Update on Renovations for the Studio Shop

Renovations continue! We had originally hoped to launch around mid-February, but our optimism, unfortunately, unfounded. In case you missed the first installment in our renovation saga, you can find it here. Things have continued slowly plodding on their wayward journey towards freedom from municipal red tape, so please everyone continue your nightly rain dances to … [Read more…]

Staff Stationery Show and Tell

Lamy Aion Midori MD Sticky Notes

This past Saturday, when we had the whole team in, we did a little stationery show and tell – everyone brought a pen and ink, and something fun. I was re-living my teacher days by asking if anyone wanted to share some of their picks for the week on the blog, but was thrilled when … [Read more…]

Views of Life Behind the Shop

Things I Am Enjoying These Days: A reading light that clamps to your book Grinding coffee beans by hand, but I’m sure at some point I’m bound to go back to using my Mazzer grinder. The satisfaction of giving the dog a thorough brushing A clean desk Lemon scented soap A three year old hand … [Read more…]