Chicken’s Corner

This plague has been an adjustment for everyone, and alas, Chicken has not been immune. Normally he’s an in and out sort of cat, with the luxury of always having someone either at home or in the studio shop to let him outdoors or back in. He’s trained us well. Even in the rain, he … [Read more…]

New Classiky Supplies

We got some new stuff in from Classiky. It’s always exciting to see the boxes coming in from Japan. It’s different from when you’re expecting a big shipment of the new special edition Lamy Safari, and you sort of know what you’re going to get, although you’re excited to see it in person. Classiky shipments … [Read more…]

Quarantine Giveaway Winners

It was so much heart-warming and inspiration to read all of the ways you’ve been keeping busy and trying to manage. It was so wonderful we decided to have two winners, and we randomly selected: If you’re one of these two people, please send us an email at If you’re not, we wish you … [Read more…]