Biking in the Laneway

These days we’ve been doing a lot of biking out in the laneway, now that the warm weather is here. Naomi is on Caleb’s old balance bike, and it’s hilarious. She is very, very slow, although still enthusiastic. When Caleb was on his balance bike, he really picked up on it quite quickly, but Naomi, … [Read more…]

The Mixed-Up Lamy Candy Safari

It is spring moving into summer, and we are ready for bright and fun and happy things. If you were having a hard time deciding on the right Candy Safari for you, we’re now offering, in limited quantities, a Mixed-Up Candy Safari. This year’s special edition safaris are vibrant: Mango, Violet and Aquamarine. As a … [Read more…]

MT Washi Tapes

A few days ago we got in our first shipment of MT washi tapes, and it was glorious. I came out of Jon’s dark office, lights off for Naomi’s nap, squinting like a mole in the daylight, and what should be waiting on the table just for me but those white MT boxes. Jon really … [Read more…]