1. Good advice, thanks. I used Noodler’s Polar Blue ink for my envelopes. The paper of my cards was quite glossy, and I didn’t want to risk fountain pen ink smearing, so I used a ballpoint pen for those. May I ask, what is the nib of the pen that was used with the red Hematite ink? It looks like an italic or stub. And is doing normal handwriting with a stub much different from a regular nib? I know that with calligraphy, the writing process usually requires slower writing, but the Hematite sample looks as though it could have been written with the speed one would use with a regular nib. Thank you.

    • Thanks for reading!

      The nib with the Hematite was a Noodler’s Flex Nib.

      Using a stub nib for normal handwriting usually gives it a bit more “character”, since you get more line variation. To be honest, I wrote pretty slowly with the Rouge Hematite in the Noodler’s Flex, because the feed on it is not super robust, so I didn’t want to get any railroading.

      If you get a good stub nib, you shouldn’t have to write too much more slowly, unless you are specifically writing calligraphic characters (and even then, I think there are some pros that can write pretty fast!).

  2. Ruth

    Does the photo of the Waterman mean you are now stocking some of their pens? It’s my favourite brand (at least at the moment, ha!). I don’t see them on your website.

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