New Bungubox Inks + New Sailor Bottles

Ah, new Sailor inks. They are the ruin of me. There are some new Bungubox inks on our shelves. They’re not new new, but just new to North America. Omaezaki Ruri-Umi Hatsuyume AofujiOmaezaki Ruri-SoraFujiyama BlueKaoruNorwegian WoodTipsySeiya Silent Night These eight inks are a great palette altogether–these colours are right up my alley in hue as … [Read more…]

March Break at the Cottage

We spent a few days of March Break up at the cottage, something we’ve been meaning to do more of. Now that Naomi is a bit older, and is turning out to handle longer car rides a bit better, we’ll see how it goes. Despite most of the snow finally melting here in Toronto, the … [Read more…]