COVID-19 Small Business Journal: Week 19 Update

Last week there was a huge thunderstorm while we were all at the main shop and we had to rush home because Chicken was caught out in the storm. He is not a cat that likes water or rain or in fact even stepping onto wet ground, so the entire family had to pack everything up to come home and rescue him. The thunderstorm was relatively short-lived, and by the time we all made it into car, it had already stopped raining. We came home, and I called him from the top of the fire escape, and he came slinking out from through our neighbours’ backyards. He has certain holes in fences he likes to make his way through, and I stood there watching him make his way through the obstacle course of puddles. He made his way all the way up to us pathetic and also totally dry.

We forge on! We’re (very, very) slowly getting ready for re-opening. We don’t have a firm timeline, but we are looking at sometime in August. The earlier the better, everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. We’re stocking up on things, debating how we’re going to enforce mask wearing according to Toronto’s city bylaw, Jon got in this UV wand thing.

We contemplated doing more of a front door shopping service, but as of right now it seems like most people who are looking to come by want to actually hold a pen, or see how different nib widths write. Some people want to come by to just browse, discover new treasures. We’re going to be ready! With some exciting new things as well.

This place is coming back to life again.


  1. Bob

    I’m glad Chicken was alright. That’s a lovely photo Liz. The shop looks so inviting……I almost want to fly over…..
    All the best lock for the opening 🙂

    • wonderpens

      The shop is always so lovely and warm when the weather is unappealing outside! Thanks so much for your support—we certainly need it.

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