Taste of Little Italy

This past weekend was the Taste of Little Italy, an annual street festival along College, featuring all sorts of tasty food. College Street is closed down to cars, and fills up with tents and smokey barbecues and crowds of people. Jon and I had been before, but it was Caleb’s first time, and it was … [Read more…]

Allan Gardens

The other day Jon had an appointment in Cabbagetown, and I took the babies down the street to Allan Gardens to wait for him. Allan Gardens is a large city park that has an off-leash dog park, but is mostly famous for its architecturally beautiful greenhouse, which is open to the public. I had initially … [Read more…]

Currently Inked

As spring marches on into summer, I’m enjoying the settling in and slowing down, and recently, I did some cleaning and freshening up of my lineup. Like with most things in life, there’s nothing more conducive to productivity and clearing out the cobwebs of your mind than doing a good reorganization and flushing out of … [Read more…]

Writing These Days

These days, following the incredible excitement and stress and commotion of the move and renovations and launching the new west end shop, have been a bit slower – the summer heat seemed to come over Toronto all of sudden, and I’m embracing it with picnics and naps outside and writing again. The dog had his … [Read more…]