1. Rosemary

    You’ve been on a blogging spree!
    I’m just getting my cart ready for some Christmas presents. Glad that you’re stocking up the shop — just wish I could go pick things up in person!

    • wonderpens

      YES! Thank you for noticing. I feel completely validated in L-I-F-E. 🙂

      We will have to one day hope you’ll be in the neighbourhood, to come by in person!

  2. Alvin

    We’re coming up to TO for a weekend getaway from Detroit — hopefully I will have the chance to stop by Sunday. In any case, good luck with the holiday season: may you be as busy as you want to be!!!

    • wonderpens

      Oh, how wonderful! I hope we get a chance to bump into each other. We try to be at the main shop on Sunday afternoons (with the studio shop closed), although we are sometimes in an out with the kids. In any case, I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get a chance to say hello, or else otherwise that you enjoy your time in Toronto!

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