your inspiring journey and so glad that you are passionate about fountain pens and inks.

    I used fountain pens in school and then the ballpoints took over! I recently rediscovered the joy of writing with fountain pens. I have been trying various pens and inks, and hope to continue this, improve my handwriting and also learn some more calligraphy techniques.

  231. Ilona

    Miss your shop in the East end and am glad to hear you’ve opened a studio shop. I recently tried the duo art pen that my mother-in-law used in the 1950s and love the way it writes!!

  232. Kirk


    My first fountain pen was a Pilot YR 300. My first gold nib pen was a Lamy 2000 that I bought from wonderpens two years ago and remains in my list of top pens though my favourite is probably my Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age. The aurora in this GAW is on my wish list and I don’t currently have an Aurora in my small collection so this is a great opportunity! Thanks! And happy fountain pen day!!


  233. Joël Charrière

    My first fountain pen, the one that started it all, was a Lamy safari that I loaded with Noodlers bulletproof black archival ink that I took travelling with me on my bike trip. For 6 weeks, I got poured in in Atlantic Canada while travelling by bike but my pen survived, as did the memories it wrote down. The pen is like an old friend to me! No matter which pen I get, I always go back to my old Safari.

  234. Mary A Beyer

    Just read your story. inspiring! I would love to own a pen store! My favorite story happened 35 years ago. My husband had proposed and I wanted a special pen to do the invitations. I had used fountain pens in high school, so I wanted one for the task. I found a small store in lower Manhattan, NY, and bought a Lady Sheaffer 620. It did the job beautifully, and it gave me great pleasure to address each envelope with the pen. I still have it.

  235. Such a great giveaway! My first pen was a Lamy Safari from my dad to encourage me to journal. Now I’m the one buying him pens!

  236. Peter

    Always keen to enter a contest, specially when it is in recognition of International Fountain Pen Day. Writing with my pens, refilling them, changing the nibs and inks, cleaning and polishing them, my favourite way to relax!

  237. Sandy C

    My very first fountain pen was a Noodler’s Ahab! I held on to that pen for the longest time and I didn’t buy another pen until it broke on me! 🙁

  238. Matias Marin

    I’ve always had a fascination with pens. A few of my friends had bought me an engraved parker rollerball for my birthday. Since then I’ve always messed around with rollerballs, and settled hard with the Uniball UM-151, my grail of the rollerball pen world. My wife got me a pen for my birthday this year as well.

    I found Wonderpens earlier this year… Bought a TWSBI Eco as my first pen, and have not looked back since.

  239. Alberto

    Hello! 🙂
    My first pen was a Hero 200A. I had no idea about anything regarding fountain pens. A friend (who wanted to convert me into fountain pens) sold it to me for cheap. Sadly, I lost it within a month… oddly enough, as I rarely lose things. It’s been 3 years. In retrospect I kind of wish I still had it! It was a nice looking pen.

  240. Jessica

    I love my fountain pens, but one of my pilots exploded right in the middle of a Skype interview today! Thankfully didn’t touch my face, because that would have been terrible.

  241. Maggie

    Hello! My three year old has decided that he needs to sit with me while I write to my penpals (all found through fountain pens, of course) and help me. It’s amazing together time, and I’m so happy we get to do this together, and that he gets to watch me make art.

  242. C Smith

    My first pen bought not at the office supply store was a Lamy AL-Star. I met a fountain pen buddy at just the right time, about a month after I got a cheap pen on a whim, which put me down the rabbit hole starting with that Lamy 10 months ago, and now I have 7 pens, including the cheapy. I’m on a bit of a TWSBI kick, and I’ve collected 3 Ecos; they’re great for those among us who are terrible at remembering to check how much ink we’ve got left and to refill at regular intervals lol. I’ve also discovered that, though I thought I’d like the tiny little EF nibs, I really love larger nibs, including a stub nib, because shimmering and sheening inks are my drug of choice.

  243. Juliette

    I got my first pen for inking some drawings and loved it so much that they’re all I use now. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  244. Alexis Morin

    Hi there guys!
    First and foremost, I want to tell you how much I love your store; I got my new TWSBI Precision here and I couldn’t have been more happier! You definitely should expect a new order of ink soon enough 😉

    I think I want to talk about my first fountain pen. Since I was working at a stationary shop as well, I naturally already had two of them – a Lamy Vista and a Platinum Plaisir – , but I was still longing for my Fountain Pen, with a capital F, the one that would become my pen of choice and with which I could share this special, maybe somewhat materialistic, connection.
    Let me take you back to this summer. I was working a shift alone since my boss was off to watch the FIFA finale, in support of his home country, France. The day was bright and the sun was shining gleefully on the store’s windows, yet nobody seemed to be outside that day. As I was watching the time go by, listening to the sudden cries of victory (or despair) from the soccer fans in the bars nearby, I decided to take the matter at hand and find throughout all the pens we had in the store the lucky one that would become my writing partner in crime. As I wandered between Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker and Faber-Castell pens, a glimpse of light caught my eye: the sun was shining on a beautiful silver, chrome-brushed pen: the Lamy Aion. The whole thing felt like a cheesy rom-com: I couldn’t stare away from it, it was love at first sight. I took it out of it’s display and put it my hand: it felt nice and heavy, a perfect match. I dipped the nib in some ink to test it’s writing, and the fine nib that glided on the paper was perfectly suited for my sketchy, cursive handwriting. I immediately knew that the Aion was the one; heck, even the name of the color was irresistibly attractive to me: Olivesilver. I decided to ink it with J. Herbin’s Bleu des Profondeurs, in honor of the winning team of this year’s FIFA, and put it in it’s box: I had finally found my match.
    That day, as groups of France supporters were shouting Allez les bleus and La Marseillaise in the streets, I couldn’t help but feel their magnetic happiness. But it wasn’t from the triumph of France that I was smiling, but from knowing that I had, at last, a lifelong friend to accompany every thought I ought to put on paper.

  245. I love fountain pens! I always remember my mum using them and refilling them., and we weren’t allowed to use them as they were her good pens and we would make a mess or break the nib 😂

    I bought one for myself when I first started work and used to use it to write to my penfriends. I now have a Lamy (or two) but don’t use it as much as I should… would love a proper pen again to get me back into it again 😍

  246. Louise

    My first fountain pen that I bought was a Pilot 78G. While I waited for it to be delivered, I came across a fountain pen from Daiso. I was so excited, and got easily annoyed with cartridges because it took a while for the ink to flow.

  247. Pierre-R Tremblay

    My first foutain pen was very basic, just an handle with a nib having a small reservoir that you dipped in the bottle of ink. This was in primary school and there was a hole in the desk to hold the bottle. Since then I have always used fountain pens. Now I collect them. I bought an Edison Beaumont from your store. It is a very good pen, nice and classic and it writes very well. Currently inked are a Lamy 2000, à Platinum Cool and two Kaweco Sport.

  248. Heather Cyre

    My favorite pen is a Sheaffer Targa that my brother gave me because my Dad carried the same pen.

  249. Rebecca

    I have recently bought a Waterman Hemisphere, filled it with Graf von Faber-Castell Violet Blue. But my dream pen is the Carène Black Sea (fell in love with it ever since I saw your blog post). Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  250. Jill Batchilder

    Hello, and thank you for this opportunity! I started with a Preppy, am currently using a TWSBI Eco, and would soon like to try a flex nib of some sort. Happy fountain pen day!!

  251. Jay Stillman

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and passion. My first fountain pen was found in my late grandfather’s belongings, the nib was broken and I have never used it but it got me started.

  252. Shawna

    Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for your generosity in holding this giveaway!

    My first fountain pen was the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac. I had fountain pens on my radar for a while and I thought they were interesting but I didn’t know if I was up for the task. The Dark Lilac finish was so beautiful that it sucked me into the rabbit hole. My first ink bottle was Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher and it spilled onto my bedsheets the moment I first opened it because I didn’t know it was filled to the brim! Luckily those sheets were old so I wasn’t too upset about staining them. It’s been about 2.5 years in the hobby now!

    Happy fountain pen day!

  253. Dub

    I started down the fountain pen road with a dip nib pen writing letters to my love. It’s all very romantic. And gross.

  254. Annika

    The first fountain pen I bought myself was a Pentel fine point one, who’s proper name has slipped my mind. I had gotten a refillable ink cartridge for it, when I tried to fill it for the first time managed to get dark red ink absolutely everywhere and my desk and hands were COVERED, resulting in something that looked like a murder scene.

  255. Aaron A

    My favorite fountain pen is a Lamy 2000 bought from your store. It’s pull off cap and smooth writing make it my daily work companion! Today it’s filled with Diamine “Madagascar “ (brown) ink and was used to draft a press release.

  256. Stu

    I think my first urushi Nakaya was that turning point that sunk the hook fully in – no going back now.

  257. Kieran Yeung

    Needed an excuse to write cursive again. Figured a fountain pen would add to the authenticity. Started with a Lamy safari. Been hooked ever since.

  258. Andrea

    What a great story! I’ve loved markers, pens and stationary since I was a kid – I always looked forward to the back-to-school trips to Staples. When I discovered fountain pens I was immediately sucked in. Thank you for starting such an amazing business!

  259. Michael Laderoute

    Hola! I got interested in using a fountain pen again just a few years ago. My older sister had a couple and gave me one of her old Waterman pens. I cleaned it up and found an ink converter at Wonder Pens. While I was in the store, I found a brown Pilot Prera that fit nicely in my hand! Bought that too. I was hooked. I’m a song writer and use those two pens for all my scribbling…even when travelling. I purchased a Kaweo Special 0.7 later on for those scribblings that might need some editing on the fly! There’s something inspiring about those 3 instruments that often, I feel, translates to inspiration on some days. It’s a great feeling to see ink flow on paper and watch a new creation unfold.

  260. Thank you for your “initiation story”!

    Growing up in Germany (East, but West would have been the same) it is still normal here to use fountain pens at least during your school years. And since brands like Montblanc or Pelikan are still widely known for selling luxury (fountain) pens, too, I had never totally abandoned fountain pens. I just did not consider them to be more fun when using something else than the standard royal blue or black ink.

    Until … until I purchased a KaWeCo Liliput when they were introduced some years ago. Wit that I kind of slid onto the rabbit hole slowly, getting J. Herbin Perle noire to go with it when my old bottle of Pelikan 4001 Black that I had had since about 1993 went empty. Uuuh-oh, that felt different, somehow. (It is still one of my very favourite inks!) Pilot Prera F was next, in beige, later in dark brown also. And then, in 2016, I dove right into fountain pens as a hobby, going to the Pelikan Hub and meet-ups and getting some (a lot!) more expensive pens.

    My acquiring has slowed down (a bit) and my flock of pens has consolidated, but ink sampling is still a big thing and a lot of fun. I love to use my pens daily and get a lot of joy out of them and the hobby. It has made me see people in different cities, visit the Pelikan production site in Peine, write with people from all around the world and even got me a job via a friend I found in the community.

    Quite life-changing …

  261. Tracey Naylor

    Hello! I first heard of Wonder Pens from an interview on tv—the Space Channel I think! My hubby was excited for me as I’ve always loved all pens weird and wonderful. I love reading your blog and hearing of your pen adventures, kids and critters! Thank you for sharing your lives!

  262. J.Chau

    My current favourite fountain pen is the Pilot Décimo. I just love how it writes. The Kaweco Brass Sport is a close second though.

  263. Stanley Choi

    My first fountain that was given it me by my mom was a Parker stainless steel fountain pen (could be a 45). But my first fountain that I bought for myself is a black Parker Sonnet with a 18k nib. It is such a lovely well balanced pen. The only issue I have with it is I melted the section of the pen with rubbing alcohol!!!!! I was so silly, I did not have any idea of how to clean the pen!!! Oh well, that was the in the 80’s. I have learned my lesson since. Thank you guys, have a wonderful Fountain Pen Day!!

  264. TD

    I am so glad that you started Wonder Pens, a place for all fountain pen enthusiasts. I also appreciate a giveaway! Thank you for what and all you do.

  265. Johnny

    Bought my first fp at your store, a metro.. Pretty good for the price. Thinking about getting a Konrad.

  266. Beth Martin

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity! My first fountain pen was a gift from a houseguest when I was 14, just about to start high school. I was immediately in love. A Parker 21, which I still have 54 years later. The love is still going strong!

  267. Maria Zou

    Hello, a friend of mine introduced me to this brand. I love writing and I love writing even more with a fountain pen. I’m a bit old school in that I like to listen to vinyls and shooting film photos. These things slow me down in life and give me the chance to appreciate what I have.
    All the best 🙂

  268. Andrew Clay

    To celebrate International Fountain Pen Day, I’ll share the genesis of my fountain pen obsession. My favorite fountain pen is the Montblanc M Ultra Black (M) filled with Montblanc Purple Ink. As I accrue more pens, this pen will always hold a special place on my desk. I remember my father owning a Montblanc Meisterstruck (M) and keeping it on his desk. I spilled a lot of ink as a child, fiddling with the pen and ink bottles. I always looked forward to owning a Montblanc of my own to emulate my father. I have one of my own, and now the road is paved for more accomplishments.

  269. Cathy M

    I’m glad you took the leap, love your shop! A few of my favourite pens came from there, two Lamy Studios and a lovely TWSBI Classic.

  270. marilyn

    I use my fountain pens to make line drawings. My (current) favorite is a blue TWSBI eco; I use it every morning to do a daily sketch. Noodler’s Lexington Grey makes the sketches look awesome!

  271. Emilio Ramirez

    I started my fountain addiction this year. I deeply fall in love with this lifestyle since I got my first pen (pilot metropolitan) and now I just want to start my own collection! Fantastic giveaway!

  272. Greg F-N

    My first recollection of Fountain pens was via my mother and father. I don’t remember pen brands etc, except that my mom used “Peacock Blue” Sheaffer Ink. I loved that colour. Can’t find it anymore. Maybe in the Sheaffer Calligraphy pen sets?

    That was 50+ years ago. I have had a number of mostly entry level fountain pens since then. I also did some calligraphy for a while with a Speedball nib and nib holder set. In 1984 I received an inscribed, gold nibbed, and gold plated Sheaffer as a Christmas gift from my sister who was then in Germany. Sadly I lost that within a year . Sigh… Now I am a regular user of my TWSBI ECO EF in blue, Oh, the ink it holds! I have a few Platinum preppys in F/EF which I am using to for different colour inks and a Purple Aluminum Lamy Safari, also a gift, plus a few older Parkers and Sheaffer’s picked up at various garage sales and thrift shops. Some of which work well. Suffice to say I enjoy my fountain pens! Though I have lost a few shirts by absentmindedly putting uncapped pens in the pocket. Oops…

    Have a great International Fountain Pen Day! Who Knew?!


  273. Melissa Mask

    I have always been somewhat of a stationery aficionado. My father was a an elementary school principal. Every August he was tasked with ordering stationery for the school. My sister and I would go with him to the stationery store in our small city. While he attended to his task, we kept busy by testing all the pens and pencils to determine which one we could purchase with a small notebook at the end of Dad’s business. We were 8 and 6 years of age. It was the beginning of many years of this stationery pilgrimage. We both now have extensive fine writing pen collections. Our love of fine point pens lead us to Pilot pens and several years ago, the Pilot fountain pen as first fountain pen since the Schaeffer fountain pen of our youth. Much like the blog account, this Pilot experience lead to many international purchases and experimenting with inks, and papers for fountain pen ink. It’s a whole new world and gives me wonderful options for gifts for my sister. It brings back the childlike wonder from our early days of pen testing, a warm excitement of a new tool that made writing more fun. Stationery is now a hobby. We often discuss opening a small pen store in retirement. Maybe pens and wine, lol.

  274. Alex

    Personally, I use the pilot metropolitan fountain pen for the price. Great for a starter pen, but it really digs into paper.

  275. Brahm Sanger

    Hello! My first fountain pen was a Pilot Varsity with black ink. For years I used my trusty Pilot G2s and Precise V7 RTs – I’ve always appreciated the smooth feeling of a rollerball over ball point pens. One day a friend of mine showed off his grandfather’s vintage fountain pen and I was absolutely blown away. I had to get one after that, and the Varsity was the most accessible. It made writing not just effortless, but enjoyable.

    My favourite fountain pen is the only one I currently own, a Lamy Safari (Petrol). It’s triangular grip section forced me to correct the way I hold pens! My fingers thank it.

    My disaster was filling my Safari for the first time. I dunked my converter into a sample vial of Diamine Blue Velvet and ended up with a table full of (fantastic) blue ink.

  276. Ariane

    I’m recent to the fountain pen world but have been using a Lamy Joy to learn calligraphy and draw with. I’ve made Wednesday no TV night and am using this time to practice and be creative!

  277. Michael McKinley

    My first fountain pen was a Zebra bought at Office Max. It was less than $10 and still in my collection. Since then my to splurges have been a Pilot Decimo and Platinum 3776. I live in Brazil so these took more effort than money to obtain.

  278. John (Cubz)

    I had my “affair” with fountain pens rekindled this year by the gift of a Faber Castell (from Wonder Pens:) by a friend recently. That then ignited the fire for the purchase of a gorgeous, peacock blue Lechtturm1917 dot note pad for daily inspiration and organization. Not to be satisfied there, I also discovered the bliss of careening my stylus along the texture of a handsome bound Clairefontaine journal for recording, as inscribed in the cover, my “thoughts, dreams, aspirations, doubts, fears, contemplations, solutions, inspirations and stuff 😬”

    I am undone and will never be the same. Thank God!

  279. Rosie Pittas

    My very first Fountain pen is the Twsbi Precision Fountain pen Gunmetal. I love this pen so much and use it every single day to write in my daily journal and to write class notes.

    When I first got it I had never filled a fountain pen so I accidentally release the pressure and got ink everywhere! After that little disaster, I learned quickly how to fill my new pen ^^||.

    In the end, I love my pen and hope you enjoyed my little story about my first fountain pen 🙂

  280. Jennifer Cranfield

    Loved hearing how you got started. What a great story! My first fountain pen was a cheap-o Sheaffer that I used to take notes at university and I still have it. My current favourite is the TWSBI Diamond demonstrator filled with a Sailor blue/black ink.

  281. Geneva Lawrence

    Ive always loved stationary so when i discovered fountain pens it was a whole new level to fuel my addiction. My first pen was a Lamy safari,which i chose after careful reaserch, and I immediatly ordered a ton of different ink samples and notebooks. Living in canada its a little harder to find vendors which is why i was so excited upon finding you guys ! Thanks so much .

  282. Virginia

    My first fountain pen was a faber castle ambition. My then boyfriend now husband bought it for me for my birthday and had our initials engraved in the clip. I love that pen and it started my small collection. Writing with a fountain pen is the best feeling and I swear it naturally puts more feeling into your writing!

  283. Celina

    My first fountain was purchased from the wonderpens online store! I bought a Lamy Safari Petrol and some ink samples to experiment with. Thank you for helping me start my fountain pen and ink collection!

  284. Tim Draude

    My first fountain pen was a Pilot Varsity. This was quite a few years ago. shortly after, I ordered an FPR Dilly from a website selling fountain pens in Toronto. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a physical shop way back then…..

  285. Kristiane Polido

    My first fp is a stainless parker vector. My mom gave it to me during a time that a lot of changes are happening in our lives. It was a source of comfort, to have something that will stay with you forever. ❤️

  286. Travis Stuart

    My first fountain pen was an impulse buy from a Chinese website. When it came I was excited to use but didn’t buy any ink! It took almost a year before I got up the guts to buy a bottle of ink. Been using fountain pens every day since…

  287. H.T. Leung

    My first fountain pen is a Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator given to me as a birthday present. I loved it by the first glance and used it every day at work. I first didn’t notice fountain pen inks were mostly water-soluble and writing on one of my documents faded away as there was some water inching from a cold drink to wards it. Yes, it was written by my M205. My boss was so mad at me but it couldn’t put out my love to fountain pens. Yet, another mistake did ruin my M205…. I was trying to have a “thorough” cleaning of the pen and leave all parts soaked in water the whole night. When I get back to it, the nib was corroded….I was so so so sad. The M205 is no sitting on my desk, reminding me to use all lovely pens carefully…

    • Jenn

      Hi H.T,

      Pelikan nibs are easily replaceable and should just screw out of the pen body! Just look up Pelikan M205 nib units. The steel versions are very reasonably priced and you can get them in the full range of modern Pelikan nib sizes. You can still have your pen as it was when it was new!

  288. Dan

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all. Today I am remembering my first fountain pen, which was gifted to me as a University graduation present. I got to choose and ended up with a burgundy Waterman Expert with two-tone medium nib. It went missing for about 20 years but mysteriously resurfaced again about two months ago. Still writes like a dream. Happy FP day everyone.

  289. Sarah

    My first pen was a pilot metropolitan. My current favourite is my twsbi eco (I have two of those now). Looking forward to Christmas maybe bringing me some new goodies.

  290. Jas

    In just started using fountains and will never go back to a “regular” pen!! Thank you for carrying such a great variety.

  291. Alexander Tsang

    I picked up my first fountain pen on a whim while browsing the local university bookstore during my first year at university. It was a Parker Classic GT. I ended up using it for notetaking all the way until I graduated!

  292. Esther


    So happy to read about your first fountain pen adventures!! I received my first at a Christmas party in 2016. We played White Elephant and Derrick submitted a pilot pen with a few cartridges; I was lucky enough to be the last to steal it 🙂

    Happy writing!

  293. Tyler K

    I stumbled on The Pen Addict podcast and realized I had been one for many years! Decided to run with it and glad I did. Started with a Lamy Vista.

  294. Debra Nousek

    The funny thing for me is that I’ve been a tech fangirl for such a long time (hello, and welcome to my personal Apple Store) and also that I’ve been a stationery nerd for just about as long, fascinated by the tools of writing from (especially) the early 20th century or so — you know how it is with all those Merchant Ivory Edwardian Oxbridge dramas. Of course, life back then would only have been lovely if we were all wealthy and privileged aristocrats and not our regular (mostly) middle-class selves. Anyway, as an academic, I loved the idea of freely-flowing liquid ink in a fountain pen rather than rollerballs or gel pens, and so I bought what looked to me like a classic fountain pen from the Deco era, a 1990s Aurora Ipsilon in chrome and black resin, to make myself feel more “scholarly”. Oh so serious in my youth, I resolved to use only serious ink colours — standard Waterman blue, or black. Ah, youth. A far cry from the 8-10 bottles of turquoise inks in my collection, not to mention just about one of every other colour! Oh, and a dozen or so pens ranging from an orange Diplomat Aero to the Sailor PGS Purple Cosmos (and a few more sedate colours as well). I’m so happy that you and Jon took this leap, because it’s SO wonder-pens-ful to be able to order from Canada, or to stop by the shop when I’m in town. Happy FPD to you and everyone, and thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  295. Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

    I first used fountain pens in school in India, because at that time, they were still the only legitimate writing instruments. It wasn’t until this past Christmas when I got a Lamy Safari from my now fiancée that I rediscovered the joy of what it means to truly write. Like the bicycle, I think fountain pens are a perfect human invention. Then I discovered Wonder Pens on a visit to Toronto from Ottawa, and have since gotten a Sailor Pro Gear Slim and a Kaweco Student — both of which I enjoy using immensely. I am a bit scared of this deep rabbit hole of notebooks and fountain pens, but along with real books by a warm desk lamp on a sturdy table, this way lies happiness.

  296. Paula Tee

    What a great giveaway! My first pen was a LAMY Safari but I am now a Pilot girl! Love me my E95s!

  297. L. Jones

    My first pen from you guys was a Noodler’s Ahab flex pen and I picked Noodler’s Baystate Blue ink to go with it. I leave to your imaginations the amount of mess a beginner can make with a massive eye dropper, staining ink and a twitchy nib. I managed to melt that original pen trying to clean it in rubbing alcohol, but I’ve learned a lot since then. Most of my mishaps can be cleaned up with immediate applications of soap and water.

    Still loving this journey…..
    L. Jones

  298. Peter Fitzgerald

    Love the blog and your store. Only wish I lived closer and could visit in person. Best of luck in the new location!

  299. Eddy L

    First fountain pen was over 40 years ago as a teenager. Have not really got back to fountain pens until my uncle gifted his Montblanc 146 to me a few year back and really went down the “rabbit hole” when I wanted to improve my handwriting and researched fountain pens, ink, paper and bags…. still have little written, sigh…

  300. Cathy

    Thanks for being such a great Canadian pen store, and congratulations on your success. My favorite pen at the moment is my Faber Castell Ambition in pearwood, purchased from Wonder Pens. Wonderful EF nib.

  301. Brendan

    I remember pretty well my own fall into the fountain pen rabbit hole… I’d used them for a bit as a kid (I think some non-descript cheap red plastic pen that took international cartridges), but they never worked super well on cheap foolscap.
    Fast forward a bunch more years to grad school, and I bought a Cross at Staples on a whim. Cheap pen, super uncomfortable, but I was hooked. Lamy Safari from Vancouver Pen Shop (yellow F nib – still amazing), and then my first good pen, a Vanishing Point. What a cool technology!? Brassed beyond belief now.
    Various TWSBIs (from WonderPens!), another Safari somewhere, some misc. FPR flex pens, dabbling in dip pens (those are not for me…).
    Most recently, a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 in smoke grey (also from here), filled right now with iroshizuku kiri-same.
    It’s a deep hole and I’m still digging!
    Happy a fountain Pen Day 🙂

  302. Liz

    Ah, fountain pens. My primary school desk had a space for fountain pen ink. Regrettably I was not taught penmanship with a fountain pen, but my interest was piqued then! It wasn’t until University that I discovered the joys of writing with a fountain pen. A basic Schaeffer got me through hours of note taking. Peacock blue ink was my favourite, and my index finger was permanently stained. I have a Lamy pen now. I used the violet ink at first (and yes the pen matched), but it seems the ink is hard to find now (ahem). Nothing is quite as evocative as the sound of a fountain pen on fine stationery.

  303. Sarah Wilkie

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari (red) with cartridges. I, too, quickly fell down the rabbit hole, and now have a Lamy Logo, Pelikan Twist, TWSBI 580 AL, Kaweco Sport, and a Platinum Preppy. Surprisingly, I don’t have that much ink: only 3 bottles and a few samples.

  304. Geoffrey Dunn

    What a story! So glad for you and your family that you are doing something you love. Much respect for your courage and hard work.
    My first fountain pen (other than whe a kid in school) was a Parker back in 1968. Then I stopped using them for 40 years. Four years ago I bought a Parker Sonnet and have been using nothing but fountain pens since. Rabbit hole is sooooooo deep!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  305. Linus

    Hello all! My favourite fountain pen is my black Vanishing Point that my girlfriend got me for Christmas last year. It’s written hundreds of pages of lecture notes and continues to get smoother and smoother. Hoping to have it for years to come!

  306. Ginette Doiron

    It’s wonderful to see how many of us still love fountain pens in this digital era ! Can’t see a day without writing with one of mine ~

  307. Sharon A.

    My first fountain pen was a yellow Lamy Safari and my favorite fountain pen is a Namiki Nippon Art Crane and Turtle. Love your blog. Wish I lived in Canada so I could visit your store.

  308. Dakota B

    My first was an all black lamy safari and its still probably my favorite, I take it everywhere! No disasters yet thankfully. Love your store <3

  309. Bob Ostwald

    I loved spending last Saturday for the meetup in your beautiful shop. Thank you for hosting us. I had a great time. See you at Scriptus 2019!

  310. Michael

    Hello wonderpens!
    My first pen was a (somewhat leaky) Noodler’s ahab after I got into dip pen calligraphy.
    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  311. Ged Alangui

    My favorite fountain pen is a Parker 21. A pen I found inside an old tin chocolate box along with two others, a Flighter 25 and a Sheaffer 904. Also there was an old bottle of ink, a Pilot blue black that was still good. Suddenly everything came back to me. These were the very pens I was in charge of inking some 38 years ago, as a kid of ten. They were my mother’s pens. Only the Parker 21 was good to go. The other two needs mending. Their sections have gone brittle. Thank you for the chance. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  312. Xiaotang Gao

    Forcefully took a fountain pen from my friend out of curiosity but never continued to use eventually went dry… Randomly developed an interest in calligraphy and bought a speedball oblique pen set. Still not satisfied, then purchased my first lamy calligraphy pen set followed by a pilot kakuno extra fine. I hope I can fill my superior labour pen roll with various fountain pens one day

  313. Nelly

    I’ve always loved stationery even when I was little. But I feel down the fountain pen rabbit hole in middle school, when I came across a Hero fountain pen in a store. That was my first fountain pen, and it kept growing after that. It’s always a treat to go visit stationery stores and see all the paper goods and pens that are in store.

  314. Fei Alangui

    That’s a lovely story. My first fountain pen is my mom’s college pen – a Sheaffer Imperial. Then a few months after, we were going through my gradma’s stuff after she passed away and I found her hand written lesson plans (she was an elementary school teacher) and how pretty her hand writing was. There goes me and my want to go back to sitting down and improving my handwriting again.

  315. Michael Oliveri

    My girlfriend bought a lamy al-star and pilot metropolitan as her first pens. I couldnt stop stealing them during class! Soon after, she bought my first fountain pen, an ocean blue lamy al-star, since then theres been no going back!

  316. Julie

    New to fountain pens…. have always had a love for pens and stationary….experimenting with new inks… have fallen down the rabbit hole ….

  317. Charlie

    On a day off, I was wandering and walked past the Vancouver Pen Shop and stopped to take a look. I was blown away. I walked out with a Platinum Plaisir, some ink cartridges, a few Rhodia pads, and a lifelong passion!

  318. Graeme Stewart

    Don’t make me choose one favourite! I love them all. But I find myself reaching for the Lamy 2000 more and more….

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  319. Alex

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari, as I imagine many people’s was. I still use it, though less these days- I’ve got it inked up with Diamine’s Oxblood. It now accompanies me in political nonsense ramblings in a Peter Pauper Press journal (which are excellent in just about every way, speaking of.)

  320. Jack Green

    My father always used fountain pens but it wasn’t until I saw one at an auction that my interest was piqued. It was a Lamy 2000 and I got it for 40$. Now I have approx. 30 pens and I’m just starting to get into different inks. My wife and friends all think I’m crazy but the more I look around – I see more people writing and using pens and stationery. I have ordered from your store and I loved the handwritten note that came with it. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. Love the blog as well.

  321. Jim H

    My first fountain pen was just about 6 months ago, a TWSBI classic in Burgundy from you guys. I’m now up to 5! Still hovering in the affordability category for now.

  322. Pastor Ron

    Thanks for the great story. My first fountain pen was bought while I was deployed in the military many years ago. It was a Waterman that is somewhere between Teal and light green in color and has a couple of light purple rings on the barrel near the section. It’s an unusual color and has a gold-plated stainless steel nib (F). I cannot tell you how many miles I’ve written with that pen; it may just need to be inked up again real soon! I don’t have any Auroras, so this would be a wonderful addition to my little stash of pens. Thank you.

  323. Yvonne Kinsella

    Hi there,
    I am just starting on this journey with much pushing from my sister! I have bought lots of ink, cartridges paper and sundry supplies but am still afraid of my Lamy she bought me. And Pilot Parallels.
    So far I’m only comfortable with dipping. I have a glass pen and a speedball calligraphy pen. Pathetic I know! I’m waiting (and waiting) to buy a Brause holder and nib set when you get them back in stock..
    So maybe a new pen will propel me into the fountain pen world! Hopefully not too far down the rabbit hole as I suffer from “secondary hobby syndrome”, buying everything I might possibly need to start another hobby without actually doing the hobby! 😁
    Cheers! ( and your baby is adorable!)

  324. Joshua Chung

    My wife converted me to fountain pens recently and the writing experience is so much better than the cheap ballpoint pens they use at work.

  325. Ealeen Ward

    My first fountain pen of note was my Dad’s. When I was very young and couldn’t write myself he would use it to write diary entries
    for me (it was the 80s and writing in a diary was still a thing). He would take out this special pen from a gold case (ok it was brass but when you’re five….) just so he could take down my dictation of whatever I thought was important that day. I still have the diary and my dad still has the pen (it was given to him as a gift so he didn’t know a whole lot about it, but I researched it and it’s actually quite a nice Schaeffer Targa).
    When I started getting into fountain pens and buying them for myself within the past couple years my dad confessed that he had not used his in some time as he thought it was broken. Turns out it just needed a good cleaning which it now has and he has been using it often since and frequently sends me text messages to tell me he’s enjoying it. I even purchased him a Safari last year which he now uses as an EDC.

    So I think this is why fountain pens are important. That particular pen will always remind me of special time spent with my Dad. Using it was a bit ceremonial all those years ago, and his using it with me made me feel special, and it made me feel like what I had to say was important. I think this is often why those of us who use fountain pens prefer them, even in our daily scrawls.

  326. Anson

    My first fountain pen was a charcoal safari too!
    I’m glad I was able to pick up my hobonichi weeks refill from you guys at Scriptus… saves me a trip to Japan 🙂

  327. Sherry

    What a lovely story! So romantic. I am happy you started the business and am grateful for a Canadian company to indulge my passion. My first pen was accidental. I was looking for a nice dark drawing ink to use with brushes or a dip pen. I found a bottle with a super cool name – heart of darkness.. and hey, look, it came with a free pen. Ooooooh! This is a nice pen, I like fountain pens. I need more. (And more.) (and yet more)

  328. Jonathan C Rodriguez

    A good platinum preppy and pilot Metropolitan was all it took to go down this crazy rabbit hole. 2 years strong and never going back!

  329. Ya-Wen

    My first fountain pen is LAMY Safari. My favorite pen is Kaweco. It’s light good to write and easy to carry around..

  330. Mishka

    That was really sweet story 🙂
    It was nice to see you guys at Scriptus show, I have never seen a queue like that before lol. Rock stars 🙂
    Thank you for a very generous giveaway.

    All the best,


  331. Stephanie J.

    My first fountain pen was a Waterman Phileas that my mom had. She got me into the hobby but I think I fell deeper into the online pen community. I still have that Phileas out of sentimentality but I do not use it. 🙁

  332. Alex H

    I remember watching my grandfather write his letters with a fountain pen. Something about the flow of the ink was always appealing to me.

  333. dolores

    I found my mum‘s fountain pen when I was starting kindergarten; first thing I did was to empty out the bladder – lucky for me there wasn’t a lot of ink but enough to wipe it all over my dad’s accounting ledgers. I didn’t see that pen again, until it magically appeared on my 18th birthday, with a note –
    „Unlike last time, this bladder is empty – a precautionary measure as there are guests within the splash zone“
    Still have it, still use it – thanks mum 🤭

  334. RC Bismonte

    My lovely sister paved the way to stationary hoarding, calligraphy and fountain pens! My first pen was a purple lamy safari from your shop.

  335. Maria A

    Liz/Jon – such a great story about how your lives and careers have been shaped by fountain pens and luxurious stationery! My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari that I bought from Madison+PAGE. For some reason, I could not get the hang of using a Lamy (it’s that grip!) so I gave it away to a fountain pen friend of mine. I waited a couple of years and then thought I would try again. This time, I bought a Visconti Van Gogh and I was in love! Down the rabbit hole I went … still trying to find my way out lol!

  336. Paul Sands

    My first fountain pen was a Parker 75 Bordeaux barrel with a stainless cap that my mother left behind when she passed. i remember as kid her writing letters weekly to her family in Europe, telling me that you do not write with this fountain pen like it was a pencile. “Gently gently” she said!

  337. Betty Lou

    My first fountain pen was a Pilot metropolitan which I received for Chrstmas last year. Now, ten months later, I have a few more Pilots, a couple of Lamys, lots of Platinums and several of my favourite TWSBIs. The addiction continues!

  338. Melanie

    Thanks for an always interesting read on your blog! My first official fountain pen was a Lamy Safari in neon yellow, but I spent a lot of time with a Sheaffer calligraphy set when I was a child.

  339. Diane Fletcher

    What a wonderful story! I got my first fountain pen back in elementary school, a cheap Chinese Hero, because we were all made to learn cursive way back in the stone ages. Oh how they leaked! I’ve been a stationery nut all my life, but the first FP I really got hooked on was the predecessor to the Lamy Alstar, the very first aluminium model Lamy made. 20 years later, I still have it and after washing out all the dried ink from years of using cartridges without ever cleaning the pen (!), it still works 🙂 I’ve always wanted to open a book or starionery store with a cafe. If I had been with my love back when I was much younger, maybe we would have done it, maybe not. All I know is, in this fast-paced world we need a space where we can slow down and enjoy simple things. I’m so glad you created Wonder Pens as an oasis for stationery lovers and I hope to visit you in Toronto some day! Much love to the pen community this Fountain Pen Day <3

  340. Fabio Mello

    Thank you. My passion for fountain pen comes from family, I always see parents, grandparents and uncles, writing with fountain pens. I’ve always had one since I was a child.

  341. Laura

    What an amazing way to celebrate this day – thank you!

    The first fountain pen I owned was a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop, in green (yup, I’m a newb!).

  342. Stephen P

    My first pen was a Kaweco Perkeo that a buddy of mine gave me. He even gave one to my wife too so we could match lol.

  343. Ian

    I received my first fountain pen from my wife and 3 month old daughter after graduating seminary. It was a Monteverde Invinvia BowTie. Beautiful pen and a good writer.

  344. Sian

    Firstly, wow.. look at this fountain pen lovers community! My first fountain pen was a Pilot 78G. I’ve since added to my collection though with a Jinhao, Pilot Prera, Kaweco Sport and 2 Twisbi eco’s. The ink collection is getting out of hand but I can’t resist them either. Thanks Wonderpens.

  345. Judy G

    I don’t remember exactly which pen I started with, but it was a slim, champagne-coloured Parker. I went to a public school in China, and in Grade 4 we were required to make the transition from pencil to fountain pen. Every week, my classmates and I had to write pages of characters in square boxes, and it was difficult with a fountain pen. My right middle finger was permanently stained dark blue for two years because I was always holding my pen wrong or spilling ink when I refilled it from the bottle. I was always jealous that the older kids had clean hands, and wondered if I could ever get there. (I did)

    My dad and I started a tradition then where he would take me to the fountain pen counter at the department store every September, and we each pick a new pen and fresh notebooks. It was wonderful, like we were setting new intentions for the year. We stopped doing that as I got older, but this year I got him a Lamy Lx for his birthday. He’s notoriously hard to shop for but he loved the pen, which made me incredibly nostalgic.

  346. Ron Newman

    My first foray into this world of wonders was an Apple colour Lamy Safari. Not having a lot of money at the time and being a retired soldier it was a big expenditure. I still have it and it is one of my favourite pens. I love writing and have since shared my good fortune by introducing young relatives to this amazing realm.

  347. NP Jones

    I’m not sure why we didn’t just use ballpoint pens, but I learned to write with a fountain pen in public school in the 60s. Possibly it was a Scheaffer–a small blue pen with a silver cap and it had a little lever on the side of the body that filled the pen with ink. I’ve loved using fountain pens ever since.

  348. Harris Kassim

    I started using fountain pens during medical school and I haven’t stopped since! I still have my first fountain pen which is a Lamy Safari..

  349. Sany C.

    Don’t remember what was my first fountain pen, but what I remember is when I was in middle school we need to use fountain pen to practice writing(calligraphy) I had one fountain pen with some k gold nib. I carried this pen in such care and clean its outside everytime I used. Sadly it got broken after one fall from desk…After these years I’m not able to find this pen at home again, still trying to figure out which brand it was. Or after find it and after web browing about fixing a nib, will there be anyway to repair this fountain pen.

  350. Robert Ragbirsingh

    For many years I have drawn, pencils, makers, and ball point pens. Then on one of our “art adventures “ my daughter and I paid a visit to the aptly named Wonder Pen store. Mind blown. We both love paper and pens, and we discovered fountain pens. The adventure continued until we made it to Scriptus last weekend. New achievement unlocked.

  351. Richard Gibbs

    I just recently started using fountain pens for my art
    I wanted to try urban sketching and found out many sketchers use fountain pens. Well needless to say I now have 7 and wanting more.

  352. Jana

    My first fountain pen was purchased when I was travelling in France as a student around 25 years ago. It was a beautiful marbled orange, green and black- has “chevignon” on the cap. It was well used but I think I ruined it by using calligraphy ink, there wasn’t much to pick from in those days, and I didn’t know any better. (Found it recently, but unable to revive it)
    After a long break I re-entered the fountain pen world a few years ago, with a charcoal Lamy Safari. Still a favorite- love being able to uncap with one hand! And so much ink to choose from now…

  353. Jessica

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! My first fountain pen that I bought was a Pilot Metropolitan, which eventually grew into bigger and bigger purchases!

  354. Jilai

    My most memorable fountain pen experience recebtly was waiting for Noodler’s Heart of Darkness to come back in stock at wonderpens so I could use it to take my engineering notes!

  355. Will

    Hello from your neighbor (in) Montreal! I’m still trying to find a better pen than the E95S, but its small form factor and gold nib are just too good of a combo.

  356. I feel fortunate that I can indulge my affinity for fine stationary at a shop that is both family-run and local. Cheers to Jon for buying that first fortuitous pen; little could he have known how many more pens would find appreciative homes because of it. Thank you!

  357. Lynn

    My first fountain pen was my grandfathers. It was green and had a lever on the side. I carried it and a bottle of ink through high school. Eventually the ink bladder wouldn’t hold ink any longer. Around 38 years later I read about your shop and went in and bought a green pilot because it reminded me of my grandfather’s pen. And then when you moved to Carlaw you were too accessible. I bought a Brass Kaweco, a TWSBI, then an Edison, a couple of Lamys, Midori notebooks, Leuchtturm, hobonichi, a Superior Labor pen roll, small superior labor portfolio (which is lovely) and ink samples and bottles… You’ve got a great shop.

  358. Josiane

    Thanks for sharing your origin story! I had gathered bits and pieces of it through the past few years of reading your blog, but it’s fun to have the whole story. 🙂
    Besides the cheap, plastic-y sorry excuse for a fountain pen I had when I was about 10 years old, the first real fountain pen I bought was a gift for the man who became my husband: he’s a writer, and I thought a fountain pen would suit him well. It’s only after several more years of longing that I finally indulged in one for myself, a Lamy Al-Star, that I got from you guys – shortly before falling for dip pens… and I’m still going down that rabbit hole, looking forward to getting maybe a couple more fountain pens, and to experimenting with more kinds of dip pens and nibs. So much fun!

  359. Kathleen Cullen

    I love fountain pens. I started using them in high school. I hate ball-point pens, because they smear all over the fourth & fifth fingers of my left hand. Now, a fast drying ink and a fine nib are my best friends for work!

  360. Clo

    I started journalling last year to help reduce stress and straighten out my brain. I have always loved buying/collecting notebooks, but it wasn’t until I was writing daily that I fancied having a “special” pen to write with too. I ended up buying a Pilot Metro in Retro Pop Turquoise specifically for writing in my journal with. That didn’t last long, because I’m now 7 pens deep. They’re all inked up and in rotation! My favorite is the TWSBI ECO (I have 3 in different widths, and I don’t know how I’m going to cope with all the different colors that they’ve announced recently!)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and thank you for always being a perfect experience to buy pens from. When I got into this hobby, I thought that I was going to have to stomach shipping and customs from US or EU everytime, but you’ve made everything so much easier and more convenient! Here’s to many more years.

  361. Jane Rajah

    My first experience with fountain pens was as a little girl climbing on to my fathers desk chair and reaching for his fathers gold tipped fountain pen. I marveled at how beautiful the pen was and it just felt so natural to write with something so beautiful. My dad inherited this pen being the eldest in his family and unfortunately my it was my sister was who had the rights to this pen. My sister died in 2016 and I have searched high and low for this part of my heritage you can say. This pen is yet to be found. I know when I find this pen it will be like the very first time I held it as a little girl in wonder of what I could discover.

  362. Carmen C

    I’m pretty new to the fountain pen scene and came across your shop when a friend mentioned they wanted to get a Hobonichi. Love the shop and the staff — they’re all so knowledgeable and I’m really glad there’s a shop like Wonder Pens around in the city. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  363. Luis

    I started in 2007 with a Parker Duofold, a present from my mother in 2004 for my graduate in university, I wait 3 years because I didn’t know nothing about this world and still know nothing. Actually I have 6 but the Parker is still my favorite

  364. April

    My first fountain pen was a purple pilot metropolitan, purchased about two years ago. I’ve been a stationary geek for many years so adding to my pen collection hasn’t been difficult…to say the least 🙂

  365. Zaiyouna

    My first fountain pen was my grandfathers (someone that I never met and one of the only possessions my mom had from her dad when she left her country of birth ). It was a parker 51 and I was devastated the day that it fell onto the floor nib first. I was 13 when this happened and still 30 years later remember how terrible I felt

  366. Ji C.

    I got my first fountain pen in grade school. I grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and being the only Asian in school, I didn’t have many friends. One day, this girl named Dalia brought a couple fountain pens to school. It was from those calligraphy sets that taught you how to use the pens and whatnot. I was amazed! I’ve never seen such beautiful colours and the writing style was so different. I’m not sure why, but she gave me one of her pens and a bunch of ink refills. I’m honestly not doing any justice to how utterly mind blown I was when she, a classmate who wasn’t a friend, gave me something that, in my mind, was as precious as a jewel. I still remember her face when I asked her if I could truly have it. Her smile is forever etched in my mind and this contest brought back this amazing memory I have of a girl named Dalia. Thank you!

  367. CsfPhotoEdits

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway! My very first fountain pen came just over 2 years ago its a Monteverde Regatta Sport, I loved the black nib and magnetic cap and fell in love right away. It is still the pen I carry with me most often, looking forward to adding more lovely pens to the collection soon!

  368. J.C. Lam

    I’m using my first fountain pen at school and my students want to know if it is an antique. It is a burgundy coloured Schaffer I picked up in university. Was probably a good deal at the time and it made me feel more confident than I actually was back then with my academic work. It creates a conversation now with students who spend lots of time on their devices and for a moment it bridges a generational and technological divide.

  369. Andrew C

    I got my first fountain pen at the age of 9 years old in the late 1980’s. It was a cheap plastic Reynolds that I still have to this day. This was the pen that got me hooked on writing with fountain pens and 30 some odd years later I have quite a few more in my collection.

  370. John Sampson

    My first and much loved fountain pen was the TWSBI diamond 580. It was given to me as a gift and I’ve been hooked on fountain pens ever since!

  371. Josh P

    I’ve been collecting pens now for a few years, but my first one I purchased many many years ago. A now-discontinued Parker Student (I believe that’s the model) that I picked up at Staples in the mid 00’s. Used it all through middle/high school!

    Now here I am over a decade later and five years deep into university, having just acquired a vintage Parker 51 to add to my collection. It’s still going strong after 74 years! A true historical piece, and a gem to write with. Most of my notes get taken with a TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR I purchased from WonderPens in fact.

    It’s great to watch the pen community grow and thrive, putting some interest back into the art of writing, and it’s thanks to dedicated folks like the WonderPens team that we have great places to bring us together!

    Many thanks to Jon Liz and the entire team, and much happy writing to everyone here!

  372. Sirada

    I was gifted a fountain before, but my real first pen that I bought for myself is the Lamy Safari Charcoal in broad. In fact, I bought that pen from your shop at Carlaw. Since then, I have gone back to your shop again and again.

  373. Jessica

    My first fountain pen was the lamy cp1. I wanted a reliable every day pen I could use at work. At first I was quite intimidated by the thicker barrel fountain pens and wanted a nice slim sleek pen. I used the cp1 every day at work and have grown my collection of pens. I get comments on my notes and pens and have found they are great conversion topics also finding other coworkers who have the same interest in fountain pens

  374. Amrit

    My first fountain pen was the pilot metropolitan. But my favourite fountain pen is my trusty Lamy Al-Star!

  375. Julia Martyniuk

    My first pen was the twisbi mini and it still remains my favorite! Fountain pens are the best way to write and trully make you appreciate penmanship.

  376. Melodie

    Trying to pick a favourite fountain pen is like trying to pick a favourite child…
    So my first fountain pen was twenty *coughcough* years ago when I was 11. I abandoned it as a leaky cheapie. I tried again several years ago but it was the Lamy Al-star Pacific with a 1.1 nib I bought from Wonder Pens that hooked me into this deep hole of full-on nuttiness. And I wouldn’t have I any other way 😁

  377. My first fountain pen was a Faber Castell Basic. It’s got a beautiful black casing with mother of pearl in it. I have found I really love anything Pilot makes and have gravitated towards red or purple inks. Happy Fountain Pen day!!

  378. Pauline

    What a wonderful blog! I’ve been writing all my life, but I’m definitely new to the world of fountain pens. I’ve been feeling my way and I haven’t held the “one for me” yet.

    I walked into your store by Carlaw not too long ago and I heard your story. It’s beautiful. If we were all so brave to venture into the world of small business.

  379. David Murphy

    It’s crazy how fast I moved from 1 fountain pen (OK, 2, a Metropolitan and a Preppy) to about 80 that I own now! It surely is infectious.

  380. JP

    My first foray into this came about after reading “this is off topic, but…” threads singing the praises of fountain pens (which I had no idea were still in use!) with the Hobonichi Techo (which I was using surprisingly faithfully). I mean, sure, my gel pens were doing just fine, but I HAD to find out what people were raving about. And then I got a Lami Safari (Petrol), and then an Al-Star, and then…

  381. James

    First of all thank you for the giveaway.

    My fist fountain pen was a pilot metropolitan in fine but I really fell in love with them with my second pen. A gift from my dad, a papermate. An older vintage pen, I loved the look of it and the perfectly smooth medium nib.

  382. Anne

    My sister gave me a Mont Blanc fountain pen last winter to encourage my artistic side. Thoughts now flow far more readily from pen to paper. Miss your Carlaw store, when in Toronto each month I’d always treat myself to a little something.

  383. Aaron

    My first pen was a parker that I used to write my homework in the 8th grade. Teacher told me she could read all of my writing for the first time. Been writing with one ever since. Parker 51 is my current favorite.

  384. Sanghoon

    Hi guys!

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Al-Star! It’s gotten some dinks and scratches over the years, but I still bring it with me wherever I go anywhere with my notepad.
    I’d love to try an Aurora!

  385. ah my very first fountain pen: a mont blanc meisterstuck from my parents when i graduated from grad school! i forgot about it for about 10 years and then inked it and, without hesitation, it wrote like a dream once again! <3

  386. Dan

    Thanks for another great Scriptus weekend!
    My first fountain pen was something unpleasant from an art supply store. Later I managed to modify it into something resembling an architect grind and love it to this day. However, I soon learned that this blind success world never be replicated and I now leave the nib grinding to the professionals.

  387. Michael B

    I saw my first fountain pen back in the 80’s a colleague of mine by the name of Sam had gold vintage parker fountain pen he used constantly. It inspired my first purchase of a Cross fountain pen and I was hooked. The exquisite way it brought your words to life as it skated across the paper was magical. It inspired you to continue spewing your thoughts onto paper to share or enjoy alone. I have purchased many fountain pens over the years (30 to 40) varying in price. As I put one away and bring another out it starts another journey of thoughts captured in ink. Something so simple that brings so much pleasure. How can a roller ball compete? Bring your thoughts to life…… write a letter instead of an email or text. Let Wonder Pens be your GPS to a writing experience. The Wonder team team is simply a cut above.

  388. Dave

    My first and current fountain pen is a Waterman. Was given it as a gift 15 years ago. Picked it up for pretty well the first time last year and have been using it every day since.

  389. Karina

    Hi Wonderpens! My first fountain pen was lovingly gifted to me on Mother’s Day this year by my daughter and my ex-husband because they knew how much I love journaling/writing. It was a retro pop Pilot Metropolitan in turquoise with a stub nib. Since then, I’ve been slowly making my way to collecting all the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens and have bought a few through your shop. Love every single one of them! 🙂

  390. Lara

    Hello! I remember when I first discovered Wonder Pens on Instagram. I signed up for the newsletter and it’s the only weekly email I get that makes me say “ooh I wonder what they’ll have to show us this week”. I watched from afar as at the time I was living in AB, then BC, now back in my home province of SK. I finally got to visit the shop in person not too long ago, when I helped my partner pick out his first fountain pen. He said to me the other day that he still loves it and needs ink for it. So I told him to get it from Wonder Pens of course! I still have a Wonder Pens button and all the postcards that get sent with my orders. It’s the personal touch and the vast knowledge of pens that make me a loyal customer. I don’t even care if I win this giveaway, I just want to tell you how great I think you all are!! Happy Fountain Pen Day!!

  391. Got my first fountain pen in college, can’t remeber the brand but it changed my life. Few months ago, a friend gave me a bunch of old calligraphy tools, in it there was a nice élysé fountain pen. I fell back in love with fointain pen. It took me a few months to find your store but now I’m hooked again not only to pen and ink but to paper and other imports! Thanks!

  392. S.G. Froud

    My first fountain pen was when I was 9 or 10 and was a Shaeffer. I remember how much I adored it – I took it to school to write notes and would practice my lettering.

  393. Jenny

    I’ve always been a stationery and art supply hoarder, but I was first introduced to fountain pens by one of my closest friends about four years ago. And it changed my world and learned to develop my own unique calligraphy/writing style. Now I am slowly building up on ink bottles and fountain pen collection! Thanks for reminding me to freshen up my ink. Happy fountain pen day! 🙂

  394. Laura

    I’ve always loved all kinds of writing implements. My first real fountain pen was a two dollar Hero from ebay. Then I discovered some online stores that sold primarily fountain pens. Now I have quite a collection of both new and vintage pens.

  395. Christopher Munstermann

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Vista that got miraculously left in my office, and no one claimed as their own. It was converted, with some kind of red ink, and the sketchiest nib I’ve seen on a Lamy yet, an F, but it was hanging onto the feed by the miracles of electrostatic forces alone it was so janky. When it ran out of ink, I took it in to my local shop, got a new nib and a bottle of Diamine 150 Regency Blue, and from there the floodgates opened. 10 pens and like 20+ inks later, here we are.

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to win this pen, and for the amazing service and products I’ve ordered from you over the year. Super excited to get into my Techo Weeks planner and get 2019 set up!

    Much Love 🙏

  396. Tejashree Kulkarni

    What a fun read your story is! I still remember my first fountain pen like it happened yesterday. I was in 3rd grade (1997-98) and my first FP was a Camlin Mini (Indian brand). The moment I started writing with it, I knew I had fallen in love with it. And today the love for fountain pens has just grown even more.

  397. Micah

    I just got introduced to fountain pens a little over two years ago and my friends enthusiasm for it got my hand hooked ever since!

  398. Cali

    Once I get grade 8 I spilled an entire bottle of Parker quink black on the classroom floor. I shamefully cleaned it up, but then my teacher caught the girl that was always bullying me texting about it so he made her help me.

    Looking back I feel bad for the guy, but it was a pretty funny incident.

  399. Chi-Linh D

    My first fountain pen was a Kaweco Skyline Sport purchased at your store when it was in Leslieville.

    I’ve since spiraled out, getting into vintage pens from Canada – I really love the old Toronto Sheaffers!

    I still love that sport though and use it as my EDC.

    You guys aren’t located 5 mins from my place anymore but I feel like it’s a bit more fun to trek across parts of the city to go to your Dundas store now! (Plus it is slightly nicer on the wallet! Lol)

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  400. Anna

    Got my first fountain pen in 2012, the Lamy Safari in charcoal black. It was probably my best Amazon purchase. It opened the world of fountain pens and fine japenese stationary.

  401. Hello~
    My first fountain pen as an adult was passed on to me by my mother-in-law when my father-in-law passed away. It was a Sheaffer Connaisseur, and it was his “fancy signing” pen. I cleaned it out, found the right kind of cartridges online, and voila, the first broad strokes of shaded ink opened this wide, lovely door that I stepped through with eagerness, and have not looked back since! Thanks for your story and for hosting this contest.

  402. Susan H.

    My first fountain pen was an elegant vintage Waterman that is like a piece of jewellery., and is filled with an eye-dropper. A great aunt gave it to me, and I use it still, amongst many others in my stash. You just can’t have enough pens.

  403. Daniel Topal

    My very first fountain pen was a Pilot Petit1, and I absolutely loved using it. The only downside was that cartridges were hard to come by for the pen. It took at least a year before I realized that there were other fountain pens that I could by that would be easier to get ink for. Then it was all downhill from there XD

  404. J. Perry Arnott

    When I started school, in the early 1950s, we had to use dip pens – fountain pens were for older kids. I had a cousin’s pen (she being a teacher) which had the “gills” under the nib of a fountain pen. So I could write three or four times as long as the other kids. The specific thing about that pen was that the nib was of higher quality and I enjoyed writing more than they did. That led to a fountain pen when I could have one and it led to my very first “expensive” purchase with my own earned money in 1962. I still have my Parker 61 (the backwards-filling capillary model) though I haven’t dared use it in years. Do you suppose it could still be cleaned and used? My Mont Blanc Meisterstück is still in use and my hands and clothes are still ink-stained by that leaky POS 34 years later. On the other hand, I’ve been amazed and pleased by how good and how enjoyable is my first Lamy Safari (my wife bought it for me from you guys last Christmas). So I’m not without a pen – but I’d still love to use my Parker.

  405. Cherie

    I stumbled into The Bombay Compnay while I was still in university (20+ years ago) & discovered my first fountain pen there! A swirly navy/hints of cream/cobalt Schaffer that took those Skrip cartridges. I used to ransack Staples for the turquoise! The pen was $20 or so which felt like $100 to my poor student heart. My roomies thought I was crazy for spending that much on a pen & scoffed at my wild & impulsive spending. I just loved how it felt in my hand. I used it for journal writing (which I’ve done since I was a kid., another serendipitous moment.) There was (& still is) something magical watching the ink flow out onto the page as I try to keep up with my thoughts. Writing has turned into my solace at the end of the day.

  406. Joan

    I went down the rabbit hole just around May of this year starting with Pilot Metropolitan as I was trying to improve my handwriting going through videos on youtube. And then bought the Lamy’s and now drooling over the Monteverde Invincia and the Visconti’s. I think I need an intervention now. Lol!

  407. Sanja

    I got my first fountain pen from my parents when I was in elementary school – we had to learn to use one – and I was immediately hooked. I actually found it a few months ago, cleaned it (wasn’t even that inky!), and it worked like charm. By the feel of it, it’s a cheap plastic pen, the coating on the nib is coming off, but let me tell you something, that thing stomps some more expensive pens. However, I only really got into the hobby two years ago, when, after so much talk about pens, my lovely SO got me my first REAL pen – a black plain Pilot Metropolitan in fine – and even though I’ve acquired some more expensive (and some cheaper) pens in the meantime, that Metro is dearer to me than any other object I own.

  408. Zuhair Abdulla

    I’m just getting into fountain pens, but am loving the connection I feel to my pens. I have a pilot metropolitan and a Kaweco Lilliput. I love them both equally and carry them in my pocket everyday. I want to branch out though and try some new pens. I find that my handwriting is too small to get good use out of anything other than EF or F nibs, but I’d like to learn script and try my hand at a bigger nib. Thanks!

  409. Kelly Swayzie

    Hi, I got into fountain pens about 5 years ago. My first pen was a Noodler. My first cool pen ( in my opinion) was a 30-40 year old Parker. I love it! I live in Newfoundland so I like that I can order paper, ink and pens from you folks to T.O. !

  410. Anna Sarkadi Nagy

    We had to write with a fountain pen in elementary school! My handwriting was bad in the first year, but in the second year it got much better and I won 2nd place in the handwriting contest! Ever since I collect fountain pens, I inherited many from my sister 🙂 I have around 20 fountain pens (7 of them more pricey bought in the last year), but some of the older cheaper ones do not work anymore, although I have cleaned them many times. I love colourful inks too! 🙂

  411. TTurner

    Because I took the chance and bought a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen a year and a half ago, I’ve attended a fountain pen themed wedding, made an enormous amount of amazing friends, attended 3 pen shows and counting, laughed harder than I thought possible, and spent a lot of money and do not regret one cent.

  412. Andrew Coon

    Thank you for sharing the detail about Nock’s predecessor. I didn’t know that part of the story.

    I am glad to learn more about your story as well.

  413. Christine Monteiro

    When I was in the sixth grade, their seemed to have been a craze amongst all the girls for fountain pens. I remember lining up all the perfect little cartridges and trying to decide which ink colour to choose. I remember the blots on fingertips as you tried to change cartridges… Sometimes before the cartridge was empty just because you had a whim do use a different color! I remember our teacher, Mr. Wright forbidding us to use peacock blue ink as he couldn’t stand to stare at it as he sat down to mark page after page of curly, swirly girl handwriting in the vivid colour. To this day I cannot stand to use an inferior, scratchy, cheap pen that does not flow across the page. I see fine quality stationary and beautifully crafted pens as the last defender of the written word in a time where we are facing the erosion of hand written expression in the face of keyboard communication.

  414. Jennifer DiMaria

    My Dad bought me my first fountain pen when I was 12. A now vintage Osmiroid (yup 35 years ago) which I still own and use. Thanks to Wonderpens, I can continue to celebrate my love of all things stationery.

  415. Marshall

    My first decent fountain pen was a charcoal Lamy Safari I purchased from your shop. I had grown up using my grandfathers fountain and dip pens, so I was no stranger to nibs, but this was something I got myself and it really jumpstarted my FP addiction. I have since made the trip to Toronto to see your store and wish I lived closer so I could frequent the shop more often. Thanks for all the love and work you guys pour into the shop, it’s a gem.

  416. Jim Menzies

    Been using my Parker Vendome for as long as I can remember. Always writes no matter how long it sits.

  417. Shelagh

    I can’t remember my first fountain pen, it was so long ago. In grade school we were only allowed to use fountain pens.. No ball points until grade 3! I never took to the Bic pen, and kept using fountain pounds all through high school, mainly castoffs of my father’s. I remember a truly dreadful leaky pen with a lever filler, and loving peacock blue ink which was just barely tolerated by my teachers. There was a Waterman plant in my home town of Saint Lambert QC – the smell of ink! My first adult purchase was a Scheaffer calligraphy pen (loved the stub nib), quickly followed by a Safari in Petrol, a TWSBI mini, and recently an Ahab in Navajo Tortoise which is my new fave. Thanks for being such wonderful enablers!

  418. Lucija Kacala

    I have loved fountain pens and ink (!) since I learned how to write back in public school I would clutch so tightly that I had a dent, usually ink-stained, in my middle finger. I have been thrilled to discover this world of inky adventure over the last couple of years.

  419. Tina

    Growing up in China, I learned how to write with fountain pen as part of our handwriting class. I remember being terrified during those classes, because I kept dropping my pen. I cannot count just how many nibs I’ve destroyed…but fountain pen writing and Chinese calligraphy classes convinced me at a young age that my handwriting represents me in some way. As I got older I went through the gel pen craze with ultra thin uni ball pens (which I also dropped all the time) and various other brands, until one day, as I was clearing out my mother’s belongings after she passed, I found a little notebook with all the poems she copied and her fountain pen, a classic Chinese Hero. There was still dry ink in it, so I cleaned it out and kept it with me. I started to get itch about fountain pen, so I begged my family friend to bring me a Hero pen from China during one of her trips – I was over the moon. The pen had super strong flow, more than I wanted, so I had to write it upside down (twisting it 180 degree like someone who doesn’t know how to use a pen xD) and it was scratchy, but I didn’t care. I’m reunited. After that I discovered wonderpens and started building a collection. Every pen I bought I tell myself this will be the last, no more – but I couldn’t resist. Now my daily driver is a pilot metropolitan inked with my favourite ink R&K salix. It has a beautiful smell. I have temporarily been forced back to ball pens because I’d hate to drop my pen while running around the hospital for my training, but every now and then, when I find a few minutes to sit down to write, I whip out my pilot for a small moment of joy, just enjoying the smooth touch of the nib gliding on a patient’s progress note. It feels strange and maybe absurd, but i find a friend in my pen and such peace and happiness to write with it.

  420. Devin

    My first fountain pen was a shitty calligraphy pen from Michael’s that I bought on a whim. Since then I’ve upgraded and have been writing in ink & pencil for my journal at work. Hopefully over time my writing will get better and less sloppy, takes a lot of practice though!

  421. Chloe Stewart

    Thanks for the great post :D. Do you have a post about cleaning fountain pens? I have always wondered when and how to do it.

  422. Micah Robles

    My first fountain pen was a Parker Vector that I had bought from a local bookstore back in gradeschool. Even at that age, I loved vintage and analog things — there is so much soul and life in them.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I do hope I win. That would be an amazing highlight of 2018 before the year is up!

  423. Gabrielle Mandl

    About a month ago I became the lightbulb moment stationery addict of fountain pens, I cant believe I didn’t know about them! My first pen was a pilot metropolitan, but I have since been gifted a platinum 3776 UEF and it is the most luxurious thing I have ever written with. My professor (i am a phd student) and a few labmates are into fountain pens and I feel so excited to join their little circle hahaha

  424. Cindy

    My first pen was a Parker in grade 4, where my math teacher forced everyone to use a fountain pen for math cause we couldn’t easily erase mistakes! Everyone resigned to buy the $1 Hero, but my dad nonchalantly handed me his Parker. It laid in a cubby for 10 years, but worked flawlessly when I finally found it still half filled with Quink. Amazing!

  425. I would love to visit Wonderpens B&M in person, (kid in a candy store syndrome), but, too far… my first was a safari charcoal, which I’m still using. 🙀

  426. Marcelle

    I bought my first fountain pen at the age of 12. It seems that I was always crazy about stationary (pens erasers, papers…). It was a Parker with cartridges and I paid $6 (that was in 1974) with my own money. I don’t know the model but the nib was not hooded. Then, in my 20s, bought a Sheaffer Triumph 444 with a bottle of Parker Quink ink blue. Now, I have a nice little collection. My favorites are: Aurora Optima, Sailor 1911, Waterman Carène. My most disappointment is my Pelikan M800 that I bought for my 50th birthday. Recently I found that I could tame it thanks to Diamine ink.

  427. Chris Ball

    My first fountain pen was a Pilot Varsity, but my first “Real” fountain pens were a Pilot Metropolitan and a Kaweco AL Sport sold to me by Wonder Pens. I still have the Metro, but the AL was lost (such is the life of a pocket pen).

    Buying two should have properly signalled a future addiction.

  428. Angela

    The last fountain I got came through a subscription box. I think it’s a generic Japanese pen but it writes very wet. I think I’ll try some ink with glitter or something like that. I love writing with fountain pens because it makes me slow down and think. Thanks for sharing your pens via IG!

  429. Lynn

    One of my firsts and continuing favourites are the Twsbi’s. Love seeing the ink swish around them.

  430. Jon

    I went to Staples looking for a fountain pen and came home with a Scheaffer no-nonsense 1.1 mm italic. Not the best starter pen, but it started me down the rabbit hole.

  431. Mike Connell

    Love this. I’m now a huge kaweco fan. Just bought the liliput brass and it’s officially my favourite pen! Love, love, love it. That, followed by TWSBI.

  432. As soon as I saw my friend Robin’s new fountain pen, I knew I had to have one. I bought a Lamy Safari at your shop, and the love affair began. I write more because I love the tools. My TWSBI Eco is filled with Sailor Gentle Sakura pink, which makes me far happier than I ever thought pink would.

    I’ve loved every visit to your store, which is one of the few things I miss about Toronto now that I’ve left it. Thank you for all the many small joys that I’ve discovered in your pens in stationery!

  433. Christopher Myrick

    Every day is Fountain Pen Day.
    My first, from the early 2000s, was a Mont Blanc Meisterstück. I’ve since developed a collection of various , more inexpensive, for different colours of ink.

  434. Alric Pappathomas

    My first fountain pen was a Pilot Petit1. At the time I never even considered spending more than a few dollars on a pen… Right now, my favorite fountain pen is a Faber-Castell Loom I’ve bought a year ago!

  435. Joan

    I love your story! I don’t remember my first fountain pen to be honest, but my first one I bought for myself is the Lamy logo. I sadly lost that one and ordered a new one, which I promptly lost again 🙁

    Now I don’t bring my important pens outside anymore lol.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  436. JP

    My first foray into this came about after reading “this is off topic, but…” threads singing the praises of fountain pens (which I had no idea were still in use!) with the Hobonichi Techo (which I was using surprisingly faithfully). I mean, sure, my gel pens were doing just fine, but I HAD to find out what people were raving about. And then I got a Lamy Safari (Petrol), and then an Al-Star, and then…

  437. Jennifer

    Thank you for taking the jump and opening a fountain pen store in the digital age. Your passion and your store have helped this small community continue growing. Just like mechanical watches, fountain pens are now more than just for functionality; it’s the beauty of the workmanship, the smoothness of the writing, the shading of the ink as it seeps into the page. Fountain pens are no longer a tool; they are a statement of who we are (stationery fanatics who care about the little things).
    My first fountain pen was a cheap gunked up Chinese made no-brand that I bought at a bargain bin flea market in Hong Kong. It was full of problems, but when I held it in my hands I knew that I had fallen into a dangerous hobby.
    My first “new” fountain pen that I bought was a Lamy Safari in blinding neon green. I think as celebration for Fountain Pen day I’ll fill it up and use it again.

  438. Marilyn C

    When I had surgery on my left hand, I decided to spend some time improving my writing, and so bought a couple of fountain pens. I fell in love with the process and continue to use fountain pens in my daily life.

  439. Christine

    My first fountain pen is a TWSBI Eco purchased from you a year ago. It’s still my only pen and I’m enjoying trying different inks in it. I’m not sure I want to have more than one pen (not because I’m not enjoying it but because I’m scared of the potential collection I could have!).
    Thanks for having the give away.

  440. Allison

    My first pen was the turquoise Metro with a F nib, and before I had even finished the included cartridge I was sold and had more pens & inks on order. To this day, I almost always have at least 2 metros inked including my first!

  441. Stéphane Normandin

    Oh thank you to the most amazing team for that incredible givaway! 🙂 And happy Fountain pen day to everyone! 🙂
    Gosh I dream to own of those Aurora pen! Never had an Aurora in hand ever!

  442. Jenn

    Just wanted to say: loving the beautiful noodler’s inks we got at your store as well as the TWSBI Eco.

  443. Sheila

    Years ago when I started calligraphy my first fountain pens were Scheaffer, they are still a part of my collection.

  444. G. Buckley

    My first fountain pen was a Platinum Carbon Desk Pen. Ten years and 50+ pens later, I’m still a sucker for a buttery smooth nib!

  445. Graciela

    I bought my first fountain pen when I was 10; it was a cheap Waterman and I had several more Waterman’s during my teens. I did not pick up a fountain pen again until my thirties; a Lamy Safari. Then I discovered blogs about fountain pens, and fell into the rabbit hole…

  446. Agnes

    A few years back I became obsessed with finding an oxblood pen. Looked high and low but I couldn’t find the colour I wanted in a regular pen.

    I eventually recruited my sister to assist me in my quest. Her solution? A bottle of Diamine Oxblood ink + a Pilot Falcon… and that is how I fell down the fountain pen rabbit hole. Thanks sis!

  447. Mireya Y

    My first fountain pen was the Lamy Safari in Dark Lilac which I used to start my very first journal 3 years ago. And I’ve been in this stationary rabbit hole ever since.

  448. Simar Sahni

    My favourite fountain pen is my Nakaya portable in black, it has a soft fine nib on it and a lacquered converter with cherry blossoms on it. Its usually inked with LV Or Audacieux, sadly, a now discontinued ink. The nib has a bit of softness to it that I learnt to love and a section that I became comfortable with over time. The lacquered ebonite is warm to the touch and the minimalism of the pen with just the gold plated clip on the piano black body appeals to me. Happy fountain pen day!

  449. Manny Mendes

    My favorite pen is a Cross gold tip my wife gave me 24 years ago it still writes like brand new. I was using it at work and some one borrowed it and stuck their finger in the pen holder bending it and damaging beyond repair. But I love it like no other

  450. Celia

    My father always used fountain pens. His handwriting was beautiful and precise whether he wrote in English or in Chinese. He gave me my first fountain pen, an inexpensive burgundy Hero he brought back from one of his business trips to China in the early 1980’s. It was a curiosity, but he gave me many more and by the time I was in college I was hooked. I’ve using fountain pens almost exclusively since. Although my handwriting is not so beautiful, I love the feel of the nib on paper, the flow of the ink, and most of all, I treasure the connection it gives me to my father.

  451. Andrew Timar

    My first fountain pen was a Monteblanc 22, a mid-range offering by the German pen company, I received as a young teen. At that time my family lived at 88 Clinton Street, Toronto, just a few doors from the current Wonder Pens store. It was a coming-of-age gift by a family friend. Thanks Wonder Pens for offering the Aurora Duo Cart gift to celebrate Fountain Pen Day.

  452. Axelle

    What an inspiring story! I’ve also been thinking a lot recently about opening my own fountain pen shop but I can help but think of all that could go wrong if no one came and I ended up with tons of unsold supplies (although I could spend the rest of my life trying it all haha).
    I grew up in France where I learned to use a fountain pen at age 8. I loved playing with colors cartridges as a teenager and had several fountain pens inked at all time. I discovered the real « serious » side of an adult hobby with a Kaweco Sport that was terrible and launched me on the endless quest for THE pen, 5 years ago 🙂

  453. After a disastrous history of school use fountain pens, my first grown-up pen was a Montblanc. Andthat started the chase down the rabbit hole!

  454. Alan Nixon

    I loved your write up about Scriptus and am so sad I couldn’t come. I want so much to meet up with other fountain pen addicts and hopefully find one or two who live close to me.

    My first fountain pen was in elementary school here in Ontario in the 50’s. It was a lever filler, most likely a Sheaffer. My first fountain pen as an adult was a Sheaffer aeromatic in the 70’s. Still have it but sadly, it needs a new bladder. I always had a liking for fountain pens but it wasn’t until 2007 when my interest renewed and I splurged on a Montblanc Meistertuck 145 Chopin. What a pleasure to write with! However, I wasn’t completely hooked until 2 years ago when I started my mini collection. Now, as a senior on a somewhat limited income I have had to scale back purchases. Surprisingly, I have a few inexpensive FPs that are very good writers and the spectrum of inks seems unlimited.

    Well, I’ll just end it here saying that I check your website regularly and drool, and long to drive to Toronto and visit your store, say hello and make a purchase. Hopefully over the holidays.

  455. Dennis Muliawan

    Thanks Wonderpens ! It’s awesome to have a Canadian retailer and the website is a pleasure to browse 🙂 Best wishes

  456. Selene

    What a wonderful fountain pen story Liz! Pens change lives!

    My first pen was a vintage pastel yellow pilot birdiepet. It was part of a series of colourful pens made for school children and had caps that were decorated with cute charms. I’m a sucker for cute and charms.

    My foray into fountain pens came from a desperate search for a pen that will write finely. Gel pen and ballpoints didn’t work and rollerballs just about threw a labour strike every time I tried to write! And then the fountain pen was discovered. I have since discovered Platinums and Sailors and their very extra-ultra-fine nibs!

    I have also discovered that I am obsessed with finding “the perfect colour” in every shade of pink and turquoise.

    Happy Fountain Pen Day Everyone!

  457. Tiffany

    My first fountain pen was a twsbi eco demonstrator that I purchased at wonderpens two years ago! I am all about kaweco sport now!

  458. Lianne

    I don’t think I have ever read a comment thread this long – I loved everyone’s stories.

    I used cheap drugstore fountain pens as a kid but my first serious fountain pen purchase was in 1994 – my grandmother had left me a few thousand dollars in her will and most of it went to student loan payments but I decided to also buy something special with a bit of it. I had recently seen a CBC news feature on a small company in England that was still making beautiful silver pens and pencils – and I decided to buy myself a Yard-O-Led fountain pen. This was pre-web days, so finding a place to purchase here on the west coast of Canada was challenging – but I did eventually find one at a high end gift shop that really knew nothing about pens. The sad part is it never wrote well, and the store I purchased it from was no help. It wasn’t until I found the Vancouver Pen Shop years later that I was able to bring them my pen and they saw a small problem with the nib, fixed it and it has worked like a gem since. All hail pen shops!! It feels so luxurious these days to have all this information and access to pens and equipment. I hope to make a visit to your shop someday soon.

  459. Syd

    Love this story! Celebrated yesterday with a big bout of journaling. My first fountain pen was a second-hand mystery pen given to me by a relative. Start of a life-long love-affair with fountain pens!

  460. M.

    I first became aware of fountain pens as a teenager, when I noticed my step dad had one, a Parker. This pen reminds me of my dad, and makes me wonder if he had a hooded one as well. My first fountain pen was a little Pilot Stella 90s, my second was a Pelikan, my third was a gift from my daughter–a Lamy. I don’t have any more as a poor, struggling student, but I’d love to add another!

  461. Victoria Vincent

    I have always loved stationery and pens, but for some reason never thought of fountain pens. Ones I had seen before were either really cheap and ink just blobbed when I wrote with them, or they were beautiful, super expensive masterpieces. About a year ago I discovered so many fountain pens exist, for every kind of writer. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and stumbled across a photo of a Lamy Al-Star that just stole my heart. I now have four fountain pens and love trying out different inks!

  462. Peter

    My first fountain pen was a back-in-the-day Schaeffer Targa. I didn’t replace it when in broke long ago. When my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas a couple of years ago, I said maybe a fountain pen. They bought me a Lamy Safari, and I’ve dived deep into the rabbit hole since then.

  463. Doris

    Thanks to INCOWRIMO 2018, I started using a fountain pen. I’m learning so much from my fellow fountain pen enthusiasts. I enjoy your blog and I’m grateful for WonderPens as you keep me supplied with ink, paper, et al as I live in a small place that does not carry any supplies. Happy Fountain Pen Day 2018 🙂

  464. Albert Labrie

    I received a Waterman Expert from my wife about
    30 years ago and still use it , but have since gone to a yellow Lamy Safari with a black clip for my
    daily driver . I use Pelikan , Pilot and Noodlers ink.
    Thanks for keeping pens and ink supplies in this
    digital age.

  465. Vanessa Paredes

    Hello 🙂 I have decide to share my story of my first foundation pen in a short poem. I hope you enjoy!

    Once a upon a time there lived a girl
    searching for a foundation pen
    but found none to her dismay
    but one day a bright idea came with a flick her wrist and wizard wand in hand zap
    She had found one her first very own
    The Pilot Metropolitan
    oh boy was she happy that day
    the days on spent writing with her very first pen
    and now she is on a search to find one more

  466. Marie-Josee Bourgault

    A little hello from Québec ! 🙂
    I bought my first fountain pen few years back while I was actually out to buy an elegant ballpoint for a gift ! Little did I know, I’m now working in this very shop since 2016 😉

  467. Paul Canady

    My favorite fountain pen (of my 20 or so) is a 1960s Shaffer vaccu-fill. It was a retirement gift to the late-husband of one of my parishioners. His signature is engraved on a brass band near the cap. It doesn’t seem to hold much ink (not as much as my others) so I mostly use it to write notes to people and sign letters. It’s an honor to use it each time and I give thanks for John and Maggie Bagg each time.

  468. KL

    My first interaction with a fountain pen was my grandfather’s intricately carved gold pen of unknown origin. I was fascinated with the lever fill mechanism!

  469. Kim M

    My first fountain pen was a Parker my husband had jammed in the back of a drawer. I took it out, cleaned it, and now it’s mine.
    The first I bought for myself was a charcoal coloured Lamy Safari – from Wonder Pens. I can’t tell you how many I have now – it’s an addiction!
    Loved your story!

  470. Rachelle

    I am into calligraphy so that’s how I discovered the world of fountain pens. I started with Platinum Preppy since I just want to try it first before investing (effort in maintenance and of course, money). I really liked the feel whenever I write and planned on buying a new one. So I look online and found your store a couple of years back. I just bought a starter pen (Pilot 78g) and I am using cartridge. I don’t really write everyday but whenever I got a chance I’m excited to use my PF.

  471. Maureen McClarnon

    Your store is the only reason I regret divorcing my first husband, because it would have been a consolation prize while visiting his family in various parts of Ontario (we’d always go into Toronto at least once). Or rather: too bad I wasn’t into fountain pens and your store didn’t exist when I traveled to Toronto on the regular. (Plus money spent while on vacation doesn’t count, right?)

    I am so happy I didn’t miss this giveaway, as I’ve been searching for a Duo-Cart for some time. The odds of winning are low, but I am also odd, so that’s okay.

    Thank you for the contest, but even more for sharing your stories and pictures with those of us who can’t be there.

  472. Win

    My very first fountain pen was a cheap Schaeffer cartridge back in the mid-60s. I loved their peacock blue ink!

    Now I use mostly Lamy AL-Stars (I have three), and my favourite bottled ink for writing is Blu Mare from Rohrer & Klingner. (I use Noodler’s Saguaro Wine when I edit.) I also use the Lamy cartridges in Turquoise when travelling.

  473. Jo

    I grew up having to write with a fountain pen at school from age 8. I can’t remember my first, it will have been a cheap, plastic thing from Woolworths of a type that we all had.
    As an adult, I’ve a Kaweco Sport for about 15 years that I just keep coming back to. It just fits in my hand well, and nothing else feels quite right.

  474. Kristin

    First, many thanks for the opportunity. Second, my first fountain pen I ever wrote with was one of the ultimate cheap Zebra V301 that I found in an old little box of random pens. 🤣. My first purchase was a Fountain Pen Revolution Flex nib. It’s far from a grail but it holds a special place in my heart. Especially since I’ve not been able to purchase anything wickedly fantastic… aka maker of dreams and bringer of live unicorns, type pens. One day I will, until then I admire and wish. Thanks again and enjoyed entry.

  475. I have many favourites but I will always have a Sheaffer Triumph inked up. Beautiful pen that just writed all day long.

    It was my first vintage pen and I haven’t looked back since.

  476. Ann Mayer

    I got into fountain pens in Junior High after an art class, but somewhere along the way they got away from me. Then many years later you opened a tiny store on Dundas St., around the corner from my apartment, and I stumbled across my old love. I think my first “second gen” pen was a Kaweco Sport. Several more pens after that, including a juicy orange Edison that I coveted for a year before pulling the trigger. And the collection of pens, and inks, keeps growing. It’s been wonderful to watch business (and family) grow, and see how many kindred pen-loving spirits are out there.

  477. Laurie

    I bought my first fountain pen in 1996. It’s a Rotring fine and still the smoothest nib I write with. Though it’s heavy, I love that pen!

  478. Andrea

    Just saying hello! Don’t really have a story to tell. Though using pens makes me feel close to my dad that passed a few years ago. He loved pens.

  479. Grace

    My first encounter with a fountain pen was when my aunt gifted me her Mont Blanc that she no longer used. I fell in love with fountain pens right away. I love the aesthetics of different fountain pens, as well as how mesmerizing it is to see ink dry on paper.

  480. Emily

    I got into fountain pens in 2013, probably around the time your shop opened and I remember thinking its so great I could order fountain pens and inks online from a Canadian store and I should really take the time to visit the physical store sometime (ofcourse I didn’t make it in until 2 years later). My first fountain pens were Lamy Safaris, there were just so many different colours and it’s so much fun collecting them all.

  481. Phil S

    I love how you write so candidly and naturally Liz. Thanks to you and Jon for being generous with this giveaway. 😊
    My grandmother gifted me a simple Parker Vector 🖋 as she wanted to instill in me a love for the written word and pen. It worked! (And I still have that pen. )

  482. Jeremie D

    My first pen was a Lamy Al-star in black. Received it as a Christmas gift from my sister last year. Since then I have aquuted three more. Two of which I’ve purchased from your online shop. Thanks for giving me a place to put my money.

  483. Diana Ryman

    I love following your blog and the progression of your business over the last couple years. I’m fairly new to fountain pens and started originally because Liz Steel recommended the Lamy Safari for sketching and watercolors. My first one was a nice bright red. And now I have a variety of the less expensive fountain pens and about 12 bottles of ink! Would love to win this Aurora duo to add to my burgeoning collection! Thanks for the opportunity!

  484. Patrick

    For me, it all started in grade seven. I was diging through my dad’s old stuff and found this funny looking pen. It was a Parker fountain pen. Way back before there was any personal computers, I had to figure out how to fill and use the pen myself and I was hooked. Stopped for a few years after unirsity back hooked again and was amazed when I found out about Wonder Pens. Thank you so much for being there for us.

  485. Logan S

    A coworker kept trying to get me to try his fountain pen and I would always decline. When I left that position, he gave me a Lamy Safari as a gift. Of course I had to use the new pen to write the thank you note. From that moment, I was hooked.

  486. Albert Mah

    Just getting into the whole fountain pen thing and it would be great to win an Aurora Duo Cart!

  487. Alicia Zuese

    My first fountain pen was a gift from my parents one Christmas—a Shaeffer. I goy some more in college, disposables, which was all the college bookstore had in mid-90s. Finally, in grad school in NYC I was able to buy very few when sales came to some of the renowned sellers (most sadly gone: Art Brown, Joon, etc.). Thank goodness for Instagram, blogs, giveaways, and pen shows to see pens in person now that I don’t live in NYC any more.

  488. Mary C

    Loved reading this origin of Wonder Pens story! I visited your other location last summer but we live in the USA so sadly I’ve not been able to visit your new shop. My first fountain pen was an Osmiroid italic set purchased when I was a young adolescent. I have intermittently gone back to the hobby over the years. A couple years ago I really dove back into it and it’s so much fun especially to journal, and meet other fountain pen enthusiasts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  489. Shaun

    Right now my favorite fountain pen is my Pilot Vanishing point, mostly because it is my most practical pen at work and my most used pen.

  490. Gordie

    My first fountain pen was a Sheaffer in a calligraphy set way back in high school. Well, high school has many distractions and I never really got into calligraphy, but I remembered liking the feel so I would buy a fountain pen every few years and be disappointed. (because I didn’t want to spend a lot and got cheap/disposable pens and because I didn’t know anything about paper)
    Last year my son got me a Lamy Safari Petrol rollerball for my birthday. And he let me try a couple of his fountain pens on nice paper.
    I was hooked.
    I went online to do some research and bought a Pilot Metropolitan and some Rhodia pads. Next I got a Lamy Vista (Safari demonstrator) and a Platinum Preppy (for work), then a TWSBI Eco and finally got a Lamy Safari Petrol to match my rollerball, which I cleaned today (for International Fountain Pen Day) and put to bed until the next special occasion.
    I am up to about a dozen fountain pens now and hope some day to get a Pilot M90. The Aurora Duo Cart sure would be sweet in the mean time.

  491. Karen L

    Thank you for sharing your story and given the opportunity to win a giveaway.
    My first fountain pen is a TWSBI diamond mini that was purchased from your store a few years back. It’s a great pen but the ink I purchased along with it didn’t draw any inspiration in me that made me want to write more.
    It isn’t until this year when I came across your post on Instagram. The picture in it was simply a post of a Lamy Safari pen and a journal with your handwriting. I was instantly hooked by the simplicity and beauty of it that I’ve bought myself a Lamy Safari and a hobonichi planner. Now I look forward to writing as often as I can and admire the tools that made it happened. Thank you.

  492. Tess

    I picked up my first fountain pen from a local stationary shop — it was a Pilot Metropolitan in purple. I was so excited/nervous! I stammered throughout the entire interaction with the shop keeper.

  493. Jens

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari when I was a kid, but I never really took to it. Fast forward thirty-ish years, and I rediscovered it, and was hooked. Next came a Studio, and quickly thereafter a 2000, and then all sorts of wonderful discoveries to wonderful and cheap Jinhaos to my first Japanese pens. There are definitely worse addictions, right?

  494. Andria Police

    I recently found some old calligraphy nibs in my parents crawlspace, and I got them all cleaned up, and ready for inktober. Some of the ink found its way onto my hands. Completely. All week long. LOL
    I would love to introduce fountain pens to my boys who are getting more interested in art.
    This is a fun celebration – best of luck to everyone!

  495. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    As I write this I’ve just finished teaching my daughter how to clean out her Kaküno so she can try different ink colours. It’s great to have a fun hobby that we both enjoy, and that forces us to really take time to slow down and enjoy the process.

  496. AE

    My first fountain pen was the limited edition Lamy Safari Petrol. I just recently bought a Sailor 1911, and boy is it a nice writer.

  497. LL

    My first fountain pen…..I want to say a Sheaffer but it could have been a Parker. I want to say I first started using a fountain pen in elementary school but I stopped because of the inconvenience compared to a ball point pen. Thanks to a friend’s correspondence over summer break I was reminded of how I enjoyed using a fountain pen. This time with calligraphy pen sets from Osmiroid and Sheaffer not to mention, what is for me a prized Sheaffer Targa (mostly due to sentimental value). So many treasured memories. And now the perverbial favorite is……….my whole collection each having it’s special niche for being the favorite.

  498. Luke McNeill

    Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m generally more of a mechanical pencil person for daily writing, but I do like to use a couple of different Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain pens that I purchased a couple of years ago on special occasions.

    Wishing you all the best,

  499. Pudjiono Jaya Saputra

    I found my first fountain pen, a Lamy Safari, during my high school year in a small bookstore. The bookstore is gone, but I still am using my Safari today.

  500. Cory

    I have visited my relatives in Toronto every year for 5 years. I’ve never had time to visit your store and it’s killing me. Some day………

  501. Andrew

    My first pen was a Pilot Metropolitan. It’s cheap and not that special but it’s still one of my favourites 🙂

  502. My first fountain pen was a Sheaffer No Nonsense. I had a few of them, each filled with ink of a different color. I also had another Sheaffer pen, smaller, the size of my current Pelikan M215, but I forgot the name of the model.
    It was in the seventies and I was a teenager with very little money. As I found cartridges too expensive and as cheap pens like these had no converters (I did not know about converters anyway), I used to pour ink from a bottle directly into the body of the pen, then screw it tightly. Believe it or not, it worked.
    One key moment for me was the discovery of my first great ink: J Herbin Rose Cyclamen.
    I was stunned when I realized, thanks to the Internet, that I was not the only one crazy about fountain pens today. And I was happy to show this to my wife. (She still thinks I’m crazy, but she loves me anyway.)

  503. Chris Panos

    My first pen was a Lamy Safari Vista.
    I thought I was crazy pay that much for a pen, LOL how time and experience changes one’s perspective.
    Since then I have purchased many pens, including a Lamy 2000 that is my daily writer.

  504. Kim E.

    Great blog post! I enjoyed reading about your first pen experience and your path to opening the shop.
    As for myself, my first fountain pen was a Pilot Kakuno which I picked up in a mall art store in Kyoto in September of 2016. We were traveling with our niece and eldest daughter who were looking for art supplies and pens they couldn’t easily find here in Canada. While browsing while they shopped, my husband and I turned into the aisle with the fountain pens. Oh boy! So many options and ink colours! We both bought a Kakuno that day and have since added to our collection. I also have a pen & bottle of ink on my desk at work. Our 7 year old loves practicing her spelling with either purple, pink or green ink in the Platinum Preppy pens we’ve since bought for her.
    Cheers! Kim
    P.S. If I may share an idea I just had while typing this comment; would you consider for a future blog post writing out the post text using one of your favorite pen, ink & paper combinations and posting photos of that in place of typewritten text. I think it would be fun to read/view.

  505. Richard D

    At an amazing 551 replies and counting, you are the “little pen shop that could”. Thanks for being there Wonder Pens and Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  506. Alejandra L. P

    It’s amazing to see how simple things can change a person’s life! I’m fairly new to the fountain pen world, my first one was a TWSBI eco that I use for taking notes in class, I also use my pilot Take-sumi with it, makes taking notes 10 times better

  507. I found out about Wonderpens roughly about a year ago. I was excited about the beautiful selection online and that I had access to pens and inks and notebooks right here in Canada – I didnt have to order from Amaozon or the US or Japan. And it was in Toronto! Customer service is awesome, as is shipping and I look forward to ordering more items soon! Thank you Wonderpens People💕

  508. Tammy Murdock

    Great post! I had just taught an art journalling class at our local Opus art supply store and they paid me with a gift card to their store. I saw the Lamy Joy set behind the till… And I was hooked! Really hooked! ❤️ 🖋

  509. Jim

    My first fountain pen was a gift from my boss at my first real adult job back in the 80’s. Maybe a Monte Blanc 144….. don’t really remember it. I kinda hated it. It never really wrote reliably, and I had no idea what I was doing. This was long before YouTube and all the fountain pen 101 videos. It did plant a seed though that kept me curious… and years later I bought a Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) Fountain Pen and I as forever hooked. It was everything the MB wasn’t. It wrote well, was reliable and felt great in my hand. I never looked back.

  510. Carly Naismith

    My friend got me into fountain pens – now every time we meet a trip to your shop is on the agenda.

  511. Karen H.

    My first fountain pen was lent to me by a friend. I was being entrusted with his Lamy pen to try out while he was on vacation. And that was that………..so began my fountain pen collection.

  512. Stephen

    Hello! I picked up my first fountain pen during university, and it was this matte cranberry coloured Sheaffer. I don’t use it anymore despite loving the colour because it had a fairly ugly nib and the rubber sheathe on the grip became distorted and trapped ink far too often, but I’d like to get another pen with a similar color but better design someday.

  513. Amy W

    So glad you guys decided to take the plunge, coz otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance to discover your shop. My entry to the rabbit hole is a Pilot Metropolitan and excited to see where this leads me.

  514. Kora

    I was going to say my first fountain pen was a Pilot (MR Retro Pop, F), but actually it was a souvenir pen from the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. I thought that souvenir pen was going to be the missing link between myself and instantly writing, somehow, in Copperplate script (it wasn’t). Writing this comment actually reminded me of my poor souvenir fountain pen, and I’ve actually dug it out of its hiding spot; poor guy deserves a spot with my LAMYs, TWSBIs, and various fancy-pantses.

    Lovely to hear how the business got started; I’m sure having one’s own stationery store is a common daydream of many of your customers (it’s mine, at least!), and it’s nice to hear how the reality of a stationery store came about.

  515. Par Scanga

    If you’re a fountain pen user, then everyday is a Happy Fountain Pen Day!!

    Thanks Wonderpens!!

  516. mike

    still a newbie to the fountain pen world but my first has been the pilot metro orange with the little flowers!

  517. Lidy Jarolimek

    My first pen was a Sheaffer, which I still have. I also bought a Parker. My favourite pen, the one I use most often is a Mont Blanc classic. My late husband bought it for me many moons ago, after having my name inscribed on it. He bought it at a pen store on Yonge Street, which became my favourite store. Unfortunately, it closed when the person who started it retired and I cannot remember the name. I was delighted to find out about Wonder Pens recently, as I will once again be able to browse and buy great fountain pens.

  518. Sherri

    My first pen, and definitely not my last, was the one I purchased on a whim 1 month ago. It’s a Pilot Cocoon and I absolutely love it! Since buying it, I’ve been hooked. I’m writing a lot more instead of typing and have started cursive writing again. It’s nice to be a room and pull out a fountain pen and see the reactions of people. I’ve gone on to purchased 3 other brands of pens and various colors of inks and have even started calligraphy classes. Never thought I’d be so into fountain pen life but it’s now my new hobby and this beauty would be a nice addition to my collection.. fingers crossed!

  519. A.M.

    I knew I needed a fountain pen when I saw a picture of a Parker Vacumatic.. My first pen was an Aurora Ipsilon, but it felt to fragile to EDC, so I didn’t keep it for very long.

  520. Sasha

    My first fountain pen was a yellow and white Pilot Kakuno that my mom gave to me last year. I love it and love coming to Wonder Pens with my mom.😊

  521. Sue Murley

    The fountain pen addiction has spread throughout our office, with water cooler gossip being replaced by informal ink reviews….

  522. Tannis McCartney

    I discovered fountain pens during grad school. I have the full set of pilot metropolitan animal prints inked up for my research notes (now at my job instead of grad school), plus several others I use at home for journaling. I find working with them almost meditative.

  523. Karen

    To me fountain pens are what we use to turn writing into art. We are all artists at heart and various nibs, a myriad of ink colours along with choices of paper turn simple correspondence into personal works of art. Creativity is in all of us and for me, mine flows when I pick up my fountain pen.

  524. I’ve used fountain pens for many years, going back to high school. Currently, I have a small collection of Lamy’s that are filled primarily with Noodler Inks.

    I also appear to have a problem with pencils, but one thing at a time. 🙂

  525. Silvie

    What a good idea.
    My first fountain pen was a Parker 51 given to me by my sister when I was around 14 years old.
    And these days my favorite fp are a Oldwin Kaleidoscope and an Omas

  526. William Leung

    I was first introduced to your fine store by a friend visiting from New York City, and I immediately had to purchase a Pilot Metro on that very first visit. Since then I have found any excuse to go down there, from buying friends gifts cards to go there, to introducing people to the store and “escorting” them there. That very first Pilot Metro, and the fact that your store is now two stores, keeps my kindling love for pens and stationery alive! I used that love, and your store, in a sermon illustration recently, so you might be getting more visitors soon!

  527. Sarah N

    Hello! My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari as well and is my current office EDC. I prefer my Sailor Pro Gear or Platinum Century mostly for home use.
    Always cool to read about how others stumbled into this hobby. 🙂

  528. Kellie M.

    My first fountain pen was a Lamy Vista with extra fine nib as a birthday gift several years ago when I was very first starting to explore fountain pens. I have since found that I prefer broader nibs and my favorite pen now is my Sailor Pro Gear Slim.

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