Shop Update & News

We missed our own one-year anniversary! I know, I know – we need to get organized! It was kind of cool and embarrassing at the same time that our customers were saying hello and congratulations on a year in business, but we were so busy it just flew right past us. We will be having … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Spring is here! It’s still a bit frosty in Toronto, to be honest, but we’ve begun restocking our inks, and most of our lines are looking a little healthier. We’ve been keeping busy over here with all the new shipments coming in, and if you’ve visited the shop recently, I’m sure you’ve seen some of … [Read more…]

Inks Back in Stock from Noodler’s

Our first Noodler’s order of the year! Here are the inks that are now back in stock: Apache Sunset54th MassachusettsX-FeatherBernanke BlueBernanke BlackBlue-BlackDragon’s NapalmPolar BlackPolar BlueNavyDark MatterAntietam Sorry – no Black! We did have it on order, but there were some stock problems from our distributor. If you’re looking for another colour that’s out of stock, … [Read more…]