A Little Santa Excitement

While I’m not really a crafty person, this time of year, with the Christmas trees and the Christmas candy at the registers, brings out the festive in me. Whether it’s Christmas mail, Christmas cards, grocery lists or holiday presents – we could all use a little extra help from Santa. We got these notepads from … [Read more…]

Taroko Enigma and Breeze Notebooks

We’ve long heard about Taroko notebooks, made with fountain pen friendly Tomoe River paper, and this past summer we finally brought them in. We just got another shipment of them in this week, so I thought now was as good a time as any to share a few more details about the line. Taroko makes … [Read more…]

Another Christmas Tree Adventure

This year, with two shops, we got two trees. It was a close call – some one suggested the possibility of just having one tree, but he was voted down amidst accusations of Grinch-like tendencies. And so off we went, to the same Prestonvale Farm we went to previously. While we don’t actually know too … [Read more…]

Christmas Currently Inked

Lamy Safari Canada

It’s Christmas! Now that we’re in December, I think it’s officially the season. I’ve sort of had my head in holiday prep for a little while, but I’m glad to be joined by everyone else. While I’m usually a bit more willy-nilly about my Christmas pens, this year I thought I would see about a … [Read more…]

December Holiday Hours

It’s that time of year! It seemed to have come upon us surprisingly quickly, which is something I’m always a bit hesitant to admit because it’s not like I wasn’t aware of the days on the calendar ticking by, and I did indeed have a conversation with Jon about what our extended hours would be, … [Read more…]