Another Sibling Love Story in Pictures

We have a cat named Chicken and a dog named Super. They are both expensive and troublesome and eat things they shouldn’t and one doesn’t understand the concept coming when he’s called and the other doesn’t go away when you’re eating food.

Chicken’s food bowl used to be on the kitchen counter, and the other day we had to move it because Super’s finally figured out a way to reach it and has been snacking. Chicken doesn’t eat when you tell him to or at regular times, so I just fill up his bowl whenever I see that it’s empty. Chicken usually leaves a few kibble scraps but I noticed twice recently that it was totally polished clean. An additional clue was that the plant on the floor just in front of it looked like it had been trampled upon by a shameless medium-large dog.

Chicken has been having a hard time adjusting to the new food location—he keeps going to the old spot on the counter, circling around looking for food, and we keep physically moving him to the right spot. Jon has been making snarky comments about what a good hunter our Chicken is.

The two of them are mostly passing ships. Chicken does his own thing most of the time, whereas Super tends to hang out where people are. I feel like people are sort of a take-it-or-leave-it thing for Chicken. Mostly a leave-it. Sometimes they tolerate each other’s existence, but every once in a while they pretend as though they like each other, which warms my heart like nothing else.


  1. Pam Donoghue

    The postcard featuring Chicken sits on my kitchen windowsill to cheer me while I’m doing the dishes.

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