1. Brendan Hong

    The King of Hearts did have a moustache in the past, but through various re-drawings and this being done poor by unskilled artist, it got shaved off.

  2. Nadine

    Wow! That was a lot of work for all of you.
    Who ever dreamed it would be so
    Popular and complicated ?!?!?!?
    Thank you for making all of this possible.

    • wonderpens

      Yes, that’s right! Who would’ve dreamed it would be so popular! We always get questions about “who’s using fountain pens” and “who is even still writing this days” – but I guess people still are 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize just how many people signed up & just how much work it took to get it all in action.

    Thanks a bunch, maybe with this my writing will improve. It is terrible these days! But at least it can be read…

    • wonderpens

      Thank you for signing up! It was a lot of work, but well worth it, as we’ve heard back from so many people. And as long as your writing can be read, that’s the most important thing 🙂

  4. Lynda

    Wow, your dedication to this is really impressive! I hadn’t been aware of this pen pal group or I’d have requested for my husband and myself, so hopefully you do another in the summertime – sounds like fun. 🙂

    • wonderpens

      We do plan on doing another one this summer! We’ve had a lot of people say it’ll be their first pen pal in years (or ever!) and it’s been really wonderful to be a part of this. Stay tuned for the summer! 🙂

  5. Marilyn Elphick

    Hi Liz
    This is the second email I have sent with regard to getting a pen pal with no response. I will be very disappointed if I have been left off the list.

    • wonderpens

      Hi Marilyn, I’m sorry that you have not received either an email with your initial pen pal or a response to your email inquiry. Have you checked your spam yet? I will look into this now and someone will send you a follow-up email once we figure out what’s going on. As you might be able to tell from reading the blog post, it was not only an incredible amount of logistical work, it was our first time handling something of this nature, and I sincerely apologize if your name (or others) have fallen through the cracks. It was certainly not our intention to have anyone disappointed by this initiative. Thank you so much for your understanding. -Liz

  6. greg

    Just wanted to say great job, and thank you too the whole team. I have sent and received my first letters, which brightened by day.

    thanks again

  7. Massive thanks for setting this up! I’d definitely be up for signing up again.

    Excellent work, and if I’m lucky enough to make it to Toronto again (all the way from Mid Wales), I’ll definitely make sure I drop by the shop 🙂

    • wonderpens

      It was our pleasure! And in fact, we’ve gotten to hear from so many folks, old and new, that it really was such a wonderful thing for us as well. I’m looking forward the summer pen pal match as well, and also your visit to the shop if you’re ever in the neighbourhood 🙂

  8. Julie-Anne Mendoza

    Hi Liz!

    I’ll be looking forward to the summer penpal match up! I’m catching up on the blog, and I keep noticing lovely photos of your penroll. I’ve looked at them in the stop but they’ve always seemed quite stiff in person, and I’m worried about the buckle strap being cumbersome. Does the leather soften up with use?

    • wonderpens

      I love my pen roll! It does start out quite stiff – actually I put my personal one that I’d used for a year+ (quite heavily) on display just so people could see how much it really softens up, and someone bought it!

      I don’t find the buckle particularly cumbersome for me personally, but that may be because if you don’t buckle it up, things can really go wrong in a bag… 🙂

      If you’re ever in the shop, which may be quite a trip for you, don’t hesitate to ask to see my pen roll, or one of the staff’s (a few of us have them), to see how it feels over time. Hope that helps 🙂

  9. Peter

    After writing a few letters to one of the pen pals, my writing is a wee bit better. The other pen pal you gave me to write to initially didn’t respond. He was Texan, so I guess he was expecting more!

    The random sort sounds interesting though!

    • wonderpens

      Glad to hear your writing is a bit better! I’m sorry your Texan didn’t work out, I hope you have better luck this time, if you join again.

      And I should say it’s not QUITE random, but there is definitely going to be a little bit more variation than before. 🙂

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