An Overview of Hobonichi Planners

The Hobonichi planners have arrived and in one big maelstrom they are swooping out the door. It’s wild. A lot of covers and accessories sold out quite quickly, and we know some of you have missed out. We are expecting our second order to arrive early October, and we are planning carefully to make sure … [Read more…]

Hobonichi Update

Yesterday I posted a bunch of Instagram Stories of some of the new 2021 Hobonichi covers and accessories and things. It’s overwhelming and thrilling and there are so many new things this year. Every year there are new covers, but this year in particular, it seems like there are so many new things that are … [Read more…]

The Last Days of Summer

Things are trucking on here, and it’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of August. It feels like from the beginning of all this in early March to now has been a twilight zone and here we are bypassing all of the summer heat and sunshine right into the school year again, although … [Read more…]

Another Pen Pal Match-Up

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you’ll know that I’ve been catching up on long overdue correspondence, digging through and organizing my stationery supplies, accumulating postage stamps. It’s been great. Some of you have been lamenting that you need more people to write to, and so here we are! To celebrate the fall, back … [Read more…]