A Few Sailor Studio Inks

I’ve been talking about doing a blog post on a few Sailor Studio inks for a long time, and I’ve been dilly-dallying on it mainly because I think I may have misled people as to how great a blog post this was going to be. Initially I just did seven inks, and then I felt … [Read more…]

Inventory Day

INVENTORY DAY! We were ready. Ballpoints, gel pens, broken glasses. The wonder team is nothing but eager to count stationery. We count up everything, we discover boxes of things, we wonder if we’ve counted things, we absolutely in no way at all ever make guesstimates about things like numbers of samples, or numbers of 5-packs … [Read more…]

How Many…

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was doing pretty well keeping things under control. I was mostly using the tester pens from the shop, which was fun, although challenging since no one knew what ink was in any of the pens (the inks sometimes end up getting mixed up a bit). Since then, unsurprisingly, … [Read more…]