1. Lilith

    This is so exciting – thanks for reviving it! A bulletproof blue-black is a staple ink colour I think for all fountain pen users.
    *and another ink added to the wishlist*

  2. mycoffeepot

    This is so great! Thanks for making this happen! I plan to buy a bottle for myself and a few others to share 🙂

  3. Christopher Wilson

    Looks like a great ink! I’m so glad Nathan decided to make the ink pH neutral as well. This is going on my list of inks to get along with bleu ocean.

  4. I STILL have the original bottle with lots of ink left if you want to try the original formula! I’ll post samples. The under-hue was more of a magenta and the ink was a bit temperamental, but it is a BEAUTIFUL ink.

  5. I just got a bottle of Noodler’s blue-black, which I quite like, but unfortunately isn’t bulletproof. This ink will definitely be part of my next order!

    • Blue-Black is another great ink! It’s not bulletproof, unfortunately, but it’s mostly water resistant! I hope you’ll enjoy Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham! 🙂

  6. I finally managed to get to your shop today thanks to MIss Patience, my GPS.
    A pleasant gentleman with a very handsome beard took care of my request – the new Canadian Blue/Black Ink. He must be working very hard as there is already a lot of merchandise neatly displayed on the shelves.
    I could not wait to get home and open the bottle. A little over an hour’s drive.
    As an arthritic I know that my hands don’t always do what I want so I opened the bottle over the sink. The bottle now has a blue/black label. My hands came clean as did the sink.
    I do, indeed, like the ink. My Lamy has been fed its fill and is ready to go to work.

    I am sorry I missed the other three members of the staff. But I will be back.

    Best wishes to all of you. You are a badly needed and very welcome addition to Toronto.

    Mickey Oberman

    • I’m glad to hear you were able to come for a visit, although I’m sorry I missed you! I hope you like the new Canadian Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham – I’m really excited that it’s been brought back into production, and we have it here 🙂 I’m glad to hear you like Jon’s beard! He gets a lot of comments on it, haha 🙂 And yes, he works very hard, although I am usually the one who stocks the shelves 😉

  7. What a beautiful shade of blue, I picked up a bottle from the first run of the first Blue on the Plains of Abraham and while I love Noodlers Ink, it was an utter dud for me. I could never get it to behave for me regardless what pen I used. This version looks great but I have to see the samples with my own eyes once I make it to your new store in the east end.

    • I’m so sorry to hear the original formula wasn’t doing very well for you! I do like this new one, and I hope you will, too, but of course you’ll have to see it with your own eyes! I’ll look forward to your visit to the new shop 🙂

  8. Claudia

    WOOHOO… I bought the last bottle a few years ago… Now I can get some more for my friends. VIVE LE CANADA!!!!!!… Liz I am coming to see you soon. Put aside a couple for me. 😉

    • We’re all sold out!! But we are getting more soon, probably by the end of next week. Can’t wait to see you soon! I hope you will like the new space 🙂

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