1. Lynda

    These are beautiful! Is there any feedback from south paws on how comfortable these are to use? My brother-in-law is left handed and has said he would love to use a fountain pen but that the ink smears. The angle on this design looks like it may help prevent that from happening. Or are there any other styles/brands that are good for lefties?

    • wonderpens

      These oblique nib holders are primarily designed for right handed folks to get the right leaning angle for calligraphy writing – often left handers have it easier in this case, as a straight pen holder for them will give them the right slant!
      For a regular fountain pen, a fast drying ink, like Noodler’s Bernanke Black might help the most to prevent smearing. Hope that helps!

  2. Debora Lustgarten

    Hi Liz, I’m one of the lucky ones that snagged an oblique holder by Salman. I wonder if you could share a video of Salman or you holding a loaded holder on the hand and making a couple of letters. It would be very helpful for us “square” people that wonder where all those curves and twists are supposed to go!

    • wonderpens

      I will ask Salman to see what he can do! He is the real expert, of course, I would hate for you to have to see my calligraphy! 🙂 I will let you know what he says soon, he is sure to accommodate. Stay tuned!

    • Hi Debora, thank you for the purchase 🙂

      I don’t have any more of holders in that design so unfortunately can’t do a video but there is nothing special about the grip on this design. You should hold them just as you would a regular holder.

      I am scheduled to carve a custom order in this style this week and will be happy to do make a video of the usage as a demonstration.

      – Salman

    • wonderpens

      We do carry Brause EF66 and other Brause nibs, like the Blue Pumpkin in our shop!

      Our shop is located at 250 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 105.

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