1. Also, some pens can perform quite differently when loaded with cartridges versus a converter full of ink. Case in point, my daily pen is a Platinum Century 3776, with a music nib.

    This performs in three, markedly different ways depending on what I load it with, (i) the supplied converter with J. Herbin Perle Noire (black), provides a VERY wet output, with a LOT of ink leaving the nib; (ii) a proprietary Platinum cartridge, which I have always refilled with Perle Noire via a syringe, almost (but not quite), matches the thickness of the line as supplied by a converter; (iii) an international standard size J. Herbin Perle Noire cartridge, mounted via a small plastic adapter (made by Platinum), produces far less ink from the nib. The ink-flow is still as remarkably smooth as ever, and always keeps up with my writing, never skipping, but the line is nowhere near as wet as with the converter. It’s been really fun getting to discover the various “moods” of the pen, depending on how it’s been equipped.

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share this!

      I have actually never used a cartridge adapter myself, but it is interesting to note how much of a difference results in flow. And I’ve always had a lot of fun as well, experimenting with different inks in different pens to see how they write, but not yet with using a cartridge versus a converter. I have almost always used converters simply for ease of filling (not having to rinse out the syringe after), but the larger capacity of the cartridge is a real plus, especially with pens like Lamy or Platinum, with larger cartridges. Great to keep in mind!

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