1. Rich Snell

    Love your comments on pens and notebooks. My daughter-in-law uses the same one journal technique to manage life with a loving. Husband and six children in St. Louis! She dates and keeps them to recall the needed details as the months fly by.
    Write on from – Richard and Priscilla in

    • wonderpens

      Wow, she must be one busy lady! I only have the two, and I’m already finding my desk piled up with toys and papers and loose ends. Glad to hear she is finding an analogue solution is helping, and thanks so much for reading, and taking the time to write. Wishing you (and your extended family) the best! – Liz

    • wonderpens

      I keep my old pocket notebooks with my journals that are filled up. I admit to having thrown out one or two that were really mostly scribbles and lists, but because over the last few years my notebooks contain more and more quotes or lists of books or things that I might possibly want to refer to, I have been keeping them.

  2. Jaime

    Now you have me thinking about carrying around a small notebook again. (I used to do it, but then switched to using the Notes feature on my phone instead.)
    My question — what do you do with them after? Do you keep these old notebooks for posterity when you’ve filled them up, or recycle them?

    • wonderpens

      I keep them! Or at least, more recently, I have been keeping them. Years back when I also used to use them for scribbling and doodling, they were basically scratch pads with an occasional list, and I couldn’t ever imagine needing to refer to what groceries I needed to buy or what items were out of stock that I needed to order. I try to be a bit more disciplined about it because I don’t want to be saving scribbles! Now that I put ideas and quotations and lists of books to read and memories, I keep them along with my journals. It’s interesting to look back and sometimes scrounge up a blog post idea or recall a company or brand I was thinking of looking into, to bring into the shop.

    • wonderpens

      Midori MD paper, as well as their Cotton paper, is much thicker, and has a slight texture to it. It’s not as textured as say, G. Lalo Verge de France, or sketchbook paper, but it will have a feel to it. Compared to Tomoe River paper, which is quite smooth, but also very, very thin paper, bordering on translucent, and a bit crinkly.

      Both, however, are excellent with fountain pen ink!

  3. Lilian

    Liz. This blog makes me want to come order one – even tho I am using my Passport… maybe I’ll have 2 pocket books👌🏼

    • wonderpens

      You should go with what works for you! Although who am I to say there’s a limit on how many notebooks are in a rotation 🙂 I did actually use the Passport for a while, and I love the patina I have on my camel from its years of heavier use.

    • wonderpens

      The zippered leather case with the Field Notes is the A5 Portfolio, made for us by Superior Labor in Japan. It’s available as this size (A5) as well as the larger A4 size, and in a few different colours.

      You can see more details here.

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