1. Ruth

    Sarah is terrific and so is the video!

    I’m feeling smug that I gave into temptation and bought my Edison Collier earlier this month. I figured the exchange rate had to impact the price sooner or later, and was happily surprised that the price was still the same as last summer when I first looked at the pen. I love the pen, too!

    • Sarah was amazing! It’s incredible how easily these beautiful letters came out from her fingers.
      Yes! You had good timing!! I’m hoping a few more people catch your good luck before we have to adjust 😉
      Hope you’re enjoying all the swirling Persimmon! 🙂

  2. Dearest Liz, Just to let you know as I was looking at the pictures of Sarah creating, my eye was caught by your stock in the foreground, so much so that I went back to examine it. Oh a blog is mighty marketing!

    • Haha! I sometimes try and convince Jon that all the time I spend on the blog is worth it for the “marketing,” but then I go and ramble on about the dog and the baby….. 🙂

  3. Jason

    As something of a n00b when it comes to the vast world of pens and stationary I quickly found myself having some minor heart issues when I saw the prices of some of the more esoteric things available. Every Site I stopped at was filled with beautiful reviews, essays, articles and such but along with the beauty was the Foreign Pricing and *shudder* Shipping/Handling.

    So when I fearfully typed in “Canadian Fountain Pen Supplier” I was overjoyed to see Wonder Pens pop up on Google. A Domestic source with comparable prices! And not to have to sever an appendage to pay for Shipping! I don’t even get that excited at Christmas I promise you that.

    Not to ramble even more.. Your prices are exceptionally fair, please do not agonize over the increases. Every Canadian is well aware that our Dollar is hurting rift now and should be completely understanding of the need to bump things up in the face of this economy.

    Keep up the awesome!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad you found us!! And thank you also for your very kind words of support. Sometimes it feels like as a Canadian site we just keep increasing and increasing, and it’s always a terrible feeling to announce another price increase.

      I hope you are enjoying your adventure into the world of pens and paper and all these other tactile and analogue things! Thanks so much for taking the time not only look through our site and our blog, but to take the time to write. It’s so nice to hear the stories of how people discover us 🙂

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