• wonderpens

      He was so adorable and cute and loving as a kitten that I had such high hopes for him! But I now realize it’s all part of the great deception 🙂

      • Kimberly

        I have an almost three year old that I adopted as a kitten and she was a very cuddly type of kitten and is still the type who wants/demands to be snuggled like a baby or teddy bear, but now that she’s big and heavy it’s less desirable than you might think (although still adorably cute of her). I’m trying to say: be careful what you wish for; and your Chicken is perfect as is! 😉

        • wonderpens

          Haha – how nice of you to say that Chicken is “perfect”! We sure do love him, but some days he needs some help getting quite to perfect 😉

  1. Judi

    So love this “Chicken” post. Your store is cozy and warm and this post just adds to the charm of your store with its wonderful products and welcoming atmosphere.

    Wishing you success and joy in all you do.

    • wonderpens

      Thank you so much! Chicken was meant to catch rodents, but I suppose if he’s not doing at that, then at the very least, he’s charming a few readers. I’m not 100% on whether or not he is adding to the “welcoming atmosphere,” but we’re working on it! 🙂

  2. Pam in Seabright

    Your blogs posts are a delight and this one made me laugh on this rainy day. That Chicken has his own thing going on, eh? Beautiful photos. We talk here about getting a cat (we’ve had pets in past years) but I think mehhhhh, I dunno, what if they bite or do bad things? I’m the “no more pets ” person. I think I just want the freedom and lack of responsibility. Chicken is beautiful but this post helped me realize yes, no cats for us right now. No cats, no cats. Keep these lovely posts coming.

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post!

      I suppose you’ll have to live the trials and tribulations of cat ownership vicariously through us! In a way, Chicken was not meant to be a pet cat – he was meant to be on the hunt for rodents. He certainly has his own mind about things though – at night he seems to prefer to snuggle up in bed than prowl and roam for prey, and he also certainly enjoys a few rubs now and then!

  3. Ange Medwid

    I haven’t been to your store since before you moved! Quite far from Mississauga—however Chicken is my incentive to make a trip over there. I love shop cats (although a dog person myself) we recently came under the spell of a feral (now sleeping at my feet as I write this) who followed us as we walked our dog…now the dog has passed & we all still go for walks together. Pack animals too if they wanna be!

    • wonderpens

      Yes, Chicken is really quite a pack animal when he feels it! At the cottage, Super will certainly always stick by us on our walks, but even Chicken will come along to wherever we’re going, and meow when he feels we’ve gone too far. I never imagined!

  4. Ah well, he’s a Ginger! Ginger’s have particular personalities, but are dedicated and loyal to the humans they choose to co-habitate with 🙂

    He’s still young, and I found my ginger didn’t really chill out until about 2 1/2-3 yrs of age. They are incredibly smart – don’t mistake his lack of responding to commands for lack of intelligence…quite the opposite.

    A friend taught me a trick that worked splendidly: Whenever you want him to do something, picture him doing it in your mind, and send him the visual image while you are saying what you want him to do. I was amazed how much of a difference that made.

    • wonderpens

      I’ve heard Gingers are supposed to be the most affectionate! And Chicken certainly is affectionate when he chooses to be. When he rubs and purrs, you can’t help by forgive all.

      And I suppose that’s just it! Chicken is too smart to follow any commands, where as Super, our dog, is just dumb enough to 🙂

      I will try your trick, but I suspect Chicken will just be looking at me resentfully…

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