• wonderpens

      I’m so glad to hear it! It’s a beauty, and I’m hoping everyone will love it just as much as we do 🙂

    • wonderpens

      We plan on restocking! These are selling out more quickly than we could’ve hoped for, so I’m not exactly sure when our next order will be made, but we do plan on carrying these for the next little while, at least 🙂

  1. OK, I have to comment on this. I actually has a 02 special edition that makes out of the same material and its amazing. So it seems that my wallet will cry very soon. From what I have read online, 20 is a great model. Good job for bringing F-C to Canada! Will you have some of their nibs for sale too?

    • wonderpens

      I agree that the material is amazing!! You know I love my clear demonstrators, but here is something else about the translucent finish that gives it a bit more character that makes is stunning.

      We aren’t selling the nibs individually quite yet, as we want to make sure that everyone who is getting the pen has their first choice of nib, but if you are getting the pen and want a spare nib as well, send us an email first and we’ll make sure you have what you need 🙂

      • Lachlan

        Just to clarify, are the nibs the gold ones or the steel ones that this company makes? I could not see any info on this on your web-page or blog,
        Thank you

        • wonderpens

          All of the nibs we have are steel.* Hope that helps!

          (sorry! I initially said gold, which is incorrect! They’re all steel.)

  2. Marcy Penner

    Just found FC pens and have been obsessing. Hoping this one, or new collaborations will be coming soon!

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