1. Jessica

    mini Traveler’s Notebook!!! Oh gosh, those are so cute! Can’t wait to see them. Hopefully I’ll have enough money in my piggy bank by the time those come in stock!

    • wonderpens

      I can’t wait to see them, too! They are adorable, and what a great way to commemorate this ten year anniversary! We’re hoping to get some good stock, so fingers crossed they won’t disappear too quickly!

  2. Jadon

    Holy moly! Are these out already ?! I’m late to the party! I’ve been wanting a Travellers Notebook for a while now and this would be an awesome way to get into the world of Midori!

    • wonderpens

      They are! It’s been a very exciting time for our shop, but also just for me personally – I’ve been so excited about the release of these!! The Camel is beautiful, and the special edition tins are also such a wonderful way to commemorate the 10th anniversary. These would be the perfect way to try out a TN! 🙂

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