1. Susan

    Have you considered sharing any of these with the AGO? Especially the first (gasp!) in the Group of Seven gallery. Such wonderment.

    The rare momentary privacy in a museum is such a treat; even at their ages, some memory of it will get stored away. I still love when it happens.

    Regardless, good on you for venturing there during the holidays. Lucky kids.

    • wonderpens

      Yes, what a treat! We don’t get out to some of these treasures in our city as often as we should, and it’s always so special when we do. I do hope that some tiny part of seeing the artwork and the experience of visiting gets absorbed into their memory of childhood. We are so thankful to live in Toronto!

      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to write!

  2. Nina

    You’re doing all the right things …and creating future AGO patrons!

    Do try and get to the Aga Khan…it’s an unforgettable experience. They show free films under the stars outdoors (believe they start early….)

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