A Pandemic Reading List

I must admit I’m a bit jealous of all of you who are putting this time to good use getting through a chunk of your reading list, and seeing some of your book piles. Imagine, coming out of all of this madness having crossed off a solid number of excellent reads! The library in Toronto … [Read more…]

Mystery Pen Surprise

A lot of us who are fountain pen nerds are also just general stationery nerds. With our brick and mortar shops closed, the fun of coming in to try out the rainbow of different gel or ballpoint or fibre-tip pens is now sadly unavailable. And so we are introducing our Mystery Pen Surprise! With the … [Read more…]

On Writing in Your Journal Part II: Kids

These are unprecedented times, and while everything is unprecedented for kids (woah! School is starting! A vacation! Wow! A bike!) this is really a wild time, and it’s been a nice break from all of the craziness to see Caleb’s perspective on our days. With school out, you may also be in various stages of … [Read more…]