1. Veronica

    Wow! So many notebooks! I’m doing my best to organize in a way that’s going to work. Trying a very pared down bujo, currently in a pocket Leuchturm, but will be moving shortly to my regular camel TN, picked up at your place, with a number of inserts. I’m hoping that having the inserts will work.
    Thanks for the article.

  2. Peter

    What is the pen in the second photo, on the gold-coloured notebook? It looks like a Pilot, but I am not sure which one. Do you have them in the shop?

  3. Romano Klomp

    I use a Roterfaden Planner from Germany.. for me it’s the best way to go. Many notebooks fit into it and it will last for years.

    • wonderpens

      I have heard great things about the Roterfaden system – we’ll definitely have to look into it, and maybe bring it into the shop!

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