• wonderpens

      I can’t wait for it either! Once we get firm numbers, we will definitely consider a pre-order. We do anticipate good quantities, so people who know now that they’re interested in it should not have any problems (rather than, for example, looking now for the Pan Am Blue Traveler’s Notebook, which was released two years ago and is now pretty difficult to find!).

  1. Ruth E. Martin

    I thought this year’s Safari is going to be a sort of dark teal colour? But an olive one would be fantastic! Especially in the matte finish. Green just happens to be my favourite colour. 🙂

    • wonderpens

      You’re right! It is set to be a sort of dark teal green colour, much more than an olive green. I sort of was just imagining it to be in the same sort of colour vein! More pictures will be coming – the new Safari is coming in soon!

    • wonderpens

      We are expecting it at the end of April! There could be delays in customs and shipping, but that is the timeline we have for now. I’ll certainly be posting on social media (Instagram.com/wonderpens, etc.) when they arrive!

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