1. Suzanne

    Love your posts Liz! Decorating my envelopes in some way is a treat for me and the recipient. Enjoy your time with Caleb at this age. He is adorable and the time truly flies. My daughter just turned 25 a couple of weeks ago and I marvel that it seems to have been a blink of time. Btw I’m finally getting her to come tonight! Yayy!! 😀 Looking forward to seeing everyone. 💌

    • wonderpens

      So glad to hear you are enjoying the blog! It is a treat to write, as I get to spend my “working” hours crafting and writing about things I love. Hope you had a great time at the Letter Writing Club 🙂

  2. B.Banner

    What happened to your blue TN? What does it look like worn? How long do they last? Is one considered a lifetime investment?

    • wonderpens

      I still have my Blue TN! I’ve currently moved into the new Olive TN, for journaling and keeping organized. My Blue TN has worn in quite nicely after around a year or two of use, a bit smoother and shinier (here’s a picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNP_qbWhhg_/?taken-by=wonderpens).

      All of the TNs should last a lifetime barring anything disastrous happening, as they’re made out of leather. The leather will show marks and scratches and slowly soften with time, which I think adds to the journey. I would certainly consider a TN something that would last a lifetime. Hope that helps!

  3. Marilyn Elphick

    Love the idea of decorating envelopes with stamps and sayings. I just returned from Korea where I had a personalized marble stamp made. It is the coolest thing.Thanks for the great ideas.

    • wonderpens

      Wow, you must have had a fabulous time in Korea – I can’t imagine all the treats you must have found in their stationery shops! Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog post, and hope you’re finding time for some snail mail 🙂

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